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Tips when signing a moving contract

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    Whenever you’re relocating, you’re faced with the question of whether you should hire professionals and execute a DIY move. Of course, it goes without saying that hiring movers is a full-proof way to a successful relocation. However, if you’re not careful when choosing a moving company, you can end up regretting hiring it. If making the right decision seems a little overwhelming or daunting, don’t worry – we’re here to help. Before signing a moving contract, there are some things you should pay attention to. So, we’ll give you some tips and help you hire the right movers Franklin Lakes, NJ based. Keep reading to learn the key information you should know before hiring a moving company.

    Make sure you’re signing a moving contract with the right movers

    When you’re getting in business with any sort of company, you want to be careful and choose wisely. It’s always important to make an informed decision instead of rushing into it without thinking things through. However, in the sea of different NJ moving companies, it can be tough choosing only one of them.

    Laptop and notebook
    Before signing a contract with the movers, get all the information to make sure they’re the right choice.

    That’s why we’ll tell you a few ways of finding reliable movers.

    • Read the movers’ reviews. Before you sign a moving contract with a company, you should do a little background check. Check out its track record and see what their customers are saying. Bad reviews are a red flag!
    • Do your friends have recommendations? Reading reviews online isn’t a bad idea, but it’s even better to get recommendations from people you trust.
    • Check out their list of moving services. To make sure the movers are a good choice for you, look at the services they offer. If they can provide you with everything you need, they might be the ones for you!
    • Contact the movers. Before you hire the movers, it’s a good idea to contact them and ask them any questions you may have. This is a good way to get an idea of what the movers are like.
    • Visit the premises. To be extra safe and make sure you’re not hiring fraudulent movers, we recommend visiting their address. If you see any red flags, look for a different company. 

    Check if the movers are licensed before you sign the moving contract

    As we’ve briefly mentioned, hiring fraudulent movers is one of the risks you’re facing when you’re new to the moving industry. Unfortunately, not all movers are out there to help people relocate with no complications. Instead, certain companies are out to scam their customers. One way of avoiding working with a fake moving company is by doing thorough research. Something you should focus on is seeing if the company has all the needed licenses. If the movers aren’t licensed, you should probably look elsewhere. That’s why this is something you should check before you sign a contract with the movers.

    Do the movers offer insurance?

    Another thing to keep in mind before signing the moving contract is insurance. Of course, when you’re hiring professionals, you’re counting on their ability to keep your belongings safe and protected. The last thing you want is your items getting damaged or ruined during transport.

    A moving contract and a pen
    Before you sign a contract with a moving company, see what kind of insurance they offer.

    Unfortunately, sometimes mishaps happen and you can’t prevent them. In those situations, it’s best to be insured. So, before you hire residential movers, talk to them and see what kind of insurance they offer. When your things are insured, at least you’ll get compensation for your ruined items. So, don’t forget to ask about insurance before you sign the contract.

    Pay attention to moving quotes when signing a moving contract

    Whenever you’re relocating, one of the most important aspects of the move is the financial one. It’s always important to know how much money you have at your disposal and if it’s enough for the move. That’s why asking moving companies for NJ moving quotes can be very helpful. This will let you see how much you can expect to spend on your move. So, this is something to check before you sign a contract with the moving company. And be careful, there are different types of estimates.

    The types of moving estimates

    Most companies offer free moving estimates for their clients. They give you an estimated price of your relocation based on the weight of your shipment.

    To help you get the right kind of moving quotes, here are the three different types.

    • Binding moving estimates. If you get binding estimates, you’re getting a fixed moving price based on the weight of your items. The estimated price is the price you’ll be paying – there won’t be any additional charges.
    • Non-binding moving estimates. This type of quote gives movers the right to add extra fees on top of the estimated price.
    • Not-to-exceed moving estimates. This kind of moving estimates is great because you’ll be paying the estimated price even if your things end up weighing more than expected. And if your things weigh less – you’ll pay less.

    If you’re not sure what type of moving quotes is the best, we recommend requiring binding written estimates. This way you’re avoiding any unexpected additional costs. Don’t settle for getting a moving quote over the phone.

    Notepad, calculator and dollar bills
    To properly prepare a moving budget and hire a good moving company, ask for moving estimates.

    Is all the information in the moving contract?

    Once you’ve found the right company and the moving contract is in front of you, don’t think the hard work is done. You need to carefully read the contract and make sure it contains all the information about your move. Don’t skip the fine print – read it all. Go through all the costs to make sure they didn’t add any additional fees. Also, see if all the services you’re getting are listed in the contract. Read and get familiar with the company’s terms and conditions. Feel free to ask for help if you don’t understand something. If everything is all right, actually signing a moving contract is the last step. So, just be careful and read thoroughly!

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