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What Is Included In a Full-Service Move?

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    Moving professionals are the best thing that can happen in every moving experience. It is a difficult task, that no one should do on their own. If you have a move ahead of you, you are probably wondering what you can expect from your future helpers. Hiring some moving and storage NJ will give you a wide array of services that you can choose from. Logically the more services you use, you will pay, but you also won’t have to do a thing. So, what is included in a full-service move? We will tell you what you can expect if you hire this type of movers.

    What can you expect to be included in a full-service move?

    As the words say, when talking about what’s included in a full-service move, the answer is everything. Some interstate movers NJ will do every task that’s associated with your move for you. It might seem like an exaggeration, but it is nice moving your home without lifting a finger. You can expect your full-service movers to do all of the below listed.

    • Bring packing supplies
    • Disassemble your furniture
    • Pack, load, transport, unload and unpack
    • Dispose of unnecessary supplies
    Cardboard boxes on the floor
    Full-service movers will do everything moving-related for you

    Packing supplies

    One of the most annoying parts of the moving preparations is getting together all the packing supplies. There are many supplies that you will need, like:

    • Cardboard boxes
    • Packing paper
    • Bubble wrap
    • Packing tape
    • Packing peanuts

    You probably won’t bring everything home in one trip, but some movers North Bergen NJ will. This is one part of their job, and they will gladly bring everything you need.

    Disassemble your furniture

    Bulky furniture pieces are the safest if handled by furniture movers NJ. They will disassemble furniture to make it easier to move. They will also put back together with the pieces upon arrival. No more thinking and stressing about where that one screw went missing.

    Pack, load, transport, unload and unpack

    Yes, you read it right, your movers can also do all of these things for you. This is the physically tiring part of moving and some people can’t even do it. Also, moving injuries are often, so keep in mind when attempting to move heavy furniture on your own. Once your movers finish unpacking, you won’t have much to do after that!

    Dispose of unnecessary supplies

    No matter how many packing supplies you think that you can reuse, you will have to get rid of something. Some packing supplies are made for single-use, like packing tape. If you transported a few items, you might be able to get rid of them easily. But if you packed a huge amount of boxes, there will be a lot of packing supplies left. Some moving services NJ providers can also do this for you.

    Bag of trash next to the door
    Your movers can even get rid of trash for you

    Conclusion on what is included in a full-service move?

    To conclude, the things that are included in a full-service move are the ones that will make your move tremendously easier. You will move from point A to point B without barely lifting a finger. There is no better way to do this!


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