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Top 10 greenest neighborhoods in NJ

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    Nowadays there is more and more pollution, more neighborhoods are turning into business spaces, and there are fewer natural places around. Many people are on the lookout for more green places, so we have made a recommendation of some of the greenest neighborhoods in NJ. Whether you are just moving to New Jersey or you simply want to move to another part, living in one of the neighborhoods with more green spaces will surely make you feel better and happier. New Jersey has been named one of the best places to live in the state over and over again. With good living conditions, cleanliness of the places, and safety, it can provide everything you might need. Not just you, but your whole family. And moving company Jersey City NJ is here to help you see that. Choosing our company will make your relocation to NJ an easy and enjoyable experience.

    Moving to the greenest neighborhoods in New Jersey

    As mentioned, there have been a lot of people moving to more green neighborhoods in the last few years. We all need peace and quiet, and nothing is better than nature to help us relax. New Jersey is a great state to move to if you are looking for a new place. Here you can find everything, from parks where you can have a picnic to beautiful gardens to learn about new flower types. Many places to enjoy sports outside, or simply sit at the beach. Also, according to All Season Movers NJ residents recommend, living here will provide you with good job opportunities, and depending on where you live, you might have cheaper housing options.

    Boat on the river
    It is easy searching for the greenest neighborhoods in NJ as this state offers amazing nature views

    Many people living in this state live in Jersey City, which faces the Hudson River. Its closeness to New York City offers a lot of people here a great opportunity to work there but live in a smaller city. Even tho Jersey is not that small. With its population of more than 250 0000 residents, it is the second most populous city in New Jersey, right after Newark. Still, this state offers amazing smaller places as well, so don’t rush to the big cities. Take smaller ones into account as well. It might be easier to make yourself feel at home and get new friends with your neighbors.

    Summit has amazing green neighborhoods in NJ

    The City of Summit is one of those places you will absolutely fall in love with. It is located in Union County and has around 20 000 residents living in it. And they seem to be more than happy to. Summit is on the list of one of the best places to live in NJ, and with a good reason. It has good education, both private and public schools are offering great knowledge and opportunities to their students. There are career opportunities, with at least 20% of residents working in finance and real estate. Hiring one of the best moving companies in Summit will allow you to come to this beautiful city with a lot of green neighborhoods for you. Lovers of nature can be found in the Briant Park neighborhood, a pleasant place to raise your family in. But, you can also consider Tatlock Park and Summit Lake, they will also allow you to enjoy calm life in nature.

    A view of botanic garden
    Take a walk and relax in the pleasant parks and beautiful gardens in NJ

    You can enjoy amazing flower gardens in Montclair

    Another city that is high on the list of great places to live in the state of New Jersey is Montclair. Montclair is the township located in Essex County, one of the greenest neighborhoods in NJ,  and has close to 40 000 residents. It is also situated on the foot of First Watchung Mountain, meaning there are a lot of trails and views for you here. This town offers an urban-suburban mix feel so that you can get the best of both worlds. Most of the people own their own homes here.

    And since the most important part of considering moving companies Montclair NJ is nature, what is there to do? You can spend a lot of your time in Van Vleck House and Gardens, walking around and enjoying the wonderful flowers. If you bring a blanket, you can also have a picnic here. Or head to the Edgemont Memorial Park for a nice walk around the lake. You can go for a run or even fish here, and it will be close to your new home.

    A park with flowers
    Enjoy many of the parks this city provides

    Consider Nutley NJ as a town with a large number of parks

    Nutley is also a township in New Jersey, with a population of around 20 000 people and some of the greenest neighborhoods in NJ. It is an awesome place to move to and live. Plenty of restaurants, amazing bars, and other things you can do in your free time. Living here will make you feel calm, but not bored. Plus, it is quite famous for the number of parks that it has. You can be visiting Booth Park, DeMuro Park, Father Glotzbach Park, Msgr Owens Park, Flora Louden Park, Kingsland Park, Memorial Park I, II, III, Nichols Park, and Rheinheimer Park. And that is a lot. Imagine having picnics, and playing some sports, as some have fields for basketball, baseball, roller hockey, and others. It won’t be hard moving here, as moving companies Nutley NJ are here to help you with that. Most of the residents are also the owners of their homes, and there is a good housing market.

