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Why is Hudson County Great Place to Open a Family Business?

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    Moving to a new place to start a family business can be a tricky thing if you do not do your research. If you are moving to Hudson County you should know that it’s located in the state of New Jersey. It is also a part of the New York metropolitan area which is known as the largest metropolitan area in the world by urban area and population density. In such a populated County you would need professional movers like All Season Movers NJ to help you execute the move successfully. Moreover, is Hudson County great place to open a family business? Dive in and read this article and you will find out.

    Is Hudson County a great place to open a family business?

    Before you even move to Hudson County to start your family business you should first consider if moving to Hudson County is a good choice. If you are still in the process of deciding whether you want to move to the fourth largest county in the state. Maybe some of the following things can help you make a final decision. Plus, there are many professional moving companies Hudson County NJ has to offer, so the relocation will be a piece of cake. Moreover, some of the reasons why people choose to move to Hudson County are the following:

    • High-quality education – Hudson County citizens care about their public schools. The County spends $20,099 per student, which is significantly more than the national average of $12,000. New Jersey City University, Saint Peter’s College, and Stevens Institute of Technology are among the many excellent schools and institutions in Hudson County.
    • Greenery – when you live in New Jersey, there will be plenty of parks and green spaces to enjoy. Hudson County Park, Lincoln Park, and the globally known Liberty State Park are among the County’s most popular parks. They make a great place for a weekend picnic or barbecue with the whole family.
    • Breathtaking waterfrontHudson County is located directly along the Hudson Waterfront, so whether you’re searching for beachfront property or a stunning view that’s only a few miles away, Hudson County is the place to go. Hudson County has it all, whether you enjoy swimming, boating, or fishing each member of the family can enjoy something.
    Landscape of New York
    High population, one of the reason why is Hudson County great place to open a family business

    Choosing a neighborhood for your family business in Hudson County

    Hudson County is made up of several cities, towns, and suburbs, making it tough to choose the ideal one. You have a lot of alternatives when it comes to deciding where you want to live in Hudson County. However, before you choose your neighborhood make sure to hire the best commercial movers NJ has to offer. Hiring professionals for both your residential and commercial relocation is a must if you want to remove unnecessary stress from the equation. Moreover, some of the popular neighborhoods for relocation in NJ include:

    • Bayonne,
    • East Newark,
    • Guttenberg,
    • Kearny,
    • Harrison,
    • Hoboken,
    • Jersey City.

    Each of these cities, towns, or suburbs, such as East Newark, has something to offer that may or may not appeal to you. If you are ready to relocate to Hudson County with no strings attached, the decision is totally yours. You may pick your future house based on where you want to start your family business. Or if the region has a good school or any other criterion you have.

    You have a number of choices. Keep in mind that if you choose to move to Bayonne city, for example, make sure to hire the movers in Bayonne NJ to help you relocate. Hudson County is New Jersey’s smallest County and is highly inhabited. Which might be a “problem” in principle but is unlikely in practice. However, keep in mind that the denser the population the more potential customers you will have for your family business.

    A girl learning how to ride a bike
    Make sure to choose a neighborhood that will be perfect for all family members

    Things that make Hudson County great place to open a family business

    If you choose to move to Kearny NJ, for example. Make sure to hire the best movers in Kearny NJ. Moreover, there are many advantages of opening a family business in Hudson County. Some of them are the following:

    • Busy area – whichever type of business you have, you most certainly need customers in order to run it successfully. Luckily, Hudson County is densely populated. Therefore there is no doubt that you will have many customers come into your business on a daily basis.
    • Many tourists – visitors come from all over the area, and the world, to explore nearby locations. The Walkway Over the Hudson, the Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library and Museum, the Vanderbilt Mansion, and Bannerman Castle are just a few of the places to see. Opening your business near some of the popular tourist attractions will attract even more customers to your business.
    • Safe – when you run a family business, the safety of the neighborhood is one of the key factors to consider. Hudson County has below-average crime rates. The violent crime rate is 19,2 compared to the national average of 22,7. While the property crime rate is 31,4 compared to the national average of 35,4. It is not ideal but it is still considered safe. Just make sure to have a quality alarm system.
    • Well connected– MTA and Amtrak train routes connect Grand Central Terminal and the larger New York metropolitan region to the Poughkeepsie Metro-North station. On a frequent and convenient basis. Local and regional transit can be used to make connections. Plus it can be a great advantage if your business has a supplier that is not in Hudson County.
    a couple figuring out why is Hudson county great place to open a family business
    Make sure to get a free quote from the moving company, this will help you organize your moving budget

    The bottom line

    All of the reasons above make Hudson County great place to open a family business. Depending on the type of your family business, make sure to choose the best location that will attract your desired customer group. In addition, make sure to hire professional movers like All Season Movers NJ to help you relocate. Good luck with the move and the business!


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