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Tips for packing and moving antiques out of NJ

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    When people relocate, their main concern is always the safety of their belongings. After all, 50% of the work is preparing and packing everything you own. It is not easy to properly protect every single item and it becomes even harder when moving antiques is involved. Everything becomes much easier when you know you have hired the most professional movers in the business but you will still be worried and wonder what you can do to ensure the safety of your old and valuable things. We have some tips and some very useful advice regarding this matter that we believe will help you do everything the proper way.

    Moving antiques can be tricky, here is what you should know

    Just like everything is fragile on some level, antiques are often the most fragile and probably the most valuable items you possess. There is more than one thing you can do wrong. Also, there is more than one way everything can go wrong. That is simply the thing. When handling antiques, you must be more than careful. You will need proper packing supplies, some skill, knowledge, and the help of quality Bergen County movers. Packing an antique is not like packing a teacup. You will have to do much more than just use bubble wrap and any box. Since we believe you cherish your belongings, you will certainly do your best to ensure their safety. We will begin this guide simply but we will emphasize everything that is a priority. Let us begin.

    An antique hourglass.
    Antiques are very fragile even though they seem tough enough.

    Use proper packing supplies, not just any supplies you find

    We understand that it is much easier and cheaper to just use anything as protection. Yet, that is really the worst thing you can do when moving antiques. You will need proper packing supplies, perhaps new ones that you know are completely safe and unused. There are things you can use as extra protection. Things like newspaper and bubble wrap. Still, that is not something you can put in direct contact with the antique item you are packing. Most old items are made out of very expensive materials. For example, you should not pack wood using only newspaper.

    The best thing you can do is use a soft fabric but not velvet or anything similar. Cotton is your best friend. Sure, it is costly to use cotton, but you want to protect your antique item. Cotton is breathable but strong enough to prevent damages and stretches. Once you wrap what you have into it, you can then, and only then, use newspaper for extra protection. Also, do not forget that foam padding is an awesome thing to have inside of the boxes you use. It will prevent any movement during the road. Your movers NJ to NYC will do their best but you will have to do your part nevertheless.


    Fabric sheets one can use when moving antiques.
    Cotton is a good fabric but, depending on what your antique is made of, use the proper fabric as protection.

    Hire the right assistance

    Surely you will hire proper help but maybe hiring movers with a good amount of experience is the best way to go about this. Even if you were not moving any antiques, you still want all of your other items to be safely transferred out of New Jersey. Therefore, search for the professionals who will be able to provide you with some advice and will take their job seriously. You need people who will look at the labels you put on your moving boxes. You even want movers who will double-check everything you have done in order to ensure maximum safety for your items. This is especially important since you are moving out of state and that means a longer road. What a long road means is a bigger chance of something bad happening.

    The other responsible and probably even the wisest thing you can do is request packing services from your moving company. Every professional and high-quality one has that option and for a reason. Packers usually have a lot of experience in handling very different items. The chances are, they will do a better job than you. Also, they will bring their own professional packing supplies and by requesting their services you would be getting everything in one. We highly encourage this if you have the financial means to support it.

    Do not open the boxes mid relocation to check the items

    This is something many people do all of the time. They are so concerned with the safety of their antiques that they will actually stop the truck and check their belongings to see if everything is safe and undamaged. This is very wrong and you should not do it in any scenario. Here are two main and most important reasons as to why not. First of all, even if something did get damaged or broke, you can do nothing about it.

    By unpacking it mid-way, you are just finding out sooner and that does not help. The second reason is the fact that you cannot pack it in the same quality way it was initially. Therefore, by checking on your antiques, you are actually just exposing them to a higher risk of damage. Just relax and do everything the best you can, the rest is up to fate most of the time.

    An open box.
    Once you seal the box shut, you should not open it before it you decide to unpack it completely.

    That is everything you should know about moving antiques out of NJ

    Now that we have emphasized everything we thought was important, we can leave you be. Remember that moving antiques is not an easy job and you should not treat it as such. Prepare yourself for a time-consuming and stressful job. However, if you follow the tips we gave you, everything should be fine. We wish you good luck.

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