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Tips for storing wooden furniture

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    Properly storing wooden furniture for an extended period of time is a challenging task, although it might not seem like it at first. Due to the nature of wood and its tendency to react to different climate conditions, certain precautions must be followed if you want your furniture pieces to keep their original form and quality. The same basic rules apply to all kinds of wooden furniture, regardless of its design and price tag. And, to spare you the hassle of looking for them, we have listed all of the important tips you ought to know regarding this delicate process.

    Choosing the right storage unit for storing wooden furniture is essential for its well-being

    While it is obvious that this is the case, it might not be as clear why it is the case. Namely, apart from climate conditions, other factors can also hinder the well-being of your furniture. Moisture, pests, and exposure to light all mean bad news for your wooden belongings. This is the main reason why you would discard the idea of storing your wooden furniture in your basement and opt for a real storage unit. However, even those come in various options, not all of which work for your cause. Let us elaborate further.

    A wooden cabinet
    When storing wooden furniture, it is paramount that you make the right choices.

    Say that you have found the most amazing local movers NJ has to offer and they have storage units for rent. Here are two main things you need to be mindful of when checking their facilities out:

    1. Humidity. This is the first thing on this list for it is the most important one. A humid environment presents a grave danger to your wooden furniture. High levels of humidity can cause mold and mildew to form, further rotting the wood if the issue gets out of hand.
    2. Temperature. A fluctuation in temperatures will cause wood to contract and expand, and this has a high chance of causing fractures and cracks. Leaving your belongings in an environment that allows for these great changes is a move you should restrain from taking.

    You need a climate-controlled storage unit for your wooden furniture

    Ideally, you want to find a company that offers climate-controlled storage units for rent. If you don’t know where to look, feel free to ask your trustworthy interstate movers NJ based for advice. They will most certainly know to point you in the right direction. A quality climate-controlled storage is equipped for keeping the temperature and humidity low and even. Furthermore, a professional company that offers these services will certainly have experts who know how to maintain perfect climate conditions for storing wooden furniture.

    However, if you are, for whatever reason, unable to store your goods in these facilities, and want to keep them in your home, we advise you to try your best to avoid high humidity rooms, such as basements. If you can, it would be great that you allocate a spare room in your home that will be able to keep the temperature relatively even. Going for this option means paying extra attention to the following tips, as it will keep your furniture as safe as possible.

    Blue doors of storage units for storing wooden furniture
    Choosing climate-controlled storage that is under the watchful eye of professionals is one of the best things you can do for your own peace of mind.

    Preparations for storing wooden furniture

    Regardless of the option you go for when choosing the place for storing your goods, certain preparations need to take place.

    Cleaning the items you plan on storing

    You will need to clean the whole piece. Vacuum and dust all the seating areas, as well as other fabric components. You would then wipe these surfaces with an anti-bacterial cleaner. Make sure to do so with a product that is safe for your furniture. All this will help you prepare the piece for treating and lower the chances of mildew and other problems making an appearance later on.

    Treating the wood

    This action is crucial for the well-being of your furniture. It will help prevent cracking that can happen not only due to temperature fluctuations but also from the drying out of the wood too much. Furthermore, if the wood dries out too much, it can split. This sort of damage can vary from very difficult to impossible to repair. All good NJ furniture movers will advise you to apply a coat of polish or wax on all your furniture’s wooden surfaces for protection. Make sure to do this a few weeks in advance so as to let the polish or wax settle in.

    Taking the furniture pieces apart

    Depending on the type of furniture piece you plan on storing, you might be able to disassemble more or less of it. It would be best that you try and take as many pieces apart as you can without damaging the furniture itself. Doing so will allow you to store the components much easier. In addition, you will be able to treat each component separately. Thus, your whole furniture piece will be better protected as a whole.

    Wooden chair, drawer, mirror and a flower pot.
    Disassemble everything that allows you to do so, as you will not only protect your furniture but have more room in the storage unit.

    Wrapping the furniture for storage

    The next thing you need to take care of is properly wrapping your furniture. It will help protect your pieces from scratches and wood parasites. This is especially important when you plan on leaving your furniture in long-term storage. It is also rather important that you choose the right material when wrapping it. And plastic does not make that list. Contrary to popular belief, bubble sheets and cling foil are also materials to be avoided. Any kind of plastic wrapping tends to cause humidity from the air to condense. Water droplets will form, and cause the same humidity damage we spoke of. What you need to use is cloth wrappings for this sort of occasion. Cotton sheets will allow your wooden furniture to breathe, while at the same time protect it from dust that may collect.

    Leaving enough room for furniture to ‘breathe’

    Finally, when storing wooden furniture, you want to leave enough room for it to breathe, so to speak. Cramming the storage unit can cause other items to be pressed up against your wooden furniture hard. As you can imagine, this might result in irreversible damage to your pieces. Also, try to avoid stacking heavy objects on your furniture for the very same reason.

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