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Tips for Choosing the Perfect NJ Neighborhood

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    Are you considering moving to NJ? If so, you will first have to decide on tips for choosing the perfect NJ neighborhood. To start with, you’ll need to decide what part of NJ you want to live in. Are you one of those who like to live by the ocean, or do you prefer mountain areas? Are you attracted to living in a big city full of bars, restaurants, and sporting events? Or do you feel better in small, quiet places? Also, if you have children, will cities with highly ranked schools be your priority? So, once you answer these questions, it will be easier for you to choose the right city. After that, you will just have to book reliable moving companies NJ to complete the move.

    Geography and Climate of New Jersey

    Although it is one of the smallest states in the country, New Jersey can be divided up into several regions:

    • Appalachian Ridge and Valley in the northwest
    • Highlands and Piedmont in the northern part
    • Coastal Plain in the southern half of the state

    Due to its position, NJ has a moderate climate. The summers are humid, as it is located alongside the ocean. During the winters, NJ has moderately cold weather, with occasional snowfalls. There is also a temperature contrast between the northern and southern parts of the county. And, it is caused by the difference in elevation. If this is the climate that suits you, then call the local movers NJ has to offer as soon as you read all about the neighborhoods in NJ and choose the right one for you.

    Brown wooden dock on seashore
    New Jersey is a beautiful place to live, be it close to beaches or attractive mountains.

    Additional Factors Influencing the Search for the Perfect NJ Neighborhood

    There are some additional factors that you should consider before settling on a particular NJ neighborhood. Among them are:

    • Cost of living
    • Crime rates
    • Quality of education
    • Commuting possibilities
    • Good healthcare
    • Utility services

    Costs of living

    This is one of the main factors to take into consideration. On the one hand, it can prevent you from moving to a neighborhood that looks nice to you. However, it can actually help you. For example, you like several neighborhoods. And it’s hard for you to decide on one. In that case, compare the costs of living. This will show you in which neighborhood you can expect the best living conditions. The possibility to ensure decent living for you and your family is more important than the appearance of the settlement. This is one of the first tips for choosing the perfect NJ neighborhood.

    Crime rates

    Even within the same city, the crime rate varies between neighborhoods. Of course, you may have a special reason for residential moving companies NJ to move you to a higher-crime area. For example, you may have inherited a house in the area. However, people will usually choose to move to an area with a low crime rate. Especially if they have kids.

    Quality of education

    If you have children, you will choose neighborhoods that have highly-ranked schools. That way you will ensure that your kids enroll in good schools. And receive a good education.

    Commuting possibilities

    Whenever it is possible, people tend to choose neighborhoods that are closer to their work. This shortens their commuting time. And, they achieve a better work-life balance.

    Study word written on dice
    There are great educational opportunities in many NJ neighborhoods

    Good healthcare

    Good health care is important for all family members. Maybe you have elderly members in your family. Or someone with special needs. In such cases, the proximity of health institutions is very important.

    Utility services

    Before you decide to move to a certain neighborhood, check if it has good utility supplies. You certainly don’t want to live without electricity, gas, clean water, adequate sanitary conditions, etc.

    A group of friends walking in the park and talking about tips for choosing the perfect NJ neighborhood
    Most of the NJ neighborhoods have high safety ratings and paying attention to those is one of the tips for choosing the perfect NJ neighborhood.

    What NJ Neighborhoods to Consider

    So far, we’ve presented the basic tips for choosing a proper NJ neighborhood. Now we will concentrate on several cities. We’ll also consider the neighborhoods within them that best fit the aforementioned tips. The cities that we’ve found the most interesting are:

    • Rutherford NJ
    • Kearny NJ
    • North Bergen NJ
    • Montclair NJ
    • Jersey City NJ

    Choosing the perfect NJ neighborhood in Rutherford

    Rutherford is a medium-sized suburb of NJ, with a population of 18,376, and it is a very ethnically diverse place. With more than 24% of the population born outside the US, you can hear many languages spoken there. In addition, most of the population is highly educated. So, no wonder that it is also known as a white-collar town, as 88.32% of the workforce is employed in white-collar jobs. It is also home to many artists and young professionals. The median home value in all four Rutherford neighborhoods was over $ 600,000 during the second part of 20222. But towards the end of the year, it went down. So, the median household value is now $476,200. Also, the rents which were exceeding $2000, went down to $1,474. The average household income is $106,817. In this densely populated suburb, 60% of residents own their property.

