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Top tips for moving in NJ on a tight budget

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    One thing that is decisive when moving to a new place is the budget. Before making any decisions about the upcoming move be sure how much money you have at your disposal. As a result, you’ll be able to plan your move thoroughly and you will know your limits. Most importantly, you’ll know if you can hire moving and storage NJ services. Basically, we are here to help you with top tips for moving in NJ on a tight budget. Let’s be realistic, a tight budget can be problematic since you will have to give up many things. Nevertheless, even in this situation, your move can go smoothly only if you plan and organize it well.

    How much money can you save?

    In case you decide to relocate with your professional movers you should know the average prices of the move. A local move will cost you from $900 to $ 2,400 on average. On the other hand, an out-of-state move is about $4,750. Of course, the final price depends on the additional services and your requirements. Thus, if you plan on moving on your own your costs should be quite lower. A good analysis and a thorough plan will show you the exact situation that will help you make the right decision.

    What are the top tips for moving in NJ on a tight budget?

    Having a tight budget when moving can be quite stressful since your responsibility gets bigger. After all, you want a meticulous move with minimum stress and low costs. Maybe you have a more difficult task in preparing for the move itself. You need to fit everything within your budget, no matter how high it is. Still, by having Hoboken movers by your side everything is possible. Especially when moving to New Jersey. Its overall costs are approximately 20% higher than the average which is quite decent knowing the fact that NYC is only 80 km away. Expect the median home value of around $400,000 and the median rent of $1,300. Thus have faith you will make it. Hopefully, our tips will be of great help for your upcoming relocation.

    Jersey City
    Prepare some money for at least the first month of your stay in New Jersey. Still, relax knowing it isn’t so expensive in comparison to NYC.

    One of the ways for reducing costs is to opt for a DIY move and you are to evaluate whether this is a good option

    Well, this question is usually most connected to saving money when moving. Most people think this is the way to spend less money. Since we are to give you the best tips on how to move to NJ on a tight budget this is logically the point we are to analyze.

    In case you think a DIY move will bring you lower costs there’s a variety of things to analyze. First of all, you need to handle the packing and unpacking by yourself. With this in mind, you must be well-acquainted with the best packing techniques in order to get your items ready for safe transportation. Not to mention, you are responsible for getting the right packing supplies and materials.

    a man and woman packing their belongings as one of the top tips for moving in NJ on a tight budget
    One of the top tips for moving in NJ on a tight budget is to try organizing ad executing the move on your own.

    Our advice is to start packing room by room. Protect your items the best you can and label the boxes. If you pack some fragile and delicate items don’t forget to label the boxes as fragile. Also, rely on the help of your friends and relatives. After all, there’s a lot to be done and you definitely need assistance. Furthermore, bear in mind you are to rent a truck as well. Remember you must pay for the fuel too. In case you have no one else to drive the truck, the responsibility is all yours.

    Finally, if you think you are capable of organizing everything and handling the relocation on your own, feel free to try. Yes, you may save some money. Still, be prepared for fatigue, stress, sleepless nights, and hard work. 

    Get moving boxes for free

    If you decide to pack on your own when moving from NY to NJ you will be responsible for obtaining the moving boxes for your belongings. Of course, you can always buy them. However, since we are to give your top tips for relocating in NJ on a tight budget we advise you to get the boxes for free. These boxes can be found in liquor stores, bookstores, supermarkets, or grocery stores. As for liquor stores, there’s a small catch you should know. Here you can find the boxes with bottle separations which can be significant when packing glasses. Thus, make sure to get different boxes from a variety of sources. Moreover, you may ask for free boxes from someone who is willing to give them away. With this in mind, search the sites such as Craigslist and there’s a chance of finding someone with free boxes.

    What packing supplies should you use?

    Not only will you save money on boxes but also on packing supplies if you act wisely. By using packing services NJ movers offer, everything is at your disposal and your belongings are in safe hands. On the contrary, when relocating on your own packing supplies are your responsibility. However, there’s no need to buy everything. Maybe only a few things will turn out to be most important for the safety of your possession. As for other things, improvise. Instead of buying bubble wrap or packing peanuts, you can use things from your home such as old towels and cloth. Also, you may use newspapers and magazines to wrap fragile and delicate items. Use the socks for wrapping the glassware. Separate the plates with kitchen towels. Don’t forget to use original packing for many devices since they will offer the best protection.

    Will hiring movers fit the budget?

