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Top NJ cities for foodies

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    New Jersey offers a variety of large cities and smaller towns that have something for everyone. From good housing prices, amazing views of the city, and green spaces to enjoy your time off. But sometimes, it is important to also know top NJ cities for foodies. There is nothing as getting to know a city or a country by its food. So, here is a list of a few cities you shouldn’t miss on your way to exploring New Jersey. And who knows? You might like one of them so much you decide to call the moving company Jersey City NJ offers to help you move there! There is a lot more to these cities than just the food, but dishes are a great way to start. From classic national dishes, everyone loves, to chefs’ specialties that you can find only by the word of locals. New Jersey offers everything! 

    What are the top NJ cities for foodies?

    It doesn’t matter if you are just passing through New Jersey or using packing services NJ and moving there. If you are looking for food heaven, you will find multiple here. In fact, it is almost as if everywhere you turn you can find tasty meals here. And we are not talking just about the taste. The looks and the presentation of it, as with the customer service and incredible settings. You can find it all. So, how do you start? You can spend your weekends touring different cities, or you can move to your favorite. However you decide, mouth-watering food will be waiting for you all over the state. 

    Chef decorating the meal in one of the top NJ places for foodies
    You can enjoy many of the chefs’ specialties and have the best night out ever

    Starting with Jersey City as the capital of the state

    Jersey City is the capital of the state and the second most populous city. Being so close to NYC it got a lot of great chefs as well. Cheaper rents are making it possible for some extraordinary chefs to make super delicious new plates here. It all started around 15 years ago, with Marco & Pepe. When this neighborhood joint opened its eclectic doors, everyone knew that delicious new foods are on the way. Now, the city is beaming with amazing restaurants all over. Be sure to visit Talde, for some Asian food, Wurstbar for sausages and beer, and Razza, a very warm pizzeria. After that stop by Grind Shop for some mouth-watering doughnuts and great coffee. And if you are on the lookout for some vegetarian dishes, Pet Shop JC is your place of choice. This is enough to call the moving company and hire moving services NJ to relocate here. 

    Collingswood with its large number of restaurants will satisfy everyone’s wishes

    Moving onto Collingswood, a borough located in Camden County. A part of the amazing experience you can find here are the 32 restaurants that are located in the 1.9 square miles. This might be the perfect place for when you are hungry but can’t decide what to eat. Or, it might make it even more difficult to choose since everything is perfect. You can be having Thai, Japanese, vegan, Middle Eastern, South American, Italian, and whatever more comes to your mind. Simply put some time to try all the restaurants. All this talk about lunches and dining experience, let us not forget breakfast. According to All Season Movers NJ you can find amazing brunch spots all over, and you should try Sabrina’s. There is a lot to eat and see in this city, so don’t delay your visit any longer.

    Two women enjoying bruch in one of the top NJ cities for foodies
    With all the dinner options, don’t forget to enjoy brunch once you are in one of the top NJ cities for foodies

    Township of Nutley has some amazing food options 

    After the talk about large and bustling cities, sometimes you might want a calm and small town. That is where the township of Nutley comes in. Even if moving companies Nutley NJ don’t have as much work as Jersey City ones, they are still busy. The township is located in Essex County and has around 30 000 people living here. They sure can tell you a lot more about their place, but we can share some information as well. 

    This peaceful place is among the best places to live in NJ if you are looking for a calm life. People are friendly, there are so many green spaces for you to enjoy and also, there is great food. On your vacation here you can enjoy everything from middle eastern food at The Bosphorus, thai plates at Thai Essence to tacos at Metropolis Mexican Grill. The variety of food for such a small place will pleasantly surprise you. But with all this, we understand why so many people love spending time in Nutley. 

    Westfield is a foodie paradise

    Looking for a bit of a charming French atmosphere? Everyone knows that French people love to enjoy their dishes and good wine. Luckily, you don’t need to go further away than this New Jersey town. When in Westfield, be sure to stop by Chez Catherine and get your piece of French paradise. If you prefer Italian food, don’t worry. You can be having the best of their cuisine in Fiamma, with amazing pizza, or Ferraro’s where you need to try ricotta-stuffed ravioli. We should also mention Addams Tavern, where you can get everything from brunch to dinner. Plenty of restaurants here with their flavorsome dishes will make you feel like in heaven. 

