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Top NJ places for remote workers

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    Working remotely has become even more popular during the pandemic and its popularity continues nowadays. Still, are all the places adequate for remote workers? Well, not exactly, since you need places with enough benefits for those who have no great opportunities for meeting new people and having fun. Thus, it’s quite important choosing top NJ places for remote workers. Fortunately, there are plenty of excellent cities in New Jersey. Furthermore, you can rely on the All Season Movers NJ to complete your relocation. Thus, after making the right choice and transporting your belongings you can embrace new opportunities and experience new adventures.

    Is NJ truly one of the best options for remote workers?

    According to the Wallet Hub study, New Jersey turned out to be the best state for remote workers. This study analyzed work and living environment factors and as a result, NJ won first place among 50 states. Hence, now is a good time to call long distance movers NJ. In case you are interested in knowing what are the criteria let’s have a look.

    a woman working on a laptop from home in one of the top NJ places for remote workers
    Opt for one of the top NJ places for remote workers and enjoy its benefits.

    Wok environment factors include some of the following things:

    • Share of workers working from home
    • Share of potential telecommuters
    • Household internet access
    • Cybersecurity

    On the other hand, we have living environment factors:

    • Average retail price of electricity
    • Access to affordable internet plans
    • Internet cost
    • Median square feet per household member
    • Share of detached housing units
    • Average home square footage
    • Share of homes for sale (1,000+ square feet)
    • Share of homes for sale (that have a swimming pool)

    What are the top NJ places for remote workers?

    Now you have the opportunity to see what cities in NJ would suit you most. We are to observe the city’s costs of living, entertainment options, education, and many other things as well. After all, remote work is specific and requires special conditions in case you want to live a satisfying life. Certainly, NJ has a variety of amazing places that will suit you, but we have selected several ones. Hopefully, you will like our suggestions.

    One thing that unites all the places we are about to mention is their closeness to NYC. Though you are working from home you may like the fact that NYC is so close and contact swiftly your local movers NJ. Therefore, if you like spending some time in New York be certain the commute time is so short.


    In case you want to live close to a city and have a suburban feel your choice could be Lyndhurst, a township in Bergen County with a population of about 22,781 residents. Here most people are the owners of their homes and just a few live in rental homes. Apart from this, Lyndhurst is especially attractive because of its wide range of restaurants, bars, and coffee shops. Moreover, there are amazing parks that are great for families with kids. As for kids, we must mention there are excellent opportunities for education. Its excellent school district serves children from kindergarten to the twelfth grade.

    What about having fun in your free time?

    When in need of a relaxing dinner you have great options. Michael’s Salumeria is your alternative if you prefer Italian cuisine at fair pieces. Thus, you can enjoy the everyday offer of different meals and beverages. Moreover, in case you like Mexican food you can get it at a local gem Mariachi Grill. The offer is outstanding and the prices are quite affordable.

    someone walking a dog in the park in one of the top NJ places for remote workers
    Lyndhurst can be defined as a pet-friendly city. Spend quality time with both your kids and pets.

    In that case, choose Riverside County Park which lies along the Passaic River. It’s a perfect place for a picnic. Also, if you are a dog owner there is a dog park where your pet will enjoy playing outside. Moreover, visit numerous sports fields. Still, we mustn’t forget art and culture which makes Lyndhurst an absolutely perfect place. For instance, Meadowlands Museum in Bergen County is a fantastic place for those who are interested in history.

    Is Lyndhurst expensive?

    When hiring Lyndhurst NJ movers you should bear in mind that one of the downsides of living here relates to the cost of living. The overall prices are 27.9% higher than the national average while the housing costs are 47.7% higher. Hence the median home value is $430,900. Therefore, be prepared to put aside a large amount of money at least initially.


    After observing some of the top NJ places for remote workers, we are to point out Caldwell, a suburban town located in northwestern Essex County with a population of 8,831 people. This is a truly family-oriented and pedestrian-friendly town where you will surely find the peace you need. Hence, your movers Caldwell NJ are waiting for your call. An abundance of great shops, restaurants, and schools is one of the advantages of living in Caldwell. Moreover, what makes Caldwell so interesting is the fact that it’s about  16 miles west of New York City.

    Cost of living

    One thing is certain, you’ll be surprised by higher costs. The overall cost of living is 40.8% higher in comparison to the U.S. average and the housing costs are even 88.4% higher. If you plan to become a homeowner you should know the median home value is $549,500.

    A woman jogging in Caldwell, one of the top NJ places for remote workers
    There are many things you can do in Caldwell. That is why it is one of the top NJ places for remote workers

    What can you do in Caldwell?

    What is important is that within a walkable area, you can visit many bakeries, restaurants, bars, boutiques, grocery, and hardware stores. If you are a fan of ethnic cuisine visit Bloomfield Avenue and here you will taste various food in Italian, Filipino, Thai, and Japanese restaurants. One local eatery that particularly stands out is Calandra’s Italian Village.

    On the other hand, to step away from our pleasure in eating, you can take care of your health by practicing in numerous gyms, yoga studios, and recreational facilities. Also, if you prefer spending your time outside in nature we suggest Grover Cleveland Park, the seventh-targets park in the county. Furthermore, we suggest Rumsey Park in Caldwell and some other parks in west Caldwell such as Memorial Park, Richard Park, and Wrensch Park.