    On the other hand, you may analyze the possibility to hire commercial movers NJ companies usually use. Who knows? Maybe there’s a chance this could be a top piece of advice for the relocation in NJ on a tight budget. Remember one thing, each professional mover will give its best to adjust the services and prices to its clients. After all, client satisfaction is the mover’s primary goal. As for you, try to plan your move in that way so that you may get a discount or a cheaper price for the move in case you and your movers both agree on the terms in your contract. Be that as it may, each relocation executed with the assistance of your movers will be a true success and a relief from stress and anxiety. Thus, if your budget allows it don’t miss the opportunity to hire professionals.

    Choose the exact date and season for the move

    You may do a lot for your budget in case you determine the best period and date of your relocation. If possible opt for moving offseason. Thus, the best seasons are most certainly autumn and winter. Believe it or not, you will save up to 30% of your budget if you move offseason. Moreover, contact your household movers NJ residents trust on time and opt for a date in the middle of the month.  Also, choose weekdays, especially a day in the middle of the week. In other words, be flexible. Make sure your company fits you into their schedule. You should agree on a date and time for the move that suits you both. Be that as it may, you may negotiate for a more favorable rate. Certainly, your movers will try to adjust to your possibilities.

    a black marker on a calendar showing us September
    If there’s a possibility to choose, make sure to opt for a date of the move that will save you money.

    Use transport only option from your movers

    Organizing the relocation and packing is one thing. Renting a truck and driving it is something completely different. It’s not easy that’s for sure. Maneuvering a vehicle full of your belongings isn’t quite easy to imagine. Hence, you can save money and yet rely on furniture movers NJ is proud to have to transport your stuff safely to the new destination. Your task is to handle the packing and loading. Your movers are the ones that will safely transport the things to your new home. Some companies can even transport the container in front of your home and you will have a couple of days or a week to load everything.

    a truck on the road
    Leave the hard part of the job to professional movers. Let them transport your items safely.

    Decluttering is one of the top tips for moving in NJ on a tight budget

    Be realistic, you don’t need all your stuff when relocating. Remember that your movers will charge you by the hour and weight of your shipment. This could be a significant tip for moving in NJ on a low budget. Hence, go from room to room and check on your belongings. Surely you’ll find something broken, damaged, old, or simply no longer needed. You may put these things into three piles.

    • throw away – If there are things that can’t be used any longer the best would be to throw them away.
    • donate – On the other hand, you may have some things in a good state but not useful to you. Think about other people who may use it. Thus, donate them to a charity institution or to some friend or relative who will use them well.
    • sell – In case your items are in a good state you may even earn some money. Sell them online or using a garage or a yard sale.

    Furthermore, a good thing would be to measure the new home in advance. As a result, you’ll know if some large and bulky things won’t fit in the new place. Maybe some beds, tables, sofas, and other things. In that case, there’s no need to relocate these things which may be quite positive for your budget. Thus, only after checking all this, you are to ask for moving quotes NJ movers offer and know the actual price of the move.

    Avoid overbuying for your new home

    It’s completely normal you have the desire to decorate a new home. Still, resists this endeavor. You can do it. Buy only the things you truly need. Most importantly, buy only the essential items for your home. Go from room to room and check what is essential to have in each of the rooms. Bear in mind that you already have many things and these things will reach your new home undamaged. Basically, don’t jeopardize your budget. There will be time to buy new things and decorate the place according to your desires.

    someone holding a credit card and knows all the top tips for moving in NJ on a tight budget
    Stop on time. There will be time to buy new things for your home. Save money at least for a while.

    Ask your company for reimbursement

    In case you are moving because of a new job in New Jersey then you may ask your company if they are willing to pay for the expenses or at least offer compensation. You’d be surprised by the fact that a lot of companies offer reimbursement. On the other hand, if you are in the military your moving expenses can be tax deductible. Thus, even if your company doesn’t reimburse you may save money with tax deductions. Therefore, better check all this with your accountant or tax advisor.

    Save money and move with success

    All in all, we have provided you with some of the top tips for moving in NJ on a tight budget. Of course, there are many more but we have chosen the best ones. Therefore, analyze your upcoming move with thoroughness. Most importantly, decide whether a DIY move or move with the help of professional movers will fit your budget. Then, you may also get other decisions to save money. What matters is that your move goes without problems. Moreover, if possible make sure to reach decisions that will not only save you money but also make your move easier and less stressful.



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