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Which Bergen County neighborhoods are best for startups?

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    Are you an entrepreneur who wants to establish a startup in New Jersey, but don’t know where exactly? We all know that location plays a huge part in having a successful business, so it’s very important to find a suitable place for it. There’s hardly a better place in New Jersey to establish your business than Bergen County, but you may wonder which Bergen County neighborhoods are best for startups. Stay with us and find out more about relocation to Bergen County and its neighborhoods. Whether you want to establish or move your startup across New Jersey, All Season Movers NJ can help you relocate to any part, especially when it comes to Bergen County and its neighborhoods.

    Why Bergen County?

    Bergen County is situated in the northeastern corner of New Jersey and borders Rockland County NY as well as Manhattan and Bronx. Being one of the most populous counties (nearly a million residents), Bergen County has many beneficial traits such as road system and transport infrastructure, extensive park system, educated labor force, diverse and large housing stock, etc. It is also considered to be one of the wealthiest counties, with about $76,000 per capita income in 2005. So, no wonder that Bergen County is so prosperous environment for entrepreneurs to do their business. Sounds challenging? If you want to move to Bergen County, and run your own business, do not worry. Let the Bergen County Movers do the relocation for you.

    woman looking at the map and thinking which Bergen County neighborhoods are best for startups
    Find a perfect location for establishing your startup

    Starting a business in Bergen County

    Bergen County is famous for having the most successful and fast-growing companies. However, Bergen also boosts support for small businesses and entrepreneurs. It also has top organizations to help you start and develop your own business. No matter whether you have a small, medium, or large business, many organizations can help you develop and prosper. Bergen County Division of Economic Development offers assistance to entrepreneurs in finding real estate properties and sites that suit their business needs. If you need assistance in finding skillful employees, you can always contact the Business resource Center. The County of Bergen is truly a utopian place for launching a business.

    person using a laptop
    Launch your business in Bergen County

    Which Bergen County neighborhoods are best for startups?

    Now you know that Bergen County is a great place to start your business. You may wonder what Bergen municipality to choose? Take a look at our top 3 locations for startups:

    1. Franklin Lakes
    2. Lyndhurst
    3. Englewood

    Move to Franklin Lakes

    Have you ever had a vision of an ideal place to live and work? Have you ever wanted to live in a peaceful environment surrounded by nature and still have the chance to run a successful business? Franklin Lakes may be perfect for that. The mixture of urban and suburban gives you the opportunity to start whatever type of business you want.  Franklin Lakes is the perfect place for starting a commercial business, property business, and also startup business related to nature. At the same time, Franklin Lakes offers the separation from the urban and the close road connectivity with both New Jersey and NYC. The idea of a life-work balance sounds like a perfect match, right? So, why don’t you consider moving to Franklin Lakes and seize the opportunity to have a stress-free work and life? If you want to move there, hire our professional team of Movers Franklin Lakes NJ. Let our service be the first step towards a new stress-free chapter in your life.

    Move to Lyndhurst

    Lyndhurst was founded in 1917 and later became the township, and its population is about 22, 500 residents, according to statistics. The township borders Rutherford and North Arlington in Bergen County as well as townships in Essex, Hudson, and Passaic County. Due to its economy, Lyndhurst represents an excellent place for starting a business, no matter what type. The main business areas are Valley Brook Avenue, Ridge Road, and Stuyvesant Avenue. If you decide to move there, consider hiring professional Lyndhurst NJ Movers to give you a hand for a fast, reliable move without stress. Let us solve all of your moving problems in a swift, affordable and easy way.

    Bergen County neighborhoods are best for startups: Englewood

    Last but not least, its majesty – Englewood. If you want to live and work in an environment that has a mixture of historical and urban atmospheres, then Englewood, NJ is the best place for you. At first, it was a township, but it was dissolved, and incorporated as a city.  Doing business in Englewood is like you are doing business in the cradle of startups. There’s no better place than here to begin your startup journey. Dive into the exciting undertaking of starting your own business here, and you’ll get many opportunities for improvement. You can also join the Englewood Chamber of Commerce and take advantage of membership benefits. Are you still thinking of whether to move to Englewood or not? Don’t be afraid and seize the opportunity to start your own business and make a huge impact on startup development. Movers Englewood Cliffs NJ may be a perfect ally in your relocation. So, relax and enjoy the smoothest and fastest move. With their perfect moving plan, you can be sure that both your residential and business moves are efficient and simple.

    Businessmen planning
    Make a plan and begin your startup journey

    What do you need to start a business in Englewood?

    Even though starting a new business in a completely new environment can be both exciting and stressful at the same time, it is good to have a detailed plan. Business relocation definitely requires strategic planning for everything to go smoothly. Here’s the list of what you need to to start a business in Englewood:

    • Determine the type of business
    • Create a business strategy
    • Get Employer Identification Number
    • Get a State Tax ID
    • Apply for the business license, etc.

    Contact us today and make your business relocation an enjoyable experience

    Yes, commercial relocation requires a lot of planning and organization. Luckily you don’t have to worry about it if you have us by your side. Our team of professionals will help you move to any part of Bergen County. You won’t regret it, no matter what area you choose, since Bergen County neighborhoods are best for startups. Reach out to us today and find out why All Season Movers are best in Bergen County. With us by your side, you don’t have to worry about relocation, and you’ll be able to focus on what’s the most important to you – starting your business.


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