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What to wear on a moving day?

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    Moving can be the hardest and the most memorable day of your life. If you plan it well, even though there are so many things that you have to do, the relocation can be stress-free and effortless. But professional movers know that if you chose the wrong clothes to wear on a moving day, it can turn into a nightmare. Since not only do you have to think about comfort, but protection too. For example, car shipping companies in New Jersey always pay close attention that all their employees wear sufficient protection when handling a car. Because it is not just yourself that you protecting, but belonging to. And by paying attention to details you can be sure that your move will be successful. So here are few tips that can help you choose the right attire for your move.

    Comfortable clothes are the best thing you can wear on a moving day

    On the day of the relocation, get ready to move fast. Because there are so many things you have to do in a set time, you will only have few breaks. From packing boxes to wrapping the furniture and protecting the breakables, you will constantly run around. And once you are done moving from NY to NJ, you have to unpack everything. So the choice of attire for your moving day can make you or break you. Therefore to give yourself the freedom of movement, always choose comfortable clothes. Since should be able to bend your knees and lift your arms go for simple pieces like pants and a t-shirt. On the other hand, do not wear clothes that are too loose and have extra material. Namely, because you do not want them to get caught on furniture and get ripped. Also, you can get injured.

    couple in a living room sitting on a sofa surrounded by boxes
    Wear on a moving day comfortable clothes, so you have freedom of movement.

    Always choose clothes with pockets for your move

    To move some of the big furniture, the best thing to do is to disassemble it. Thus you have smaller pieces that are easier to transport. But during the chaos of the move, often people lose important parts, like screws and bolts. And without them, you might lose some of your best furniture. For this reason, residential moving companies NJ always make sure to wear on moving day clothes with pockets. Because you need to have a safe where you can put small bits and pieces, so you do not lose them. Also, with pockets, you will not lose your valuables. With the chaos of moving, items like keys and wallets get lost easily.

    What kind of shoes should you put on for a relocation day?

    Since you will be standing and walking all day, it is important to choose the right shoes. Movers Jersey city NJ know that if you choose wrong, you will get blisters. And it can take days for you to recover. Secondly, while you carry heavy boxes, accidents can happen, and you can drop something on your foot. Therefore avoid slippers and anything with open toes. Next, you need comfortable shoes that have traction. With a good grip, you cannot slip and injure yourself. Also do not wear anything new. With old shoes, you do not have to worry that you might rip them. And at the end of the day, they will have a layer of dirt on them. So the best thing you can do is to wear old comfortable sneakers.

    two feet in sneakers standing on a street
    Old sneakers are the best thing you can put on for the move.

    Gloves are an essential part of a moving day wardrobe

    Whenever you have to handle heavy and bulky items, protection is a number one priority. And during relocation, hands are in the most danger of getting injured. That is why affordable movers NJ always advise their customers to wear gloves during the move. But not every kind is good for you. Since you will be lifting a lot of big and sometimes slippery stuff, you should get ones that have a good grip. So avoid winter wool gloves, even though they look thick enough. Secondly, the material should be thick enough so you can move your fingers. But also durable and tough to protect you from scratches and bumps. Therefore it is best to invest a bit of money into high-quality gloves. Because not only will they protect you, but they will also last for years.

    During a moving day do not wear accessories

    The accessories are beautiful and awesome. But on a moving day, they can easily cause you injury. Items like earrings and necklaces can get caught on items, and snap. And rings can not only make you lose your grip but also damage the furniture by scratching it. Therefore make sure to remove all your valuables to a safe place before the move day. Equally important is how you wear your hair. Because if it is loose, it can get snagged easily. So make sure to tie it in a bun. And if you have short bangs, they will obstruct your vision in key moments, and you might have an accident. So if you are unable to tie it, wear a cap or secure it with pins.

    rings on a hand in a pocket
    Avoid wearing rings because you can get injured.

    For the stress-free move wear comfortable and functional clothes

    Make sure that the attire you wear on a moving day allows you to move freely. You will be running around all day, and you do not need to stress about your clothes. Also, always get shoes that are not open, so your feet are protected. Make sure to put on gloves because you will be working a lot with your hands. And if you do not have any, New Jersey has some of the best stores where you can buy high-quality equipment. Another thing to keep in mind is to remove all your accessories. For they can easily break and you might lose them. So put them somewhere safe, so you do not have to worry about them.

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