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Tips For Finding Affordable Movers in Essex County

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    If you need movers but are on a tight budget, it can be challenging to find the right moving company for you. Luckily, there are plenty of affordable movers NJ to choose from. But, it’s not always easy. Many companies have hidden fees you might not know upfront. This can make you go over your set budget. Reading our tips for finding affordable movers in Essex County will make this process easier on you and help you plan your move.

    Getting the most accurate quotes

    Of course, when talking about budgets and money, the first thing you should do is get moving quotes NJ from every moving company you are considering. But that would be too easy, right? No doubt, finding affordable movers in Essex County is a bit more complex than that. To figure out exactly how to analyze moving quotes you get we have some tips we will discuss in this article. When getting estimates, make sure you are comparing the same or at least similar services. What this essentially means is to make sure you are asking for the exact same moving services just from different moving companies.

    Pennies and a calculator to help in finding affordable movers in Essex County
    Getting accurate quotes is the most crucial part of finding affordable movers in Essex County

    Binding and non-binding quotes

    Binding quotes means that the price a moving company gives at the beginning of your moving process has to be the same after having done the move. Non-binding quotes are different. You must wonder what use are quotes if they are non-binding? It may seem logical to only have binding quotes, but this may lead to some difficulties down the line. Non-binding quotes are used because it is hard to asses all the factors that make up the end price of the move. This means your move’s end cost will not be the same as the initial estimate.

    How to get the best quote even if it’s not binding? The first step is to decide exactly what type of moving services NJ you will need. There are many different services to choose from, but knowing exactly what you need will help moving companies give you the most accurate quote. Not only that, it will help you plan your budget and manage your time efficiently. This will all help reduce your costs and help you in finding the most affordable moving companies in Essex County.

    Hidden fees

    When asking residential moving companies NJ for quotes, you should inquire about any additional fees they may have. Depending on how they make their quotes, moving companies can include a variety of factors. Moving companies can base their prices usually on one of three things: weight, hour, and volume.  Having non-binding quotes means that there may be some additional hidden fees incurred after the move.

    Some of the most frequent hidden fees include:

    • moving specialty items – usually ones that are larger or weigh more than regular items like a pool table or a piano
    • moving expensive and valuable items such as artwork
    • insurance which is usually required when moving especially across state lines and is not included in the estimate
    • stair fees which in essence means that if there are no elevators and movers have to carry items up more than one flight of stairs, there may be charging additionally for each flight
    • Long carry fee which is similar to stair fees, but is actually when movers have to carry items for a long distance. This happens if there is no parking close to your house or apartment.
    A spiral staircase
    Movers can charge you more for moving using the stairs instead of an elevator

    Companies that have their quotes based on the total weight or volume usually cannot give an accurate estimate. This is because the total weight and volume can only be calculated once everything is in the moving truck. However, long distance movers NJ are the ones that usually charge by weight. This can also mean that there may be additional somewhat hidden costs. To avoid all these hidden costs make sure you ask companies for any additional services that may charge extra.

    Finding out if there are any available discounts

    To be successful in finding affordable movers in Essex County, you should always check for discounts. Not only that, try to find out which services are eligible for said discounts. For example, some moving companies may have a discount for specific types of services such as storage services NJ, but not for the whole move. Of course, all discounts, no matter on which basis they are calculated, require either documentation or some evidence proving that you are eligible. So make sure you have those documents or any sort of evidence with you during the move.

    A red poster that says special deal
    Discounts can help find affordable movers and reduce your overall moving cost

    Some of the discounts that may apply are obvious ones. Senior discount is one of the most widely available. However, did you know that AAA can get you a discount with some moving companies as well? If you are a veteran, you may also be eligible for a reduction in price. And veterans or military members aren’t the only vocations that may get you a discount. If you are a student or a teacher finding affordable movers in Essex County may be easier because you may receive a price reduction.

    Finding quality affordable movers in Essex County

    The important thing when trying to save money on your move is not only to find affordable movers in Essex County but to find those that offer quality service. It makes no sense to pay for affordable movers that can’t offer high standards and quality service. Overall, you want to be getting exactly what you pay for. So, how can you be sure that what you are paying for is high quality? The most obvious way is to compare online reviews for different movers Caldwell NJ. When looking at online reviews, look at those that describe the specific type of service you need. Not only that, make sure you look at the most recent ones. If you find old reviews, of course, you will take them into consideration. However, the more recent a review is the more relevant and important it is.

