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Ways of staying in touch after long distance relocation

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    Moving away from one state to another is always exciting. And obviously, you are doing it for a good reason. Most likely, to improve yourself and your life. But, sometimes it can be a little bit more difficult, no matter how many positive things are related to it. A lot of people struggle when it comes to staying in touch after long distance relocation. Believe it or not, many people lose contact with people that were really important to them. But that is not something that has to happen. You can easily avoid that. And no matter from where to where you relocate, you can still have your friends. Once the best movers in NJ that you hired relocate you, there are still obligations to do. But after that, you can focus on what is important. And those are people that are close to you.

    Staying in touch after long distance relocation – How to do it?

    Having friends and people that are close to you is very important. And sometimes, people need to move from one place to another one, that is far away. But still, even with those circumstances, they must maintain staying in touch after long distance relocation. Even though it can be quite difficult. For sure, after interstate movers NJ has relocated you, you will meet new people. And maybe some of those new people will become your closest friends ever. But you can’t forget your old ones. And the only way to accomplish that is if you stay in touch with them. If you don’t do it, you can regret it.

    Person holding a cup of coffee in one hand and a phone in another.
    One way of staying in touch after long distance relocation is to text and send voice messages to people you care about.

    Calls are a very important part of staying in touch after long distance relocation

    One of the most successful ways of keeping in touch with friends, relatives, and close people, is, of course, video calling. Internet and technology are advanced, and they are still expanding. And a lot of people don’t even realize they are far away thanks to these opportunities. For iPhone users, FaceTime is definitely a friendship savior. While there are other apps that you can use, such as video calls on WhatsApp, Google Hangouts, Skype, Facebook video calls, and many others. The only struggle here could be the possible time difference. But even that can somehow be managed. Only the will is important.

    Don’t let them miss out on anything!

    The biggest challenge when you move away from your friends is a fact that you are not included in their lives and the other way around. You might talk from time to time, but there is not enough time to catch up on everything. But, there is a good solution for this. Depending on what moving services NJ movers offer you, you can have a little bit of time to make an agreement with your friends. So take packing services, and while your movers deal with that, you can deal with other things.

    Meet with your closest people and propose to them an idea of sharing folders. Using Google Drive, DropBox, Flickr, or any other drives that everyone has access to, can keep you close. This way, you won’t even have to FaceTime every day. Simply upload pictures from your day and exciting things that are happening to you over there. Both you and them will be able to see things instantly and it is more or less like you are with them, every day. Another similar thing to this is an app called Snapchat. But it is better for teenagers, to keep close contact with their best friends.

    Person holding a baby and FaceTiming on laptop with someone.
    Remember to have video calls very often.

    One of the tips that can improve and maintain staying in touch after long distance relocation – Use voice messages!

    Texting is something that all generations do, during the day. It doesn’t matter with whom or at what time, but we still all do it. Well, since this is something very basic that you do with anyone, forget it. Believe it or not, voice messages are for sure much better than text messages. First of all, when you read a text message, most of the time you can get it wrong. You don’t hear the tone they were supposed to express, nor the feelings. And because of that, it can come some arguments and misunderstandings.

    Avoid that by using voice messages instead. This feature is available on every way of messaging now. So it won’t be a problem of using it. Maybe it will be weird at the first, but you will get used to that. Everyone is using it these days. It is much more practical. You can say more things, faster, and with emotions. This is very important when movers North Bergen NJ relocate you to another place. Avoid unnecessary small conflicts when it is possible.

    Remember to make trips and visits

    Not everything is that negative. There are some good parts of it as well. For instance, moving to a completely different state means that your friends can come and visit. And even better, you can meet halfway, so both parts are making a trip. You can make some kind of a deal, that once in a month you travel to a certain place in order to meet with each other. Adding such a habit in your life can only do good to you. Or you can agree on celebrating some important holidays together. Everything depends on how you agree with them. So have this kind of conversation before you even relocate.

    Also, when you have an agreement such as this one, there is no need to fear if you will lose contact with them or not. It doesn’t matter that much if you talk or text on a daily basis. You know that you will see them soon. And everything will be like it was supposed to be. Make it better when you can. A need for such meetings in other parts of the US can bring you joy and exciting changes in your lives to talk about later.

    A red box wrapped with a red bow as a gift.
    Send them an “I am thinking of you” gift from time to time.

    Send gifts occasionally

    Everyone likes gifts. Receiving and sending gifts can actually fulfill you, and it will increase your happiness. And not only yours, but theirs as well. One of the ways of staying in touch after long distance relocation is exactly this one. Sending small gifts to each other. It will immediately mean that you think of each other. And that is what counts.


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