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Top Hudson County places for nature lovers

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    If you are an avid nature lover, you will have a lot to look forward to when visiting Hudson County, New Jersey. Full of green areas and spacious parks, it makes for a perfect choice. In this article, we will do our best to present you with top Hudson County places for nature lovers. Check out All Season Movers NJ for a free moving estimate to this area, and any kind of additional help with your moving, whether it be local or international. We always make sure to provide reliable services and to get the best moving results.

    Best Hudson County places for nature lovers

    Hudson County is a great choice for those who love nature. This widely famous New Jersey area offers a long list of nature-oriented activities, such as strolling down the river, taking a long walk in one of the county’s parks, kayaking, and jet-skiing. The very positioning of the county gives it many advantages. For example, the Hudson River is a well-known landmark for many local cities and provinces. The city of New York is nearby, which means that the population is diverse and cares about modern eco trends, like recycling and preserving nature. It also means that, as you enjoy nature sights and breathe the fresh air, the option of enjoying a more urban lifestyle is always available.

    Autumn trees in a park
    Parks offer a simple, everyday escape to nature

    If you are planning to move to some of the County’s cities, contact All Season Movers NJ, one of the best moving companies Hudson County NJ has to offer. Hiring skilled movers who have a lot of experience in the location you are moving to can make the biggest difference. With no further ado, here is our list of top Hudson County places for nature lovers.

    1. Bayonne

    First on our list comes Bayonne, a favorite among nature lovers. Always make sure to find reliable, trustworthy movers in Bayonne NJ that can ease your moving procedure as much as possible. When mentioning the city of Bayonne, the first thing that comes to mind is an abundance of parks. Having over twenty notable park areas, Bayonne makes for a wonderful nature lovers’ first choice. The Stephen R. Gregg Park is the most famous of them all, and with a good reason. It provides a wide variety of soccer and softball fields, as well as options for running, playing football, and many more. You will enjoy the greenery, as the trees and grassy fields meet with the blue tones of the Newark Bay riverside. Kayaking and boat riding on the river are also popular options. The air is fresh and the park is very spacious.  The locals make sure to take care of recycling and they take good care of nature.

    two blue and yellow birds sitting on a branch
    Bird watching is a popular activity in many Hudson County places for nature lovers

    2. North Bergen

    North Bergen has many reasons to be on this list. First of all, it is one of the hilliest places you will ever see in the United States. This means that the city has a lot of fresh air and many options for hiking, walking, and picnics. It also means that the wildlife is rich. The James J. Braddock Park is a good place to start your nature journey since it even has a wildlife sanctuary. Bird watching is also a popular activity at North Bergen parks. The riverside gives a beautiful view both of the river and New York. North Bergen is a good place for those who like to have many options available since it offers water activities, forests, natural wildlife, and many more. If this sounds inspiring, you could always contact experienced movers North Bergen NJ, and ask for relocation estimates.

    3. Hoboken

    This lovely New Jersey city is convenient for nature lovers not only because of its parks but also because of its proximity to many natural habitats. If you would like to remain local, you could try and enjoy one of the many water sports available at Hoboken. Since the Hudson River is a big part of city life, many water-based activities, such as kayaking, jet-skiing, and others, are available. The whole city area is surrounded by water, and at the same time, it includes a lot of green spaces, such as Elysian Park. But, if you would like to take a walk in the vicinity of Hoboken, you are sure to discover many hiking and walking possibilities. For example, the Palisades Interstate Park is just 10 miles away from Hoboken, and it includes trails for biking, hiking, or simply walking. You could also go fishing there or ride a boat down the Hudson River.

    Highways offer the best of Hudson County places for nature lovers, both a view of the river and of the greenery
    The scenic byways throughout the County offer some of the greatest views

    Surprising Hudson County places for nature lovers

    Cities are not the only places you could visit to enjoy nature in Hudson County. There are also options of visiting many other sites, including some scenic byways, to get your nature boost. For instance, you might want to visit many of Hudson County’s natural attractions. These include sites such as:

    • New Jersey Palisades – where you can enjoy the beautiful scenery and make sure to visit the Giant Stairs
    • The Breakneck Ridge – located in the Hudson Highlands, it is a hiking all-time-favorite
    • The Explorer’s Passage – including an organized tour of the most beautiful views and scenery
    • Lincoln Park –  the most famous NJ park, which offers fishing, nature trails, and various sports activities.

    If you would like to visit the natural beauty of Hudson County by car, you might like the Palisades Scenic Byway – a drive that allows passengers to enjoy the scenery and stop for picnics or lunch breaks. The route offers a view both of the Palisades, New York, and the Hudson River. This makes it a widely popular itinerary for nature and travel enthusiasts.

    There are many Hudson County places for nature lovers that allow for great views and hiking. If you are feeling adventurous, you might try the more steep hiking trails that are offered throughout the sites. In case you are less experienced with hiking, make sure to find good hiking guides or even join organized hiking tours – safety always comes first.


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