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Ways to prepare memorabilia for your NJ storage unit

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    So, you plan on moving soon? If so, you might already be aware of how difficult a relocation process can get. If you happen to have lots of memorabilia in your inventory, you might need to approach the packing process carefully and with a good plan. In case you plan on storing your memorabilia, it needs to be done properly and safely. In this article, we are going to show you some of the best ways to prepare memorabilia for your NJ storage unit. Furthermore, with the moving complications and challenges, we will cover the important reasons for enlisting the help of trusted and affordable movers NJ.

    How to properly prepare memorabilia for your NJ storage unit – Step by step

    Categorizing everything

    If you have a ton of different memorabilia in your inventory, you will have to first do some sorting before you can proceed with other steps. Most people will have memorabilia that can be separated into the following categories:

    • Children’s papers,
    • Photos,
    • Personal papers,
    • Cards, letters, magazines, and news articles,
    • Keepsake items,
    • Collectibles.

    Take your time and do not rush this process. The last thing you want is accidentally misplacing something. So, why exactly is categorizing so important? Well, for starters, it will give you a nice overview of all of the items that need to be prepared for storage. Furthermore, it helps you pack them easily later on. By separating everything into multiple different categories you will have an easier time organizing where everything goes. In addition to this, your Essex County movers will have an easier time handling your items if they are categorized.

    person packing things into cardboard boxes as an example how to prepare memorabilia for your NJ storage unit
    To properly prepare memorabilia for your NJ storage unit, you first need to categorize everything.

    Clean everything

    Over the years, some of your memorabilia items may have been sitting in places such as your closet, garage, or your basement. These places can get dusty very quickly. Therefore, once you separate everything into different categories, make sure you clean all of your memorabilia properly. Just be careful when doing this so you do not accidentally damage something. If you end up finding a lot of valuable and sentimental items it is best to contact reliable movers who can provide you with proper storage services NJ to safely store your memorabilia.

    Do not forget about decluttering

    The decluttering process plays an important role in the overall efficiency of your relocation. What does it mean exactly? Well, decluttering really means getting rid of the items you no longer need or want. Now, of course, a lot of memorabilia has great sentimental value. Separating yourself from some of these items might be really difficult to do. So, how exactly do you know which memorabilia to declutter? Take a good look at everything you have once you clean it. Old, broken, items that have no value should go right away. Similarly, old, expired documents should also be decluttered. VHS tapes can be converted to your PC so that is also another way to lower the number of memorabilia you have. Posters, banners, and old wall decorations that can no longer be used should also fall under the list of clutter items.

    Couple packing items.
    Do not leave out the decluttering process when preparing your items for storage.

    What to do with the decluttered items?

    What you do with your decluttered inventory is entirely up to you. However, we do have a few suggestions that you may find useful. If your old memorabilia items have no more value to you perhaps they can be useful to someone else. Therefore, it is best to try and contact a local charity organization before moving. Additionally, these kinds of items sell quite well in garage sales. Setting up a garage sale is fairly simple and your entire family can participate in this process. Of course, by selling your items through a garage sale, you are not only getting rid of the clutter but also earning some extra cash as well. Keep in mind that at the end of the day, there is really no rule on what you should keep and what you should throw away. Some old, broken, worn-out items might have the strongest sentimental value and therefore should be kept at all costs.

    Pack your memorabilia properly

    Now that you are left with the memorabilia you wish to keep, it is time to prepare it for storage. Simply putting your items inside a storage unit is not enough. Regardless of whether you plan on storing your items long or short term, it is best to ensure maximum protection for them. Gather all of the necessary packing supplies and materials to make sure you can properly pack your items. So, what exactly are some of the basic tools and materials to get? Well, for starters, get sturdy, high-quality cardboard boxes. Then, make sure you have strong packing tape and scissors. That will ensure these boxes stay closed during the transportation process. Additionally, wrap your fragile memorabilia items in protective materials. Use bubble wrap, packing foam, or even old newspapers. If you find yourself struggling to get all of the necessary packing supplies, do not worry! Contact professional movers who can help you with a ton of different moving services NJ, including packing services.

    Packing items.
    Pack all of your memorabilia for storage properly and with the right materials.

    Store your memorabilia with the assistance of professional and reliable movers in NJ

    We have mentioned at the beginning of this article how difficult a moving process can get. Packing can also be quite chaotic at times. On top of that, you have to take care of all of the other moving-related tasks as well. To ensure maximum safety and proper storage for your memorabilia, get in touch with reliable residential moving companies NJ. They can assist you with proper, quality moving services and prepare memorabilia for your NJ storage unit.



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