    A person looking at the lake
    Enjoying green spaces and nature helps us feel more relaxed and happy

    A small city with great connections, Bayonne NJ

    Bayonne is also on the list of the most greenest neighborhoods in NJ and a great city to consider moving to. It offers a feel of a smaller city, with around 70 000 people living here, but is close to Jersey City and New York City. So, you will be living in a smaller place but you have great access to big cities and their benefits. Bayonne is located on a peninsula, between Newark Bay, Kill Van Kull, and New York Bay. It can be an amazing place to live in, with a calm vibe. It also offers great educational opportunities for kids, and job opportunities for you. Plus, if you work in any of the close big cities, you can own your own home here for cheaper. And if this sounds good, you can call movers in Bayonne NJ to schedule a relocation to your new home.

    Be sure you will have a lot of fun times here, no matter your age. Simply taking a walk around the city will provide you with so many interesting and historic things to see. The city cathedral was built in 1213 and is on the UNESCO World Heritage list. Taking a stroll around the cathedral will mean you are in the Grand Bayonne area, which is the oldest part of the city. It also offers the best shopping and restaurant options. And be sure not to skip on L’Atelier du Chocolat where you can try some of the best and most unique chocolate from French cocoa ateliers.

    How to prepare yourself for moving to New Jersey?

    Preparing for a long-distance move doesn’t have to be a stressful and messy task as many people think. In order to avoid these, you need a solid plan. As with anything else you do in your life, planning is crucial. So, before even starting to pack, you need to make a detailed plan of action. Think about all the things you need to schedule, like moving services NJ, and everything you need to pack or people you need to inform. This will also help you ease your mind as the time comes closer to the move. It can be quite a lot of things to think about and keep in your mind. And this is the best way to avoid mistakes and not forget anything. After planning, you can go on to decluttering and packing all of the things.

    Friends researching the greenest neighborhoods in NJ
    Do your research and prepare a really detailed plan to make your relocation easier

    Decluttering and packing

    You should definitely consider decluttering before your move. It is quite normal that we own a lot of things that we don’t use anymore. It happens over time living in one place. You always stack it somewhere to keep just in case. Or, in order to move something out of the way, you can put it somewhere and then forget that is there. Decluttering is a great process to help you minimize your things. Go through everything, your drawers, old boxes, a garage place. Find all the items you don’t want, don’t use, or are broken. After that, you can decide how to get rid of it. Maybe you want to hold a yard sale, make an ad online or donate things.

    Packing comes easily after decluttering. But, it does take some knowledge on how to pack properly. Getting all the material, and taking enough time for it is crucial. If you think you would be more comfortable, you can hire packing services NJ companies offer to you. Professionals will take care of your items and leave you enough time to dedicate to other important things. You will need boxes of different sizes and protective materials. Also, don’t forget the tape and labels. Put a few things in a box, fill to the top with packing peanuts, and tape it securely. Don’t forget to label each box to help you when unpacking. This will ensure that you don’t need to open each box to see what is inside and will minimize the mess.

    How to pack large and heavy items?

    Packing furniture before moving to one of the greenest neighborhoods in NJ can prove to be harder to do on your own. But, it is still manageable if you are careful. Protect each corner of the item, with either bubble wrap, towels, or blankets. It is best to have a dolly to help you move the furniture, instead of carrying it. But sometimes, you will need to carry some furniture. This of course means that you need help from your friends or family. Once you start getting the furniture outside, watch out not to hit any of the walls or doors. You don’t want to make any damage to your old house or furniture that you need to pay for after.

    When loading the truck, make sure you put everything in a way that it won’t move during the drive. Moving around can lead to broken items and damaged furniture. This is why it is safer to use professional help when moving. Movers are trained in this and have enough experience to move and load everything so nothing breaks. And speaking of large items to move, you might be interested in car shipping companies in New Jersey so you can have your car with you. Be sure to check for the reviews and call a company to get to know them and get the feeling if they are the right fit for you.

    A woman packing with her kid for the move to greenest neighborhoods in NJ
    Be careful when packing and protect all of your items and furniture before loading them in the van

    What to do after moving to a new state?

    If you are moving to one of the greenest neighborhoods in NJ, you probably already know you need to do some legal things. You should inform your billing companies, like electricity, U.S. postal companies, tax agencies, and other utility companies. You should also change your address with your phone and internet providers. Most often you need a new health plan that will work in your new state. If you have kids, get their records from their old school and transfer them to a new one. You can also change your plates, and you need to get a new driver’s license issued. Since there are a lot of things to do, make sure you have a plan, and do it as soon as possible. Some companies do have a period of time after the move you can leave it unchanged but be sure to check which.


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