    A picture of a dish with potatoes and spinach on a plate
    There are many local dishes that you can enjoy in after a long day

    Escape the noise in the small town of Bayonne

    If you are wondering whether Bayonne is the right city for you and if you should call movers in Bayonne NJ for help, let us tell you this. Even if it is a small town, Bayonne has so much to offer. And as a foodie, you shouldn’t worry about moving here. You will get a mix of urban-suburban feelings living here, and you can have a very peaceful life. Bayonne is located in the Hudson County, and its proximity to New York City is an amazing thing. You can be hopping in and out of the Big Apple all the time. But, Bayonne also has great restaurants to offer. Stop by Hendrickson’s Corner for a special feel and warming food, or get your delivery of Japanese food from Otaiko. Buon Appetito Restaurant has a great ambiance and delicious food, and you can enjoy breakfast at The Little Food Cafe. 

    Summit will quickly become one of the top NJ cities for foodies

    Found in Union County, Summit is a calm and safe place that is on the list of the best places to live in NJ. It has been on this list for quite a while now. As mentioned, it is a safe town and is perfect for people looking for a piece of mind. Also, it is a great option for people raising families. As you can meet a lot of your neighbors, and become friends, young people are calling moving companies in Summit all the time. That is a life you can lead, but the food you can eat here is just as mention-worthy. Choose between the classic American dishes in Office Tavern & Grill or the Mediterenian version at Summit Greek Grill. There are also Piattino and La Pastaria as favorite Italian places and Rock ‘n’ Joe of Millburn for the favorite local coffee.

    People at the market
    Getting fresh groceries at the local market is very important for a lot of great restaurants

    Visit downtown Madison and spend your day in a blissful state

    Sometimes getting all over the town to try different restaurants can be a great way to get to know the town. But, sometimes you also want everything to be within the reach. In Madison, you can get exactly that! Downtown Madison has many different and equally tasty options all within the walking distance. You could be having Italian appetizers at Alfonsos, main Indian dishes at Begrum Palace, and finish with drinks at Shanghai Jazz Restaurant & Bar.  

    Manasquan offers sandy beaches and delicious burgers

    What can be better than spending your morning and afternoon at one of the beaches in Manasquan? There are mile-long stretches of white sand perfect for your vacation and relaxation. What makes it even better is the number of restaurants on Main Street. This can make a great day perfect heaven for a foodie. There are so many things to mention, that we don’t know where to start. Well, maybe at The Committed Pig as it can cause a lot of attention. Why don’t you try their burgers with bacon, fig and brie topped? Doesn’t that enough to make it so inviting to visit Manasquan? Sunburst Pie Co can be the next perfect destination, offering hand pies, and scones that will make you go back to childhood. And if you are looking for finer dining for your next date, Remington’s and Blend on Main are the places to go to.

    Plate with a burger and fries
    There are many great places in NJ to enjoy classic burger and fries

    Montclair is definitely among highest top NJ cities for foodies

    If you are a real foodie, then you already know about the wonders of Montclair. And if you are a beginner foodie, let us explain why so many people rave about this city. After this, you might consider calling moving companies Montclair NJ has just to see when can you move here. This amazing place will make you fall in love with it. 

    Montclair has three downtowns! One in the south part, one in the north, and the central Downtown. Of course, each of them has a great number of inviting restaurants that you won’t be able to resist. The mix of food you can find here is very well known, and honestly jaw-dropping. From Israeli specialties, food from Ethiopia, and the luscious Mediterranean to classic American dishes, often with a twist. There is no way that you can skip Bivio Pizza Napoletana if you want to try the authentic Neapolitan pizza. And if you need a homey vibe, head to Le Salbuen for some tempting American and European cuisine. 

    What if you want to move to one of these places? 

    And if by now you have tried some of the places, and decided it is time to move, what then? You need to start planning, as moves take time and patience to plan. More than that, a detailed plan is what keeps the relocation stress-free! So, keep track of your packing lists, car shipping companies in New Jersey, and all the documents you must acquire. After you have a plan, you can go on to call your movers and organize the relocation. You can either get help from them with packing or do it on your own. Keep in mind that you need good materials and enough time so that nothing gets damaged. Boxes should be filled to the top with protective materials to keep the item in place. After you have carefully packed, all you need is to start the drive towards your food heaven.

    People in a restaurant enjoying their evening
    Moving to one of the top NJ places for foodies you will always have the front seat to the most delicious meals

    The best dessert options in New Jersey 

    Everyone knows that the amazing meal you just finished is nothing without a delicious dessert that follows. So, after all this talk about top NJ cities for foodies, let us look at dessert options in NJ. We can start by mentioning the blueberry pie, as the signature dish of this state. There is a bit of a history there as well, but what is important is why. In New Jersey, there is a town called Hammonton, with its nickname “Blueberry Capital of The World“. Somewhere around 1915s, the first cultivated crop of blueberries was in New Jersey and it went from there. It makes sense about the blueberry pie now, doesn’t it? But that’s not it. Caddied apples also come from New Jersey, where they were invented in 1908. Simple, red, glossy, and very tasty, they quickly became a favorite sweet among the kids.

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