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Top NJ Neighborhoods for Outdoor Enthusiasts

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    What is it that you are looking for in a new place? Good job opportunities, education, low cost of living, and entertainment? Like everyone else, you probably want it all in one place. But what interests you most? If you love spending time outside and enjoy different activities have no worries since New Jersey is the perfect solution for you. There are numerous top NJ neighborhoods for outdoor enthusiasts. Whatever neighborhood you opt for, some of the All Season Movers NJ will complete your relocation meticulously. As for us, we are here to help you determine which neighborhood is the best for you. Therefore, let us present some of the best neighborhoods where you will surely enjoy every single day throughout the year.

    What makes NJ a perfect place for outdoor enthusiasts?

    New Jersey is definitely a place with so many advantages for people of all ages. Hence, why not use these advantages and create a new life here and experience new opportunities? After all, residential moving companies NJ stand at your disposal. If you are an active person you’ll be delighted by NJ since it has so much to offer. What makes it especially interesting is the fact that New Jersey is rich in forests, mountains, lakes, an ocean, marshlands, beaches, and many other things too. As for the activities themselves, we must mention some of the most popular ones.

    • hiking
    • biking
    • canoeing
    • skiing
    • surfing
    • fishing
    • crabbing
    • hunting
    • picnic venues
    a woman hiking in the forest
    Search for some of the top NJ neighborhoods for outdoor enthusiasts and enjoy lovely places in nature and amazing activities.

    What are the top NJ neighborhoods for outdoor enthusiasts?

    As we have mentioned, New Jersey is truly an amazing place for those in love with nature. Of course, some neighborhoods stand out more than others for their natural beauty, green spaces, and other things. Well, we are about to present those places. Hence, you are only left to opt for the most suitable one and contact your local movers NJ and start your new life with enthusiasm. Also, don’t forget you are doing the right thing for the whole family. The more activities you have at your disposal the more will you and your kids will have fun in the fresh air. So what do you think of the following options?

    Jersey City

    One thing we can say about Jersey City is that it is a city of nature. You mustn’t forget that Jersey City is an urban part of NJ. Hence, many would say that outdoor enthusiasts have nothing to do here. However, this isn’t the case. Thus, you can be a part of all the hustle and great nightlife but when you need it to go and enjoy an area full of greenery, wildflowers, water, and space. What makes Jersey City and its neighborhoods some of the top NJ neighborhoods for outdoor enthusiasts is the fact that it has some of the best public parks. Jersey City is absolutely perfect for those who revel in waterfront views and boardwalks.

    Do you love lakes and beaches? If you do contact your moving company Jersey City NJ and start enjoying this lovely neighborhood. Lots of recreational fields and green spaces are the perfect choice for the entire family.

    Liberty State Park
    Jersey City is perfect for nature lovers. Coming here you can have both an urban and suburban feel.

    We are to point out several favorite places locals truly love.

    • Newport Green Park
    • Lincoln Park
    • Liberty State Park
    • Hamilton Park


    Though Montclair may seem small, it is proof size doesn’t matter since it offers its residents a variety of activities designed for everyone. Surely your movers Montclair NJ can confirm this from their experience. If you are fascinated by spending time outside in nature, Montclair offers tremendous places and activities. Some of the most important things to mention are approximately 20 public parks and 2 nature preserves inside Montclair. Also, there are a lot of ponds, streams, woodlands, and many areas you can explore. Maybe this is a result of being located on the edge of the Watchung Mountains.

    Are you a sports fan? Well, 18 tennis courts are at your disposal. Also, there are three swimming pools and the possibility to skate in the open on the pond when it freezes over.

    One particular site that attracts many people is The Presby Memorial Iris Gardens. No wonder it’s so attractive since it is the largest iris flower garden that is non-commercial. This amazing garden contains more than 14,000 irises of around 3,000 varieties. Furthermore, one of the favorite spots is Edgemont Memorial Park which is especially interesting for children. Here they can traverse a giant web-like playground with slides of all shapes and sizes. Also, they can visit the World War I memorial. One special date that is significant for all families that visit this park is July 4th when families organize a picnic and enjoy live performances. In case you want a spectacular view of the NYC skyline you can track trails at the Eagle Rock Reservation.

    Bridge and a path in Montclair Nj
    Spend quality time together with your family in nature.


    Besides being quite affordable with decent house prices one of the interesting things we must mention about Bloomfield is that we can include it in some of the top parts of NJ for outdoor enthusiasts. As a result, call movers Bloomfield NJ, and arrange the details of your move. Thus, come here and use your free time to spend in some of the amazing local parks.

    •  The Watsessing Park – It stands out as a 69-acre park with ball fields, playgrounds, and a bandstand.
    • Brookdale Park – This is an amazing 121-acre park with beautiful views and a formal rose garden. Each fall you can enjoy a well-known Fine Art and Crafts Show. Also, it has track facilities, tennis courts, sports fields, and even an archery range. As for pet owners, enjoy yourself with your furry friends in a small section called Brookdale Dog Park.
    • Brookside Park – This park is near the water, The Third River. Here you can revel in lighted paths, picnic areas, a beautiful pavilion, and a small playground for toddlers. Also, here you can enjoy a baseball diamond where kids and their parents can play catch.
    • Halcyon Park – The most attractive thing about this park is the lily pond with a water fountain feature. Also, so many paths and trees make this park a great place for strolls and jogs.

