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Tips for moving in a week or less in NJ

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    Have you found out that you’re moving soon? Moving in a week or less in NJ is going to be challenging. There is a small number of situations as stressful as this one. There are numerous things that you need to get done before the moving day and we’re here to help you achieve success. Affordable movers in NJ have many years of experience in last-minute moves, so read the tips we’ve prepared carefully and get to work! It won’t be easy, but with some help, you’ll be able to do it. Remember that you’re not the first person going through a situation like this and try to keep a cool head. If everything else fails, you can always turn to professional movers and let them handle your situation. To lessen the costs, read about some of the things you can do yourself. Let’s dive in!

    Make lists when moving in a week or less in NJ

    To stay organized during a hectic period, make sure you’ve prepared a pen and paper. It seems trivial, but it will help you track numerous things at the same time. Firstly, you want to write down all of the obligations that you have to get done before moving. Secondly, you want to write a list of packing supplies that you’ll need to get. And finally, you can use the list to track your finances and expenses in order not to go overboard and step over the limit.
    Having a list will be a physical reminder of how far you’ve come and how far you still have to go. Apart from a pen and paper, you can also use the phone apps to ensure that you have your list on yourself at any second. To access it from anywhere if you forget your phone, upload it to a drive!

    A laptop, coffee cup, and some notes on a desk.
    You want to write down all of the obligations that you have to handle before moving and a list of packing supplies that you’ll need to get.

    Moving in a week or less in NJ still requires decluttering

    Packing is the moving process that takes the most of your time. Many long distance moving companies NJ advise you to declutter and sell your items. Afterward, you can use the money to buy similar appliances or furniture at the new location. This is the way to avoid having moving costs, especially when it comes to the big and bulky items whose transport is expensive. You may not have enough time to declutter, but go around your apartment, and as you prepare the items that you want to pack, place a sticker on items that you want to sell and that you want to donate. You should get separate colors for the items that you want to sell and the ones you want to donate, so your friends can get in there afterward and do that work for you. That way, you achieve everything but have more time to pack.

    A cardboard box containing clothes.
    Decluttering significantly lessens the moving expenses.

    Get all supplies by ordering them online

    To save your time while trying to get everything done in a week or less, order your packing supplies online. Make sure you do so by ordering from reliable movers that are not far away from you, like Alpine NJ Movers. Those are some of the supplies you’ll need:

    • Cardboard boxes – When moving in a week or less in NJ,  you’ll want to skip paying attention to the detail, and just get the job done. That’s why you’ll need more cardboard boxes than people usually do. Make sure you have enough boxes, and if you’ve decided to get them from a moving company, you’ll be able to return the leftover supplies.
    • Packing paper
    • Tape
    • Scissors, knife
    • Bubble wrap
    • Marker

    You’ll need help when moving in a week or less in NJ

    Friends and family are our greatest source of help. Make sure you alert them of your situation as soon as you find out about it. Communicate clearly what kind of help you’re going to need, and see who is available. Delegate parts of the moving processes to them to make sure you achieve everything. Not only hard tasks have to be delegated – the small ones can be too. They also eat away your precious time, but there are people who would rather go and pay your bills or talk to the moving company instead of having to pack your items. Let your people pick what they want to do, and don’t forget to include only people that are reliable. You don’t need a last-minute call to tell you that they can’t make it.

    A man and a woman packing together.
    Delegate parts of the moving processes to them to make sure you achieve everything.

    Don’t overthink the packing process – just pack

    When you get down to packing, pack the items in a way that won’t take too much of your time. There are moving companies that offer quality packing services that you can utilize, but if you’re moving on a budget, then have friends and family over to help you and dive in. Your items won’t be packed most elegantly, but they’ll be packed! Go from a room to a room and pack the items that way, labeling the boxes with the type of room they belonged to. Make sure you leave fragile things out of the boxes because they need to be packed in a different way.

    Hire professional movers to help you

    Professional movers are a must when you’re moving in a week or less in NJ. The best part of it is the fact that moving professionals that you hire don’t have to be expensive. Take a look at All Season Movers, for example. They offer all the moving services that you need at affordable prices. When you have to get the whole moving process done in less than a week, having someone who knows exactly what they’re doing can mean a world of difference. You’ll have more time to finish your other moving obligations, while movers take care of your items. They will pack them carefully, load the truck, and send them on their way.

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