    Both the school’s rating and security are good. So by moving to Rutherford NJ you can be sure that your family will be safe. And that your children will get a good education.

    Neighborhoods in Rutherford NJ

    Rutherford has four neighborhoods:

    • Park Avenue
    • Borough Center
    • Rutherford West
    • Rutherford North

    Overall, all four have very similar living conditions and housing costs. Also, all four are very walkable areas, with a lot of amenities. So, you will not make the mistake of asking moving companies Rutherford NJ to relocate you to any of them.

    Rutherford attractions

    So, whichever neighborhood you choose to live in, you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy Rutherford’s numerous attractions. We will list only a few of them here. And it will be up to you to continue discovering them after moving to this beautiful part of New Jersey. Some of the most famous attractions are:

    • American Dream
    • MetLife Stadium
    • DreamWorks Water Park

    In addition, there are many natural sites that you will love visiting. And, we are sure that you will be very satisfied with the decision to move to Rutherford.

    White slides
    Our tips for choosing the perfect NJ neighborhood are to find the one that your kids will enjoy.

    Neighborhoods in Kearny

    The city is located in the western part of Hudson County. It is also a suburb of Newark, with a population of 41,190. The city was named after Civil War general Philip Kearny. Like all other East Coast towns, Kearny has a rich colonial history. And it also has a rich manufacturing history, which was first developing along the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, and later on migrating inland. If things like these are important to you, paying attention to them is one of the tips for choosing the perfect NJ neighborhood.

    The town has a varied topography. It is roughly divided into three parts: the Kearny Uplands, the Kearny Meadows, and Kearny Point. Along the Passaic Rives are lined up small parks. They are commonly known as Riverbank Park. However, the largest park in the town is West Hudson Park. In this park, you will find a variety of sports fields, an artificial pond, and many recreational areas.

    Kearny economy data

    Kearny has 41,190 residents. When it comes to real estate, the median home value is $354,700, and the median rent is $1,338. About 53% of the residents are renting. The median household income is $73,554.

    Public schools in Kearny have good ratings. Regarding safety, Kearny has much love crime rates than the national average. So, we can see that it is a rather safe place, good for all citizens, and especially for young parents.

    Kearny neighborhoods

    The popular Kearney neighborhoods are:

    • Arlington
    • Kearny West
    • Town Center
    • Kearny Northeast
    • Kearny Southwest
    • Maple St / Johnston Ave
    • Kearny South
    • Kearny East
    • Chestnut St / Bergen Ave

    The Kearney neighborhoods don’t differ much among themselves. So, our tip is to choose the neighborhood that is closest to your office. Or to the school your kids attend. That way, you will be able to spend more time together with your family. And also to go around and visit the city’s attractions.

    Women sitting on a grass and talking about tips for choosing the perfect NJ neighborhood
    Living in NJ you will enjoy spending time in nature with family or friends.

    Kearny attractions

    Being close to NYC, especially Manhattan, you will always have the possibility to visit it and enjoy various attractions, from the Statue of Liberty, and Central Park, to see sighting tours throughout the City. However, Kearney people also love to visit the following sites:

    • Manor Park
    • Bell Playground
    • Liberty State Park
    • Richard W. DeKorte Park
    • Branch Brook Park
    • Liberty Science Center

    Once you choose the right neighborhood for yourself, get in touch with the moving company Kearny NJ. They will know the fastest and easiest way to bring you to your new home.

    Tips for choosing the perfect NJ neighborhood in North Bergen

    North Bergen is a township just 4 miles away from NYC, and it has about 61,200 residents. It is located in the northern part of Hudson County, in the hilly area. The median home value is $375,100. The median home value is $375,100. About 59% of the population is renting, and their median rent is $1,433 per month. The median household income in North Bergen is $66,669.

    In case you consider moving to North Bergen, you will be happy to learn that the place has very low crime rates. Besides, it has many high-ranked schools. So, your kids will be safe and will receive an excellent education.

