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Tips for moving rugs and carpets from NY to NJ

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    Moving away from your whole house can be a pretty stressful action. But it doesn’t always have to be like that. Sometimes, you can ease yourself so much by doing a little. Hiring movers west orange NJ can be helpful a lot. They won’t help only with the main moving part, but also with moving rugs and carpets from NY to NJ. Those are some of the things that are essential for the house. By keeping the old ones and moving them into your new home, you will save money on other, more important things. Besides that, having some nice detail from your previous home in your new one is always nice. 

    Is moving rugs and carpets from NY to NJ necessary?

    Before you even start thinking about what to decide, you should be aware of all your available options. To realize if moving them is necessary or not, firstly you will have to think and do a small research. Are those carpets and rugs that you already have a perfect match for your new home? Will they fit in with your new furniture? If yes, then the only thing you need to do is find out when you are moving from NY to NJ to pack them and prepare everything for the move. If, on the other hand, your answer is not stable or negative, keep in mind that you can always buy new ones. But buying new carpets and rugs would probably cost more than moving the old ones that you have. It’s up to you to decide what suits you more.

    Small tidy living room nicely decorated lighten by the sunlight.
    Moving carpets and rugs from NY to NJ can bring an old cozy feeling to your new living room!

    How to move rugs and carpets from NY to NJ?

    Once you have decided that moving rugs and carpets from NY to NJ is a better idea, you have to figure out how. As for everything, also for this, there are multiple options. Contacting movers Jersey city NJ should be quite enough. When hiring a moving company, your move gets easier and better. Less stress and more time for you and other important things in your life. They are in charge of all your things, moving them away from one place to another. There is no reason to worry about losing things, breaking them, or being too slow in this procedure. 

    Another thing, if you are for some reason not comfortable with moving company helping you to move, you can always do it by yourself. Or even with help from your friends or family. But know that this way, it will take more time for sure, and there is a possibility of some unplanned things happening on the way.

    Three men storing things in moving truck.
    Moving gets a lot easier when you hire a moving company!

    Packing rugs and carpets for your move

    Before you start packing your rugs and carpets, you should be prepared with a few things needed for this action.

    • Vacuum cleaner
    • Sheets of hard brown durable paper (double the size of rugs or carpets)
    • Tape
    • String, twine, or rope
    • Cardboard box a little bit bigger than the rugs/carpets
    • Scissors

    Now that you have everything from the list above, you are ready for packing.

    • 1st step: Lay down the rug/carpet
    • 2nd step: Vacuum clean it completely
    • 3rd step: Put it upside down
    • 4th step: If the rug/carpet is too big, fold it once, if not, go to the next step
    • 5th step: Roll the rug opposite of the direction of the grain
    • 6th step: With two pieces of string, rope, or twine tie the rug/carpet by the ends
    • 7th step: Now roll the carpet/rug in sheets of hard brown durable paper and tape it
    • 8th step: Put the prepared carpet/rug into the cardboard box
    • 9th step: Tape the box to secure it even more
    • 10th step: Now you are ready for moving rugs and carpets from NY to NJ!

    If you are not secure and sure about doing this by yourself, make sure that you find some residential moving companies NJ to do the job for you. It might be a little bit more expensive, but that is better than destroying your carpets and rugs because you don’t know how to pack them properly. 

    Moving rugs and carpets from NY to NJ is not unachievable!

    With moving companies that offer both moving and storage NJ you know, you won’t make a mistake. This decision will definitely keep you from spending your money on extra unnecessary costs. With that being said, there are moving companies, which will pack your rugs and move them with other main things without extra fees. But that all depends on your agreement with them and their offers for you. That’s why it’s very important for you to research in peace and with big caution. You don’t want to make any mistakes when it comes to moving. Everything needs to be planned perfectly because later you cannot fix it properly.

    Moving rugs and carpets from your old to your new home is not that big of a deal when it comes to difficulty. With the steps explained above, be sure you can do it without any mistakes. Just don’t panic and do it in peace. If needed, you can always ask someone to help you out. In two or more, it’s even easier!

    A man and a woman being surrounded by lots of colorful carpets and rugs.
    Carpets and rugs can give you a feel of coziness and comfort anywhere.

    Ready for moving

    Moving rugs and carpets from NY to NJ in your new home can bring a lot of positive things to your house. They might seem like they are not that important, but it’s quite the opposite. When having a carpet or a rug in your house, you don’t only give colors to it. They also bring that nice and calm feeling of safety and coziness. Besides that, during winter they are very useful in keeping you warm.  House without any carpet or rugs seems empty, and that is for sure not something that you want in your new home. Now you understand why is it a good idea to move your old carpets and rugs with you from NY to NJ. 

    If, however, you decide that you would rather spend a little bit of extra money, there are always some online shopping possibilities with delivery straight to your new home.

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