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A handy guide on packing sharp and odd shaped items

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    To move successfully, you need to start planning in advance. Because with thorough preparation, you will be ready for all the challenges that might happen. Yet NJ movers and packers know that there are certain objects that even to professional people are a challenge to pack and transport. For example – knives. If not packed correctly, they can cause a lot of damage. Not to mention a lot of people can get injured. Therefore, before you start the process of moving, you should know everything there is to know about packing sharp and odd shaped items. With this guide, you will avoid injuries and transport it all safely to your new home.


    You cannot start packing sharp and odd shaped items without proper materials

    For your safety and that of people helping you, you will need materials for packing sharp and odd shaped items. Start with gathering all the cardboard boxes that you will need. But unfortunately, you will not be able to use the regular ones. Instead, contact one of the local residential moving companies NJ and rent from them reinforced boxes. With the multi-layered ones, you will have one more protection. For there is less chance that the sharp parts will rapture the walls of the box. Also, wooden crates will come in handy as they can withstand a lot of weight. Secondly, you will need bubble wrap. By wrapping all of the items, you will protect them from bumping around during transportation. You can also use old newspapers, blankets, linens, and towels.

    on a table two boxes and duct tape
    You will need materials to safely pack all the sharp and weirdly shaped objects

    Before you start packing strangely shaped items, dismantle them

    If you have many weirdly shaped items, then the first thing you should do is dismantle them. Otherwise, it might be a problem for movers Jersey City NJ to pack them and transport them.  It is because all your belongings need to be organized inside the moving van. So pack everything tightly, so there is no possibility of boxes and furniture moving around during transport. And if you have an object that just will not fit, it can be dangerous. And you might end up losing money because of the damages. Therefore everything that has removable parts should be dismantled. Unscrew all the screws and bolts but make sure you do not lose them. Put them all in one plastic bag and seal it tightly. Tape it to one of the parts, so you do not mix it with others.

    If your sharp and unusually shaped objects are too heavy use pallets

    Transporting objects that are too heavy is always a problem. Firstly you need to be careful not to overload the cardboard boxes. Otherwise, they will rip, and everything inside might break. Also, it is not healthy to lift too much weight. Because you might injure your spine and end up in a lot of pain for years to come. Therefore, moving from NY to NJ, if you prepare well, will be accident-free. And one way to do that is to use pallets for your heavy items. The best thing about a pallet is that once you secure an object on top of it, multiple people can lift it at the same time. That way, you will completely avoid possible injury. Also, if it is strangely shaped and can not fit inside a conventional box, then the pallet is the second-best option.

    A row of pallets
    Packing sharp and odd shaped items, if they are too heavy is easier with pallets

    Protect well all the sharp parts of your odd shaped objects

    Like with knives, the problem with packing sharp objects is that they can easily pierce through most of the materials. So if you try to pack them unprotected for moving and storage NJ, you might have a problem. Therefore, firstly make sure to have enough bubble wrap. Or, if you prefer a more eco-friendly approach than use old blankets, linens, and towels. Tightly wrap all the sharp parts. Ensure that they will not come undone during transport by using duct tape. Also, if you can dismantle the item, gather all the sharp parts together and tape them. Once they are secured, wrap them with a blanket.

    Labeling is the most important part of packing sharp objects

    Once you have everything packed, you should label it all. If you miss this step, you might end up looking for items for hours. Therefore once you seal tightly all the boxes with duct tape, put a label on them. You might use sticker notes, but the problem with them is that they easily fall off. So the best thing you can do is to use a black marker. Write on the outside of the box what is inside. But avoid putting a label on top of the box. For you might put them on top of the other, and they will not be visible. Also even if you just wrap things, you should write on them what is inside.

    woman writing on a box sign fragile
    Always label all the boxes so you can later easily find what you are looking for

    Transporting sharp and unusual shaped items is easy with a little bit of planning

    The biggest problem with packing sharp and odd shaped items is that you can not use conventional materials. So instead of a normal cardboard box, you will need a double-layer one or a wooden crate. But with a bit of planning, this should not be a problem. Therefore give yourself time and gather all the materials. Visit some of the hardware stores in Jersey City for the best quality supplies. Also, before you start packing, disassemble everything. Put together all the sharp parts and wrap them well. And if your items are too heavy, consider using pallets. That way you will not get injured when you lift them by yourself. And lastly, make sure everything has a label. So that you do not have to spend hours looking for a single item.

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