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Ways to protect your art and antiques before putting them in storage

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    Relocating home is often confusing, time-consuming, and costly. There are several moving tasks to complete and some of them are quite hard. You should organize, find affordable movers NJ, work on your budget, and purchase the best moving services for you. And if you want to protect your art and antiques before putting them in storage, your relocation will be much more complicated. But do not worry, we will explain how to do it right and ensure your items are safe. Also, we will provide a few tips and tricks on how to speed up the whole process and make it safer for everyone involved. Let’s take a look.

    Find a good storage unit provider first

    To protect your art and antiques before putting them in storage, you must obtain packing supplies and find a good storage unit provider. We will discuss later on packing and focus firstly on the company that you’ll rent the unit from. So, you have two options. One is to rent the unit from a company that is solely working with storage units. It can be a good solution depending on the price, location, and the size of the unit. But keep in mind that moving companies are highly competitive and, in most cases, they have the best storage services NJ.

    two people browsing the internet
    Implement your search criteria and find your storage unit provider in a matter of minutes.

    Hence, before making a decision, you should compare those two and figure out what is most convenient. The price and the location will probably be the main decider in this story. Just make sure to call all providers you find to ensure they meet all the requirements. Maybe you can even negotiate the price and get a better deal.

    Who will relocate you?

    Whether you are relocating or simply renting a storage unit, you still must find a good service provider. As we have mentioned already, usually the best storage units are with your Essex County movers so if you are relocating as well, you’ll have double gain. Therefore, search the internet and find a moving company that suits you the most. Implement your search criteria and narrow it down by comparing prices, services, and previous customer experiences. Also, you must ensure your movers are up to the task. They must have the following:

    • An adequate set of moving services.
    • Competitive prices.
    • Free-onsite estimates.
    • Licenses and permits.
    • Tools and equipment.
    • A good reputation.

    These are mandatory and you shouldn’t hire a moving company that lacks some of the crucial requirements for a safe relocation. Moreover, you should focus on moving reviews and find a way to confirm the legitimacy of the moving company. You can check if they are accredited by FMCSA or read moving-related blogs and groups on social media. It should be enough to confirm your investment is safe.

    Purchase packing materials to protect your art and antiques before putting them in storage

    If you want to protect your art and antiques before putting them in storage you must obtain the best quality packing materials. You’ll need adhesive tape, packing paper, bubble wrap, cardboard boxes, and labels. You can purchase packing materials at local stores or from moving professionals if you are not planning to hire their moving services NJ. And make sure you have the right budget for all the materials. After you have it all delivered to your home, pack gradually. You should pack for the relocation and set aside all the items that will go into the storage unit.

    use higher-quality packing materials to protect your art and antiques before putting them in storage
    Purchase materials of a higher quality to provide good protection for your items.

    You can even use materials of the highest quality in case you have valuable pieces you want to protect. Those are plastic bins, dividers, Styrofoam, packing peanuts, customized boxes, etc. Keep in mind they are a bit more expensive but worth every penny.

    Pack safely to protect your art and antiques before putting them in storage

    Like for any other relocation, you will pack for storage as well. There is nothing special about it apart from better protection. Simply because your items will sit for a long time inside the unit. But for the transport from your home to the unit, everything should be the same. Therefore, take a cardboard box and place a cushion at the bottom. It can be a bubble wrap you have purchased or blankets and other clothing from your home. Then, you can place your artwork, antiques, and other items inside and use more clothing, bubble wrap, or packing paper as a buffer between items. Once your box is complete, close it and apply adhesive tape. Lastly, each box should have a detailed label with a description of the items inside. This will raise the awareness of everyone involved.

    Declutter and downsize if possible

    As soon as you find movers and obtain your moving quotes NJ, you should start working on your budget. Set aside enough to cover all moving services, errands, and other moving-related tasks. But you should know that there is a way to increase your moving budget in a way. It is the decluttering and downsizing process that can reduce the stress on your budget. So, it works like this. While inspecting your belongings and deciding on what to relocate and what to send over to the storage unit, you should set aside everything you do not need anymore.

    a woman shuffling through old items
    Shuffle through your belongings and figure out what you do not need anymore.

    It can be a piece of broken electronics, old furniture, worn-out clothing, old toys, etc. Some items can be sold online or at the garage sale. While others donated to local charities. Or you can take everything and send it over to the nearest recycling center. Whatever you choose, the idea is to have fewer items to relocate. In this way, you will have an easier, faster, and safer relocation. And if you manage to sell something, a few bucks extra for your moving budget. Therefore, try to find time to declutter and get rid of your old items.

    Get ready to load the moving truck

    Now, all that is left is to load the moving truck. When it comes to your regular boxes and older furniture, you can assist. But your artwork and antiques should be handled by professionals only. Let your movers do everything because they have the knowledge and tools to do it. After all, you are paying for the service. Simply supervise the process and make sure everything goes according to plan.

    Now you know how to protect your art and antiques before putting them in storage. Just make sure to rent an appropriately sized unit that can keep your items safe. We suggest you choose the ultimate solution and rent a climate-controlled storage unit. This kind of unit has everything your antiques and artwork need. Good luck.


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