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Tips for loading a moving truck like a pro

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    Are you planning a move in the near future? For a quick and effortless relocation, it is best to hire a moving company Jersey City NJ. But if you want to save money by doing it yourself, you should know the proper way of loading a moving truck. Because it looks easy, a lot of people end up making mistakes that cost them time. Since it is limited space, there is an order to loading that you need to follow. Otherwise, you might get stuck with an overloaded van and not enough space for all your belongings. So you can avoid these common mistakes, here are some tips that will help you load everything quickly and stress-free.

    Before loading, you need to rent a truck of the right size

    Before you start packing you need to make sure that you order a truck of the right size. Unfortunately, this is an error that many people make because they want to save money by renting a smaller one. But when moving from NY to NJ, if you get a vehicle that cannot fit all of your belongings, you are in trouble. Firstly you will have to make multiple trips back and forth that will take a lot of time. Secondly, you will spend a lot of money on gas. Therefore when you contact a renting company, make sure to read the van’s specifications. They will provide you with advice and information for every size and type of truck. By choosing the right one, you will be able to load everything into it and save a lot of time and money.

    A woman with a measuring tape in front of open truck doors
    Always rent a truck that has enough space for all of your belongings.

    Gather all the supplies you will need for loading a moving truck

    Unfortunately, when loading a moving truck, you cannot just randomly throw things in. You have to properly pack and secure them for transport. Therefore make sure to get all the supplies. You will need boxes, bubble wraps, and plastic sheets for packing. And for security in the van, blankets, or pads. They will keep everything from moving and bouncing around during the transport. Since you probably have a lot of breakable, always get the best quality equipment. Also, instead of buying, you can rent some of them from moving companies . Since you will have large and bulky furniture that needs to be loaded, try to get a dolly. With it, it will be easier, and you will avoid any back injury.

    Make sure that the furniture you are packing into the truck is disassembled

    Like any household, you also probably have a bunch of large furniture and appliances. Because they are so big and heavy, it can be a problem stuffing them into the moving truck. So before you start loading, disassemble them all. By doing so, you will be able to pack everything tightly into the truck. For example, take off all the legs of the table. But keep all the screws and bolts in one place. Put them all in a plastic bag and tape them to the table board. Like that you will not lose them, or spend valuable time searching for them. Packing furniture in this way will also allow you to carry them through the doors. And they will not be as heavy. And at the same time, you are protecting yourself from injury, because nothing is worst than a herniated disk.

    A blue-green sofa in a room with a wooden floor
    Loading a moving truck is easy if you disassemble all of the large furniture.

    Having a packing order is important when filling up a moving truck

    Because large items are also the heaviest, it is important to load them first into the van. Besides, never put them on top of boxes and other more fragile items, because they will just get crushed. So start by loading the first washing machine, dishwasher, fridge, and drier. Also, tie everything properly and secure it to the van. Otherwise, they will bounce around and damage everything around them. Secondly, put tables and couches horizontally and to the sides. And lastly, put on the floor the heaviest boxes and the lighter ones on top. Also, electronics like TV and computers always pack last on top of everything else and secure well. And lastly use the space between furniture smartly. Put breakables between table legs, or inside drawers.

    When loading a moving truck everything has to be tightly packed

    During the transportation, there will be bumps on the road your things will move around. So once you load all the heavy furniture and boxes, look around for empty spaces. Fill them up with all the items that can not break, but can give sufficient buffering if things start to move. Therefore use all the bags with linens, towels, and clothes and stuff them in every nook and cranny. Make sure they are tightly packed, so they protect other items. With a packing system in place, you will save your belongings from damage. Also, it will take you less time to load everything. And once you arrive at your new home, you will have easier time unpacking.

    Different antique and rustic suitcases
    When you are filling a moving truck do not leave any empty space between items.

    Never rush when packing a moving van

    To save yourself unnecessary stress and money, you should never rush when loading a moving truck. Therefore, before you start, make sure to get all the supplies you might need from a local Jersey City store. Also, do not rent a cheaper and smaller van if you have a lot of stuff. Secondly, after you disassemble all the large furniture, load it first into the truck. But always secure well everything for transport. Use items that cannot break and stuff them into empty spaces. Proceed with smaller and lighter boxes. And finish with all the fragile electronics on top. This way, you will pack all your belongings in no time. With a proper system in place, your move will be effortless.

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