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Where to donate unwanted items after moving to Maplewood NJ

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    Decluttering is part of every move. That means that you’ll have to go through the process of decluttering before or after your move to New Jersey. It’s always best to declutter before a move. However, after the move is also a good time to declutter if you didn’t get the chance earlier. Decluttering often leaves people with plenty of stuff they don’t know what to do with. Some decide to throw everything out, while some decide to rent quality storage movers Jersey City NJ provide for their clients. These are both viable options, however, donating is perhaps the best way to get rid of the stuff you no longer need. But where to donate unwanted items after moving to Maplewood NJ? Read on to find out.

    Before donating unwanted items after moving to Maplewood NJ you have to go through them

    When decluttering after the move, it’s important to declutter freely but carefully. That means that you shouldn’t keep the things you never use but also don’t throw away things just for the sake of decluttering. However, most people are more prone to hoarding than carelessly decluttering. Because of that, knowing that you might help someone by doing a good job decluttering, might help you get rid of more things that you don’t need. It’s best to do this before a move because you’ll have fewer things to pack. Hiring expert movers Maplewood NJ prides itself in, might give you more time to declutter even before the move. Still, if you don’t get the time, decluttering after the move is better than not decluttering at all!

    A woman going through her clothes in order to donate unwanted items after moving to Maplewood NJ
    Check every single item.

    Guidelines for donating unwanted items after moving to Maplewood NJ

    Not everything is suitable for donation. Most people in need are usually not very picky. However, you should make sure that the things you donate are not in overly poor condition. On top of that, even though this may sound bad, make sure not to donate something you’ll regret donating. That might deter you from donating next time and make you hoard more. Balance is key with decluttering. But if you’re struggling with deciding what is and isn’t something to be donated, here are a few questions you should ask yourself:

    • Is this item something I use often or is it something I’ll regret donating?
    • Can this item be useful to other people?
    • Is this item in good enough condition?
    • Can this item harm anyone in any way?

    Making sure the item you’re looking to donate doesn’t fall under any of these categories will make donating it that much easier. That said, If you know you don’t need something but you feel a tiny discomfort donating it, put it on the side and sleep on it. However, try to be realistic, if you haven’t used something in ages and you have no emotional attachment to it, you probably don’t need it.

    Donate unwanted items after moving to Maplewood NJ to one of these charities

    There are many charities in the US that accept clothes and household items, New Jersey included. Some are very well-known while some are more underground. Still, there are many places to donate unwanted items after a move to Maplewood NJ. These charities provide necessities for people in need, just like expert NJ movers provide moving services NJ residents love and recommend for their clients. That’s why these charities should have enough resources at all times, and you can help with that!

    A group of volunteers.
    There are many organizations that do a great job of helping people that you can donate unwanted items after moving to Maplewood NJ!

    Goodwill has been doing a great job

    Perhaps Goodwill is the most famous charity organization in the US. There are around 3,200 stores around the country! Keep in mind though that Goodwill only accepts new and gently-used. They then sell these items in their stores and on their online auction site. If you’re looking to donate your belongings to Goodwill, you can easily drop them off at a local Goodwill Donation Center. Some locations even offer pickup. However, you’ll have to check if the particular center you’re donating to offers that option.

    Dress for Success – a non-profit org that helps women

    Many women find themselves struggling to find work. This organization helps women in need obtain professional attire so they can get a job or further their careers. If you own any work-appropriate clothes that are in good condition that you no longer need, Dress for Success is the place to donate them. They accept business-appropriate apparel, suits, shoes, handbags, cosmetics, and jewelry that are in good condition. To donate just find an affiliate in your area, there are plenty in NJ.

    Donate your unwanted items after moving to Maplewood NJ to Habitat for Humanity

    Habitat for Humanity is an organization dedicated to building housing for people in need. Because of that, they’re primarily focused on obtaining as much furniture and construction materials as possible. If you have any furniture you no longer need, make a call to Habitat to Humanity.

    Donate your furniture to the Furniture Bank Association

    Another great place to donate furniture is Furniture Bank Association. If you have any furniture that you don’t need and are looking to get rid of, make sure to give them a call. However, they only accept furniture in decent condition.

    Donate to organizations that help veterans

    Veterans are among the group of people that struggle the most. Luckily, there are organizations that were specifically created to help veterans in need. If you’re looking to help veterans you can donate to Vietnam Veterans Donations or AMVETS. Both of these organizations are doing a great job helping veterans.

    Three veterans smiling.
    Veterans are often in need of help!

    There are many organizations you can donate unwanted items after moving to Maplewood NJ

    Finding affordable movers NJ residents recommend might seem like the most important task when moving. And in a way it is. However, you should be looking to do some good even when moving. You’re going to declutter anyway, so why not help someone during that process. It’s not much work to donate unwanted items after moving to Maplewood NJ, but that small act of kindness might help someone out tremendously.

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