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Top places to buy a vacation home in NJ

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    You might hear a lot of pros and cons about buying a vacation home in NJ. However, NJ has many beautiful places to enjoy your free time. Depending on your budget and preferences, you will first choose the right area. Some people prefer coastal homes. For others, the right vacation home would be at the banks of one of NJ’s lakes or rivers. Or, you might wish to be close to the mountains. So, we offer an overview of the top places to buy a vacation home in NJ. Once you make the final decision, get in contact with one of the All Season Movers NJ companies. They will make your move a swift and carefree experience.

    What Would Be the Perfect Setting for Your Vacation Home in NJ?

    Some vacation home buyers know exactly where they want to go. For example, they simply want a vacation home on the coast. If so, it is necessary to check only houses for sale in coastal areas. Some of them even have an idea about the part of the NJ coast where they would like to spend their vacation. This makes the choice even narrower. And it will be much easier to find a suitable house. The same applies to people who want to have an NJ vacation home in a mountainous area.

    Brown padded armchairs beside the glass window
    Some people love to be surrounded by nature and enjoy peace and quiet.

    However, most people have several possible locations in mind. And in many cases, they like to rest on the coast as well as in the mountains. For some, the specific location is not that important. All they want is to be surrounded by nature and enjoy peace and quiet. So, this is making the search a bit more complicated. And, if you are like them, you may wonder how to make choice. Or, which place would suit you best? Unfortunately, we can’t decide instead of you. But we can present you with some of the nicest NJ vacation sites.

    Kearny could be one of the top places to buy a vacation home in NJ

    Located in the west part of the Hudson County, Kearny is a small town, but packed with amenities. It has about 41,000 residents and the median home value is  $354,700. Some even consider it a suburb of Newark. This 10-square-mile town is a mix of waterfronts and parks. If you only visit, you will truly enjoy sightseeing, and also some of the restaurants which serve authentic and tasty dishes. If you are moving to the town, don’t miss to contact movers in Kearny NJ. They will ensure that your relocation is swift and carefree.  

    The town has several very attractive parks:

    • Arlington Depot Park
    • Kearny Riverbank Park – overlooking Passaic River
    • West Hudson Park

    All parks have excellent offers of athletic fields, picnic areas, and playgrounds. However, the favorite place of all residents is the 2-acres big Fairy Lake. So, by buying a vacation home in Kearny, you won’t be bored. And, you will have your home close to nice parks. And on the lake shores as well. After buying a vacation home in the city, you will easily find time to visit all those interesting places.

    Restaurant with a scenic view in one of the top places to buy a vacation home in NJ.
    Hoboken has many excellent restaurants.

    Purchasing a vacation home in Hoboken

    Located in Hudson County, Hoboken has about 53,300 residents. The median home value is $759,800. Although it is one of the wealthy Hudson County towns, it is s very popular destination. And many people, especially those from the neighboring big cities, are buying vacation homes there. This one-square-mile town is a real waterfront oasis. There you can spend a high-quality time. Residents love spending time strolling up and down the Hoboken waterfront walkway. Being paved and well-maintained, you can also use it for biking, jogging, or roller skating. And all the time, you will have one of the best views of the Manhattan skyline. Or, you can enjoy some of the water sports since Hoboken waterfront is full of aquatic adventures.

    Besides scenic views, Hoboken has many excellent restaurants. The meal offered is diverse and delicious. There is even a saying that you can’t go wrong with a Hoboken restaurant meal. And, what if outdoor sports are not what you are so fond of? Well, you will be able to visit numerous art museums.

    Could North Bergen be one of the top places to buy a vacation home in NJ?

    North Bergen is a township in the northern part of Hudson County, New Jersey. It has about 61,200 residents, and the median home value is $375,100. The town is located in an extremely hilly area, just 4 miles away from NYC. While spending your vacation time in North Bergen, you will have the possibility to enjoy diverse activities. You can spend time in James J. Braddock Park. Located atop the hills, this 167-acre park has 45 sports facilities, trails, and a dog run. Braddock Park is also known for its natural wildlife. In the park, you will find 16-acre Woodcliff Lake, around which you can walk. There are also benches along the path around the lake. So, when you get tired, you can sit down and enjoy watching the fountains made in the lake.

    Couple sitting on the bench
    When you get tired, you can sit down and enjoy watching the lake in one of the top places to buy a vacation home in NJ

    In addition to the above, the town is also known for its rich and varied cuisine. So, if you find this place is right for you, give a call to movers North Bergen NJ. With them, moving to your vacation home will be simple. So, you will soon be able to enjoy your peace of paradise.

    Alpine is one of the top places to buy a vacation home in NJ

    Alpine is the easternmost community in New Jersey. It is a borough in Bergen County, about 15 miles north of Midtown Manhattan. Located alongside the Hudson River, Alpine is an interesting place for those loving nature and scenic views. However, it is also one of the very expensive boroughs with a median home value of about $ 2,000,000. And, it has a bit less than 1,500 residents.

