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Tips for handling oversize dining set after downsizing to Secaucus

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    Moving to a new location is not always what you imagine. Usually, when you are relocating and buying a new home, many people instantly assume it will be a bigger home and better than your previous one. Well, better probably yes, most of the time. But it is not always bigger. Downsizing is a common thing, and many people downsize. There is nothing wrong with it, and it is not always a bad thing. In fact, it can even be better. But, when you are moving from a quite big home where you have a lot of possessions to a smaller one, it can be tricky. You need to find some tips for handling oversize dining set after downsizing to Secaucus. You will hire the best movers NJ has, but some things you need to know for yourself. Prepare for this relocation, and be ready on time.

    Handling oversize dining set after downsizing to Secaucus is quite important, and you need to understand that

    Not many people own an oversize dining set. Usually, furniture elements like these are very valuable and hard to find. They are now even antiques almost. If you are lucky enough to own it, and you don’t know how to handle it after downsizing, you came to the right place. It is very important that you protect it. Maybe it was in your family’s heritage for a while. Or, maybe you want to wait a little bit longer and sell it when it reaches the peak price. That is all your personal preference. Whatever you intend to do with it, you still need to keep it safe. Your movers Secaucus NJ will help you out with loading and unloading, of course.

    An oversize dining set.
    Handling oversize dining set after downsizing to Secaucus is important since this is something valuable.

    But what you do with this piece of furniture, is on you. We are talking about something very valuable, and you need to keep it protected. First of all, figure out the best way to safely pack it. And then, you need to figure out where you want to keep it. You should consider storage units as well. Downsizing can be tricky because you might not have enough space for this. But, there are other solutions, so try not to worry that much.

    Make sure that you have proper packing supplies before you start doing anything

    Packing is basically the most important part of this process. You will want to do it properly. But, in addition, to do things right, you need proper moving supplies first. And when we say moving supplies, we mean supplies for packing things. Now, we are talking about something very fragile, valuable, and antique. Now, disassembling would be an option here. But, whatever you decide to do, you need to get some things first. For instance, you can check with the moving company you will hire for this relocation, what kind of moving services NJ can provide you with. According to that, you will know exactly what and how to do it. But first, make a checklist for needed packing supplies.

    • You will need multiple cardboard boxes in different sizes, that are sturdy.
    • Wrapping paper, the best one would be the bubble wrap, since it gives extra protection.
    • Moving blankets, because they can also protect your items.
    • Duct tape, scissors, markers, and other essential things like that.

    Asking your movers to rent, or even buy or get for free these supplies is completely fine. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on these things. Most likely, you will spend enough on the move in general. So try to save at least a little bit when you can.

    Mother and a daughter wrapping and packing things.
    Wrapping is very important for the extra protection of furniture elements.

    You need to know how to pack your oversize dining set

    The sooner you understand that everything depends on the way you pack your things, the better. If you don’t pack your oversize dining set properly, you might get it damaged. Which you don’t want to do. So, after you get the proper moving supplies, make sure you read thoroughly what you have to do when you are packing your valuables. The first step is actually cleaning. You want to properly clean your whole set. And make sure it’s dry completely. After that, use the furniture polish to make it more vibrant. When you finish cleaning, you need to disassemble it. If you don’t do it, you won’t be able to store it or take it anywhere. We are talking about the large table and plenty of chairs.

    You shouldn’t think much when you are disassembling. Just remove all the parts that you can. And divide them per box. For instance, in one box put all the legs from the table. When you are placing things inside the box, you first need to protect them. That’s why you bought the supplies from the list above. Firstly wrap each item in the wrapping paper carefully and tape it. After that, you can cover it in the blanket if you think it’s needed. And simply put it in the box. Leave at least 30% of the box empty. Don’t overpack it at any cost. Remember to label each box so you know exactly where you packed which part.

    Rent a storage unit on time

    Because you will be downsizing to Secaucus, you understand that there won’t be enough space for your oversize dining set. Now, it is the perfect time to get a storage unit. Ask your movers for the storage services that they offer, and get one. You won’t use it for this set only, so it will come in handy. And the best thing about having it safe in storage is that you can use it whenever you need it, but in the meantime, it won’t take up your free space. For your dining room, you should get another table, appropriately sized. Make sure you prepare your dining set properly before storing it.

    Storage units with orange doors.
    Keep in mind that a storage unit is the best solution you have here.

    Know how to downsize properly and avoid common mistakes

    Changing a big home for a small home is not easy for sure. Of course, it has a bit of disadvantage, but there are other benefits of it. People are just not used to this. That is why you need to prepare yourself before the relocation and figure out the best way for handling oversize dining set after downsizing to Secaucus. Figure out the tips for downsizing and follow them. You want to avoid all the mistakes that can happen.

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