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Pack your plants for a long-distance move

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    When preparing for a long-distance relocation, some things are simply more important than others. For example, finding and hiring the best movers in NJ is always the first thing you do. Later on, you will be faced with numerous obligations, tasks, and similar things that a move includes. One of the things that will not be on your mind until it comes along is the process of packing some less relevant items. plants just might be those items in your case. Yet, when you come to that part, and you will, you will stand in front of them, realizing that you have absolutely no clue how one packs plants. Therefore, here are some tips on how to pack your plants for a long-distance move.

    How difficult is it to pack your plants and where do you even start?

    You might be wondering how difficult can one task be? You will pack your glass items, how hard can plants be? Well, believe it or not, plants just might be more difficult to handle than any glass item you possess. First of all, glass cannot die whilst a plant can, and easily. Second of all, they come in many different sizes and types and that might be a problem for you. For example, if you own a giant cactus, well, you will be having the time of your life trying to transfer it over a long distance. In other words, there will be many factors to consider and as a stressful journey does await you, you should buckle up and pay attention.

    A big cactus
    Packing a cactus for relocation and packing a small flower pot with a tiny plant are two very different things.

    First of all, are your plants legal?

    This is something that awes people every time. Believe it or not, there are many kinds of plants that are not legal in certain countries and places. For example, there is a list of plants that are simply not legal in NJ. Even though you might not understand why some of these are illegal, trust us when we say that there are very good and legitimate reasons. Therefore, in order to avoid any fines, problems with the authorities, your neighbors, and problems in general, we suggest you check all your plants and see whether they are legal at all.

    Are you sure you want to move all of them?

    Once your moving company Jersey City NJ sends its movers, you should be more or less ready to get the move started. It would be wise if you could declutter by then and decide what goes and what stays. This applies to plants as well. We understand that you are probably very fond of all your plants and that you were, logically, thinking about transferring all of them. Yet, think of it this way. Since you are covering a longer distance, do you have any small plants that are simply too fragile to endure the road? Many people have those small garden plants that are neither expensive nor long-lasting and leaving them behind to a neighbor, friend, or family member might be the best decision for you and the plant. Plus, you would be giving someone a small present and that is nice.

    A woman and her many plants
    If you are a plant lover and have many of them, maybe you should think about leaving some of them behind.

    Here is how you should pack your plants for a long distance move

    You must, first, know where you want to start. Do you want to start with big or small plants? Assess the situation. The plants that are most fragile need to be cared for constantly. By fragile, we mean those that wilt easily without light and moisture and perhaps those that have very sensitive flowers that you can barely touch. Most plants that have this level of fragileness are small and moving them with you, in your car, might be the best option. Now, to continue to the more complicated stuff. Plants that are larger than the palm of your hand and are sturdy enough should be prepared and packed properly. First of all, do not water anything right before the move because the soil will be mushy and can fall out during the transfer.

    Second of all, sheets are your best friend in this situation. Cotton sheets are breathable, light enough, but strong enough to protect your plants. Also, putting the pots only in boxes and putting foam padding all around the pots to fill in the gaps in the boxes is an awesome idea. Another thing that you should do, and especially when covering a longer distance like when moving from NY to NJ, is put wooden sticks in the soli and tieing your plant to the stick so that it does not have the option to move and possibly break.

    Before you start packing on your own, consider professional packing services

    Another cool way to take care of this task is to simply leave it to professionals. Find moving companies in Summit that you like, choose the one that seems just right for you, and trust them to handle your items and plants. Most people do this because they do not have enough time to handle everything on their own. Especially a process that is so time-consuming as packing is. Therefore, think about letting someone else take over. Plus, professionals know exactly what to do. They have packed and executed so many different moves, that they certainly know how to handle your plants.

    Two people packing their kitchen
    Think about leaving some of the work to packing professionals.

    Good luck and pack your plants properly for your long-distance move

    As you can see, this is not really rocket science. What it is, is a process that requires a delicate approach. Still, millions have moved plants before you, and millions will move them after you. All you need to do is follow our advice, call professionals, and pack your plants with care. We wish you good luck.

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