    Comparing different types of moving services

    When comparing quotes from different companies, the best way to make sure you are successful in finding affordable movers in Essex County is to widen your search. Do not forget that when comparing quotes you should always ask the same questions for the same moving service you need. And to avoid any extra costs, make sure you ask your potential moving company to inform you of all possible hidden fees.

    So, what do we mean by widening your search? Depending on what type of service you need, you can try searching for companies outside of your living area. Since you are living in Essex County (otherwise you wouldn’t be reading these tips), try finding out about companies in different cities. You can ask for moving quotes from movers Verona NJ even if you don’t live there. You may end up being pleasantly surprised if you do so.  To do so, you have to figure out what type of moving service you need and how it may end up affecting your moving cost.

    Moving specialty items

    As we mentioned earlier in the article, some items or pieces of furniture may end up costing more to move. If you don’t inform the moving company of any bulkier specialty items, you may not know the price for moving them before moving day. Specialty items cost more because they require special attention or extra work.

    A piano with sheet music on it
    Pianos are the most commonly moves specialty items

    Specialty items include pianos or other big and heavy instruments and artwork. Of course, artwork can imply both paintings and sculptures. Paintings require special attention and conditions to be moved securely and different kinds of packing supplies. Not only that but expensive pieces require expensive insurance, which ultimately adds up. Naturally, this doesn’t mean that you should try to save some pennies on packing supplies or try to do it yourself because you may end up damaging your items and end up paying more than you would if you hired professionals.

    Short vs long distance moves

    Finding an affordable mover in Essex county is naturally easier if you are doing short distance moves. However, long distance moves can be affordable. Long distance moves can end up costing almost twice as much as short distance ones. Sure, hiring interstate movers NJ may be more expensive, but if that’s the type of service you need you can manage to find affordable companies if you follow all the tips we mentioned. Comparing quotes and finding companies that have a lot of experience can help you stick within your set budget.

    Finding affordable moving companies in Essex County that offer commercial moves

    Not all moves are residential. Businesses move as much as people. However, if you are looking for movers that offer commercial moves, you have to have in mind that these are usually more expensive. The simple reason behind this is that they are usually more complex. They involve heavier and more expensive items. Not only that, they are harder to plan than residential ones. Business owners tend to have a shorter time window in which the move has to be done. That means commercial moves involve more work in a shorter amount of time as opposed to residential ones.

    An office with white chair and a white table
    Moving an entire office is more difficult than moving residential items

    Finding affordable commercial movers NJ is even more difficult than finding affordable residential movers. This is not only because commercial moves are more expensive.  Commercial moves are complex not only for the movers but for the business as well. This means there are more factors to consider in commercial moves and specific needs of the business as well. Having a specific time frame makes moves complicated and more expensive.

    Tips on reducing your moving costs when finding affordable movers

    Before finding affordable movers, you should try to be flexible. Of course, you don’t have to make compromises on important issues. You can try and pick some that are negotiable. For example, moving day. If you are not bound by some contract (like renting contract) you can be flexible with moving dates. This is a smart way to save up on money since some days are more expensive to do your move. Weekends and dates that are at the end or start of the month are always more expensive. Not only that but moving during summer can be more expensive as that is the peak moving season.

    Being flexible by DIYing some parts of the move

    Getting a bit creative with your moving process can be helpful. For example, if you want to save on packing supplies, there are plenty of tutorials you can find online that will help you in finding suitable and more affordable options on how to DIY a move. Another thing you can do is rent a truck and do the move on your own. Of course, moves are complex, and if you feel you’re not up to task, it may be best to leave it to professionals. A lot of DIY moves end up either with damaged belonging or with injuries. However, if you are a DIY type and know how to lift and carry items properly, this might be the most affordable option for you.

    Finals thoughts on how finding affordable movers in Essex County

    Finding affordable movers in Essex County is easier if you know how to go about it. Knowing what type of service you will need and how to compare quotes will help you immensely in that. However, being flexible on other things like packing yourself can help you in reducing the total cost of your move. Hopefully, these tips we outlined will help you in doing exactly that, and the rest is up to you.

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