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Tutorial for packing a king-size bed for your NJ storage unit

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    A comfortable and large bed is what we always need after a hard day’s work. That’s why the bed is a piece of furniture we don’t want to be separated from under any circumstances. One such occurrence is a residential move. Preparing your king-size bed during the move can be a big challenge. Additional difficulties for transporting such a large bed can be narrow passages and steps when you need to carry it. The bulkiness and weight of a king-size bed can cause trouble during the move, but there are affordable movers NJ that can be of great help to you. This job will not seem easy to you from the beginning, but with good organization and tips we’ll share with you, packing a king-size bed for your NJ storage unit will be done.

    The main question is: is it worth keeping?

    During the preparation for moving, the key thing is to sort your personal belongings and furniture, so which of them you want to move to your new home.

    Check the condition of your bed. Is it worn out? Does it still meet your aesthetic criteria? Do you wake up rested, so you need to replace the mattress or maybe the whole bed? Does the mattress have visible damage? Measure the bed frame and make sure it fits in the new room.

    silver bed with mattress
    Consider whether you are ready for packing a king-size bed for your NJ storage unit.

    One of the questions is the distance of your new home? Keep in mind you’ll spend a lot of money shipping heavy household items long distances. The king-size bed is one of those items. There is a possibility of damage to the bed frames, especially if the shipment takes several days.

    If you feel that your bed still meets all your criteria, it is worth your time and money.

    Tips for packing a king-size bed for your NJ storage unit

    Packing a big bed can seem like a big deal to you. Following the instructions for disassembling and packing, work we’ll be finished without additional stress. Provide disassembly tools like screwdriver, wrench, pliers, hammer. Get all the tools you need in time to get everything ready. If you do not have all the necessary tools, borrow them from a friend or buy them if you need them later.

    Prepare a few things before packing your bed:

    • Provide appropriate packaging material
    • Get a tutorial for disassembling a king-size bed
    • Disassemble the bed and make sure you save all the small parts
    • Pack and label
    packing a king-size bed for your NJ storage unit
    Pack the mattresses in the mattress boxes to stay undamaged during transport.

    Packing the mattress

    If you have saved a mattress box, it is an even better solution for safe transport, if you do not wrap it with a multi-layered paper pad and fix it with packing tape.  It will glide easily on the floor. You can also use a furniture blanket by spreading it on the floor and laying a mattress on it. It’s much easier than lifting it.

    One of the first things you will load is a mattress. Place it upright or sideways to take up less space. Pay attention to the composition of the mattress. Whether it’s memory foam, gel, wire core, or air-filled style mattresses. Check with the manufacturer as some only can be transported laid flat. The king-size bed has a heavy mattress, so you’ll probably need help. You can always consult moving companies who have extensive experience in packing a king-size bed for relocation.

    Disassembling the bed frame when packing a king-size bed for your NJ storage unit

    It’s good to have instructions for disassembling the bed, we don’t know when we’ll need it. Disassemble and separate all the small parts from the side and pack them separately. Pack all small parts separately and label their location. Pack all screws, bolts, nuts, into separate bags. Tape every bag to the piece they belong to. The bed must be completely dismantled. This will reduce the risk of damage with help of moving services NJ and make it easier to load into the truck.

    The headboard is the heaviest piece for packing and lifting after you have finished taking the bed frame apart. Wrap large components with old sheets or blankets. That’s how you’ll protect the wooden frames from getting mutilated, and the metal ones from damaging other furniture during transport.

    Wrap smaller parts of the bed with bubble wrap and mark their location, it will be easier to assemble the parts later.

    Take the springs out of the bed

    After removing the mattress from the bed, take out the springs from the box. The king-size bed generally has two double-sized springs. They are not heavy, but they are bulky. Be careful when you take them out of the house.

    Remove the door if necessary when packing a king-size bed for your NJ storage unit

    If you are bothered by furniture doors, remove them. Remove them from the hinges but do not remove the hinges. Just tap out the hinge pin with a very thin screwdriver, and the door will lift easily.

    Measure the moving truck

    Look for a truck of the right size before renting it. The truck can be too small for the mattress and bed frames. Make sure to completely disassemble the bed, otherwise, the parts of the frame will not have adequate support. You can also place the folded bed on the truck as one unit.

    a cat on the bed
    To get rid of stress and move quickly, hire professionals.

    A professional company can be a good choice

    The good side of moving nowadays is that you can leave the packing a king-size bed for your NJ storage unit to professionals. Reliable companies that deal with this type of business use high-quality packing supplies. This means that your belongings will be safely packed and stored during transport. Hiring a professional packing service and storage services NJ is an easy way to get rid of all the stress during the relocation.

    Keep in mind that a king-size bed cannot be packed and moved without assistance. Invest in  Essex county movers to maximize safety and efficiency. Professionals will move your bed quickly and safely!


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