    Some of the most interesting places in Alpine are:

    • Palisades Interstate Park (including Alpine Picnic Area)
    • Greenbrook Nature Sanctuary
    • Alpine Lookout
    • Montammy Golf Club

    And, this is just the beginning of the list. This small borough is full of attractions. So, you can spend years here without ever getting bored. Visiting Alpine is very easy. And, in case you find it attractive, you can use the excellent services of moving companies Bergen County NJ to relocate there.

    A man playing golf in one of the top places to buy a vacation home in NJ
    Buying a vacation home in Alpine, you can join the Montammy Golf Club.

    Imagine vacation time in Rutherford NJ

    Rutherford is one of the many nice Bergen County places, where you can spend a good quality time. It has a population of about 18,376, and the median home value is $476,200. So, by buying a vacation home in this place, you will have peace and quiet time. It will help you to rest, staying away from the crowd. However, in case you want to join some public happenings, you will have ample possibilities for that. In the area, you will find many interesting places that you will truly enjoy. Some of the famous Rutherford attractions are:

    • American Dream (huge shopping and entertainment complex)
    • DreamWorks Water Park
    • Nickelodeon Universe Theme Park

    The list of interesting places to see and visit in Rutherford NJ goes on and on. However, after moving there with the assistance of moving companies Rutherford NJ, you will have ample time to explore them all.

    Jersey City is one of the top places to buy a vacation home in NJ

    With a population of approximately 262,700 residents, and a median home value of $406,200, Jersey City is an attractive place for buying a vacation home. Located in the vicinity of NYC, it offers the possibility to people to easily access their vacation homes. Most of the residents enjoy spending time in Liberty State Park. From there, you will have an excellent view of Elis Island and the State of Liberty. And, you can easily take a ferry and visit them. Liberty State Park is a 1,200-acre waterfront park. So, you will have ample space to stay outside and enjoy the scenic views.

    If you are an art lover, you will find many art centers in Jersey City. When it comes to restaurants serving great dishes, you will enjoy spending vacations in Jersey City. That will give you possibilities to get to know different cuisines. And to enjoy a variety of dishes. If you see Jersey City as an attractive destination for yourself, buying a vacation home in there won’t be hard. And relocating with the help of a moving company Jersey City NJ will be simple too.

    Red leaf trees in the park.
    Having a vacation home in Montclair NJ, you will enjoy nature, quiet, and peace.

    Montclair NJ is also among the top places to buy a vacation home in NJ

    Montclair is a small community, with less than 40,00 residents. But, it is a close-knit and welcoming community. So, if you love interacting with people, you will do the right thing by buying a vacation home in Montclair NJ. The Montclair township is located in Essex County, just on the cliffs of the Watchung Mountains. So, if you are among those loving mountains, skiing, or hiking, you will love having a vacation home here. Besides mountains, you will also be able to enjoy:

    • Montclair Art Museum
    • Presby Iris Gardens
    • Van Vleck House & Gardens

    After movers Montclair NJ brings you to your dream vacation home, you will have time and discover many more gems hidden around your new town. And, we are sure that you will truly enjoy every minute of your vacation time.

    Purchasing a vacation home in West Orange

    West Orange is a township in Essex County, with a population of around 47,500, and a median home value of $391,200. It is just about one hour drive from NYC. It is a quiet and calm place, so you will be able to rest from the metropolitan rush, and recharge your batteries. In case you get bored staying in and around your vacation home all the time, there are numerous places that you can easily visit. Some of them are:

    • Thomas Edison National Historical Park
    • Eagle Rock Reservation
    • Turtleback Zoo
    • Hemlock waterfall
    • Branch Brook Park
    • Kip’s Castle
    • Cedar Grove Park
    Picnic in the garden.
    Many people in NJ enjoy organizing picnics in nature.

    Spending time in your Maplewood vacation home

    Maplewood is yet another township in Essex county. It has a population of about 25 000 residents. And buying a vacation home in this nice place will cost you about $542,400. Driving from NYC, it will take you less than half an hour’s drive to reach Maplewood. And you will find yourself in a completely different world. You will become surrounded by peace and quiet. So, you will be able to fully enjoy your picturesque surroundings. You will also feel like stepping into a completely different world, being surrounded by tree-lined streets and Colonial-style homes.

    Alongside Maplewood Avenue, the main street, you will find numerous shops and restaurants. And, you will probably, like many others, soon enjoy the slow and laid-back lifestyle. This charming town will also offer you numerous outdoor activities. One of them is visiting the nearby South Mountain Reservation. If all this looks attractive to you, it is the right place for purchasing your vacation home. And there are long distance moving companies NJ residents can recommend to bring you there.

    There Are So Many Top Places to Buy a Vacation Home in NJ

    In such a diverse county, full of beautiful places offering numerous amenities, it is not so easy to make the final choice. Luckily, NJ is not so huge state. That will allow you to travel a lot. So, besides deciding among the top places to buy a vacation home in NJ, you will always easily visit many other places. Here is a list of things to do in New Jersey. Besides numbering places and events, it may give you an idea of where to go after purchasing your NJ vacation home.

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