    North Bergen neighborhoods

    In general, more affordable homes are located in the southern part of the township. However, the most desired among buyers are properties located in the north part.

    When you are looking for the best neighborhoods in Nort Bergen, you will be referred to:

    • New Durham – is located near the foot of Union Turnpike and Bergen Turnpike
    • Bergenwood – is a long narrow district of North Bergen, characterized by the steep slopes on the west side of the Hudson Palisades
    • Racetrack Section – it is also known  as Hudson Heights
    • Woodcliff – is located in the northeastern part of North Bergen. Its center is a famous North Hudson Park

    Although some of the locations within neighborhoods could be more expensive, on average the real estate prices are affordable. So, our tip would be to go for the neighborhood that you like the best. After making the final decisions, give a call to movers North Bergen NJ. That way, your possessions will be transported to your new home fast and safely.


    Group of people standing on a rock and watching the valley after reading the tips for choosing the perfect NJ neighborhood
    Once you move to NJ, you will have numerous possibilities for hiking.

    Things to enjoy about living in the North Bergen

    North Bergen is offering a lot of possibilities for outdoor activities. For example, spending time in James J. Braddock Park alone or with your family, you will enjoy it. The Park is located atop the hills. It has 167 acres and 45 sports facilities. They include walk trails, dog runs, and places for resting. This park is also known for its natural wildlife.

    In James J. Braddock Park, you will also find 16-acre Woodcliff Lake, with an island, where you can enjoy the wildlife. Or, you can simply go for a walk around the lake. And rest on one of the numerous benches in case you grow tired from walking. The special attraction of the lake are fountains, that spray from the lake water.

    Tips for choosing the perfect NJ neighborhood in Montclair

    Montclair township is a suburb of NYC, with about 40,00 residents. The median home value is $624,600, and in case you are renting, it will cost you $1,732 a month, on average. And, the median household income is $134,308. Despite the high real estate prices, 61% of residents own their property. When it comes to safety, the crime rates in Montclair are much lower than the national average. Besides, it has good-rated public schools.

    The Montclair township is located on the cliffs of the Watchung Mountains. So, living in this nice community, you will have numerous possibilities for outdoor activities, such as hiking, skiing, etc. You might also enjoy visiting Montclair attractions:

    • Van Vleck House & Gardens
    • Montclair Art Museum
    • Presby Iris Gardens

     Montclair neighborhoods

    The most popular among Montclair neighborhoods are:

    • Church Street
    • Frog Hollow
    • Upper Montclair
    • PaNaMa
    • Yantacaw
    • Marlboro Park

    With so many nice neighborhoods you will have a great choice to find the one that will best suit your needs. And, in all of them, you will notice the strong community atmosphere. That is why all of them are very safe, and excellent places for young families. Once you find the right neighborhood, all that remains is to give a call to movers Montclair NJ.

    New York Skyline seen from the park.
    From NJ you will have an excellent view of the NYC skyline.

    Perfect NJ neighborhoods are in Jersey City NJ

    Jersey City has about 262,700 residents. The median home value is $406,200. In Jersey City, 70% of people are renting, and if you are one of them, expect the median rent of $1,485. The median household income is $76,444. The public school rating in the city is good. When it comes to safety, the crime rates are a bit higher than in other NJ cities but still lower than the national average.

    Neighborhoods in Jersey City

    Although Jersey City has many nice neighborhoods, those are considered the most attractive. So, if you are using the services of a moving company Jersey City NJ, consider moving to:

    • Waterfront
    • Historic Downtown
    • Journal Square
    • The Heights
    • Hackensack River Waterfront

    Jersey City attractions

    The most popular place for Jersey City residents is Liberty State Park. This 1,200-acre waterfront area is an excellent place for walking, jogging, or simply sitting and enjoying the scenic view.

    Living in one of New Jersey’s neighborhoods

    New Jersey is a beautiful living place. It is safe, the schools are good-rated, and the job market is excellent. So, the only thing that you need is to follow the tips for choosing the perfect NJ neighborhood, and you will find the place that suits you the best. And living in New Jersey, although not very cheap, comes with numerous amenities. So, the bottom line, once you find the right place to move to, we are sure that you will fully enjoy your new home.



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