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What is the best time of year for office relocation

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    Timing is everything. In commercial relocation, the importance of timing rises exponentially. Not only does office relocation impact work productivity, but it impacts clients as well. In addition, the amount of work that goes into an office relocation, even a slight delay, can cause a loss of profit. Obviously, we all want to avoid that. Deciding on the best time of year for office relocation depends on both external and internal factors, or objective and subjective. Today, we are going to talk about what are those external factors and how you should include them in deciding when to move your offices. After all, who better to help you in making that decision than one of the best movers NJ has to offer? So let’s dive right into it.

    Considering the weather in deciding the best time of year for office relocation

    This is one of the most crucial things. The weather, of course, depends on where your offices are located in. It would be best to avoid rain or snow because they might complicate your move. Instead, the best time of year for commercial relocation is spring. It’s usually not rainy or too cold. You should avoid moving your offices during summer, because the heat may complicate your move. However, this is usually the time when most employees might take their holidays, so that may make your move easier.

    Businesswoman deciding on the best time of year for office relocation
    Choosing the best time of year for office relocation will depend on a multitude of factors

    In short, try to avoid autumn and winter for an office move. Instead, move your offices during spring or summer. For the state of New Jersey, according to our Essex County movers, the peak moving season is again in summer. So if you need to move your offices in New Jersey, summer and fall are still the best time of year to do it.

    If you are on a tight moving budget, you should avoid this time of year

    As most people know, there is such a thing as moving season. Of course, the exact season will vary from state to state, but usually, the peak moving season is summer. In most states, summer is when people are moving the most, so that will likely affect the price of your commercial relocation. However, summer is not the peak moving season in all states. In places like Texas and Florida, where it’s warm year-round, summers get too hot for moving, so the peak moving season is usually fall. Either way, if your company is on a tight moving budget, you should avoid peak moving seasons – summer and fall.

    Man in Blue Denim Jeans Holding Brown Cardboard Box
    Moving during peak season might be more costly and more complex

    Of course, peak moving season is not the only thing determining the cost of your office relocation. Something that will affect the total cost of your relocation are packing services NJ you are getting. So, while it is important to consider the season for the cost of your relocation, that is not the only, nor the most important factor.

    Moving in November or December

    We have said that the most popular seasons to move are summer and fall. However, picking the best time of year for an office relocation will require a bit more detail. November and December are some of the most common months when people hire commercial movers NJ, for office relocation. These months are great if you don’t want to wait to move your offices after the holidays. However, if you are in the sales or service industry, it may be best to schedule your move before the holidays. This will give your customers enough time to get accustomed to your new address, just in time for some holiday shopping. Not only that, but it will give you enough time to attract more customers to your new address.

    Which day of the week  is best time for office relocation

    Deciding on the day of the week for your office relocation is more important than you think. Most people plan their entire week ahead and usually hire furniture movers NJ, during weekends, or on Thursdays and Fridays. If your business can’t suffer any sort of interruptions from work, setting the moving day for the weekend is your best option. However, since moves are complex, it will take a lot of preparatory work, especially during the week before. That is why we recommend the beginning of the week as the best time for office relocation. It will give you the weekend to pack up all the things, which is immensely time-consuming, and leave Mondays and Tuesdays only for the physical work of moving your belongings into new offices. During this time, if possible, have your employees work from home. That way, there will be significantly fewer interruptions in the normal workflow.

    A woman drinking coffee while working home from her bed
    It will make your office relocation easier if your employees work from home

    Some other factors you should consider

    Of course, in this article, we deal with the external factor when deciding the best time of year for office relocation. However, it’s essential to at least mention additional things you should consider when deciding. Firstly, think through when is the best time for your business to interrupt your work. It could be the holidays, weekends, or even a specific time of year. Secondly, think about your lease or office space. If your lease is about to expire, maybe that would be a great time to move. It will be easier not to renew your office lease than to find ways of terminating your commercial lease early. Thirdly, think about the decision itself because timing is important. However, only if moving is a smart move for your business. And lastly, don’t forget to hire trusted and professional movers for your office relocation.

    To sum up, commercial relocations are complex. They can either be the best decision you can make for your company or one that could be detrimental to your business. Make sure it’s the best by choosing the timing carefully and by hiring professional movers who can carry out that relocation flawlessly. Hopefully, this article helped you in deciding the best time of year for office relocation because timing, as we said, is everything. Don’t hesitate to contact us to resolve any additional questions about your office relocation you might have.

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