    In addition, we must mention a gem called Clarks Pond. Its water is so clear and filled with water flowers. Enjoy feeding the ducks. The trees surrounding the pond make a wonderful atmosphere. However, this place can also be modern. Believe it or not, here you can play since there are baseball and tennis courts, baseball fields, and a small playground for toddlers.


    One thing that characterizes Kearny is its great nature. Thus, everyone who enjoys nature and greenery will find Kearny perfect with some of the top NJ neighborhoods for fans of outdoor places and activities. Kearney is perfect for families and their pets. One thing is for sure, your pets will enjoy a pet-friendly green zone in West Hudson Park where you can take your pets for a walk and organize picnics.

    a white dog running in the park
    Your pets deserve the best parks, fun, and pleasure. NJ and its neighborhoods can achieve this.

    The weather itself is remarkable. The climate allows you to enjoy spending your free time outside and doing a variety of sports activities. This is another reason why its neighborhoods are among the top NJ neighborhoods for outdoor enthusiasts. Hence, the first things that will stand out after relocating to Kearny with the assistance of a moving company Kearny NJ are fresh air and long warm days. Why not use them to spend beautiful time with your family in some of the well-known parks in Kearny?

    • Laurel Hill Park
    • Lincoln Park
    • Riverbank Park
    • Independence Park
    • Kingsland Park


    Are you in need of a peaceful neighborhood? Do you want your moving companies Rutherford NJ to relocate your things to a town of walkers? Be that as it may, Rutherford is your option. Be certain you won’t make a mistake choosing Rutherford as your new destination since there are some of the top NJ neighborhoods for outdoor enthusiasts.

    One of the greatest places to enjoy is the Nereid Boat Club which has its youth squad. Also, here are learn-to-row programs for adults, and guess what memberships are not required. Moreover, here you will find three recreational fields, ball fields, tennis courts, and a basketball court.

    Children playing in a park in one of the top NJ neighborhoods
    Let your kids enjoy in Rutherford parks

    Some of the best parks and facilities where you are sure to spend lovely days with your family are right here in Rutherford.

    • Memorial Park – Sports fans will be delighted with great baseball and tennis courts. Those with kids can take them here to have fun in some of the playgrounds or you can simply have a picnic.
    • Tryon Field – This stadium field is available only if you get a permit.
    • Tamblyn Field – What can you wish for after seeing this great place? Here you can find a basketball court, a baseball court, and 1 football field. Not to mention a playground for the small ones.
    • Walls Field – Just like the previous parks, basketball, soccer, baseball, and a playground are perfect for everyone.

    Bergen County

    In case you are eager to become a homeowner then contact your movers Bergen County NJ and arrive in this amazing county as soon as possible. Still, maybe the best part of coming here is the extraordinary scenery and parkland. Being a resident of Bergen County will give you the pleasure of 127 miles of ocean coastline. Moreover, witness wonderful mountains and amazing views of the NYC skyline. Thus, beaches, mountains, lakes, and almost 9,000 acres of county parkland are simply waiting for you to enjoy. What are you interested in? What about jogging, biking, hiking, playing tennis or basketball, horse riding, fishing, ice skating, and swimming? As you can see, the offer is outstanding.

    There are numerous parks to enjoy a variety of recreational activities. One particularly important park is Washington Lake Park where you can enjoy many activities and special events. One interesting fact is that this park allows you to host your own events in the park. 

    North Bergen

    Are you still interested in the best NJ neighborhoods for those who enjoy outdoor activities? Well, movers North Bergen NJ will surely confirm to you that you have made the right choice by deciding to move to North Bergen. Its diversity is what makes this place unique. You can see here a variety of beautiful places such as cliffs, hills, meadowlands, and water. Moreover, enjoy amazing parks, great parks, beautiful trails, and waterfront views.

    a kid riding a scooter in the park
    Spend quality time with your children and choose top NJ neighborhoods for outdoor enthusiasts

    Some of the best places for outdoor enthusiasts in the state of New Jersey are right here in North Bergen. James J. Braddock Park is proof of one of the most spectacular and largest parks in the county. Bring your children to the playground and enjoy with your furry friends as well.

    Stroll along the Hudson River Waterfront Walkway or else you can enjoy biking, hiking, jogging, fishing, kayaking, and boating in the water. Furthermore, this place has a spectacular view of NYC.

    Be ready to make the right decision

    All in all, there are so many top NJ neighborhoods for outdoor enthusiasts. Your task is to find them and analyze what is the best for you. What activities do you prefer? What are the perfect places to spend your free time outside? Are you a sports fan? Or just prefer hanging out with your children in the playground or a park? Whatever the reason may be NJ truly offers tremendous neighborhoods for all those people who choose to get united with nature. After all, sometimes a person gets tired of all the hustle and traffic. Well, now is the right moment to opt for the best part of NJ.

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