    Proximity to NYC is very significant to Caldwell residents

    Though there are no direct bus or train lines from Caldwell there is a way to reach NYC easily. You can drive to Montclair Township and take a direct train to New York Penn Station. On the contrary, if you don’t like to drive you can take NJ Transit Bloomfield Avenue Bus 29 from Caldwell to Newark and then catch a direct line from Newark to NYC.

    New York City at night
    Are you working in NYC or just going there for fun or shopping? Whatever reason it may be, live a cozy life in Caldwell and be a frequent visitor to NYC.


    Be sure that by coming to Verona with the help of your movers Verona NJ you will experience a great atmosphere in a town that is most certainly one of the best places in Essex County. Especially great to raise a family. Your children are guaranteed to have excellent education and preparation for college. After observing, Verona ranks 9/10 for College Readiness which is an extraordinary result.

    Its distance of 20 miles from NYC makes it even more adequate for people of all ages and one of the best NJ places for remote employees. Thus, hiring your residential movers NJ is your best option. Furthermore, when it comes to eating, you can choose between cozy coffee shops, kid-friendly Italian restaurants, or family-owned pubs. Also, there are a variety of ethnic restaurants to enjoy Thai, Vietnamese, Asian, and Indian food among many other options.

    a pub full of people
    Though being a small town, Verona offers excellent nightlife.

    Moreover, what makes Verona so wonderful are the great outdoor activities. This especially relates to Verona Park, a 54.32-acre park with a 13-acre lake that is perfect for paddle boating and fishing. Not only this, Verona Park is an amazing place for everyone since it has a tennis court, a stage for outdoor concerts, a playground, sports fields, and walking paths.

    Still, be aware of the costs. The overall costs are almost 40% higher than the national average. The housing costs are even higher, 82.5% higher. Hence, the median home value is $532,300, which means putting aside a significant amount of money in case you want to buy a home here.


    Though a small place in Union County with a population of about 22,700 people Summit is an extraordinary place with amazing architecture, great schools, parks, recreational facilities, outdoor attractions, restaurants, and shopping. All of this makes it one of the top NJ places for remote workers. The majority of restaurants are located on the famous Springfield Avenue. If you are the type of person who likes to spend free time outside enjoy lovely parks and a variety of outdoor activities. For instance, we could point out Reeves-Reed Arboretum and Brian Park as one of the most famous ones.

    Being a parent you will have no worries since your children will get an excellent education in top-rated schools. Some of the schools we particularly want to mention are Brayton Elementary School, Franklin Elementary School, L C Johnson Summit Middle School, and Summit High School.

    One thing might scare you but still stay positive. We are talking about the overall costs of living which are 87.2% above the national average. However, a more concerning fact is that housing costs go 243% beyond the average. That means the median home value is $1,000,800. Though this seems truly expensive still you don’t have to buy, you can always rent. Believe it or not, it will turn out to be cheaper than living in NYC which is 23 miles away from Summit. Therefore, contact your Summit NJ movers and believe in your abilities to earn enough to afford to live in Summit.


    When talking about Kearny, we strongly advise you to rely on your moving company Kearny NJ to embrace the new adventure with a smile on your face. Kearny truly deserves your attention as one of the top NJ places for those working from home. It’s a small town with around 42,000 people, quite attractive to everyone, especially those who like its proximity to NYC. Yes, it is so close, yet more affordable for life. The overall costs of living are 25.8% higher than the average, while the housing costs are 43% higher. Thus, the median home value is $417,000. After observing other top NJ towns for remote workers we can say Kearny is significantly cheaper.

    One thing that can characterize Kearny is the amazing nature and parks. Thus, it makes it extraordinary for families with kids and pets as well. As for your kids be sure they will have an excellent education in both public and private schools. Hence, after moving to the town of Kearny you will have a variety of schools to choose from.

    kid observing his tidy desk
    You are to choose between a variety of excellent schools in Kearny for your kid.


    Are you still looking for a town near NYC or Newark that will fulfill all your expectations? Guess what, we have one for you – Nutley. Have no second thoughts and hire one of the best moving companies Nutley NJ and start enjoying your new life here. First of all, the overall costs are 32% above the average and the housing costs are 58.8% higher. Thus, expect the median home value of $463,300.

    Nutley has a lot to offer. The first thing we must mention is the existence of beautiful parks. By living here you will have the chance to wake up every morning and take a walk through the park near your home. The second thing that people simply adore about Nutley is the proximity to many job centers. After all, it’s a great commuter town where you can find great schools and a great home.

    Whatever place you opt for in NJ you will feel the thrill

    All in all, there are so many top NJ places for remote workers. All you need to do is to analyze each place thoroughly and decide what suits you most in terms of finance, education, entertainment, and many other things as well. What matters most is that all the places we have mentioned are so close to New York City which is a perfect solution for those who commute to NYC for pleasure or work. Also, we must point out the education, entertainment, costs, and many other points of interest. Thus, you are only left to choose the right place for you.

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