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Things to think about one week before your long-distance move

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    When moving, there are many things to think about, many tasks to complete, and, all in all, you must take care of every single thing. People often do not know where to start and, even more often, they do not know where to finish. Of course, hiring moving companies NJ is the first step but what should be your last? Things get even more complicated when you are moving long-distance. Why? Well, it is simple. When you are covering a longer distance, you cannot just go back and do something you have forgotten about. Because this is a common dilemma and we see our clients battling with it all of the time, here is our opinion on what you should do and think about one week before your long-distance move. 

    Are there many things that should be on your mind one week before your long-distance move?

    Generally, you cannot choose what is on your mind when you are about to move. You will probably be thinking about a million things at once and your mind will be racing all of the time. This is completely normal and, sometimes, it is even useful. On the other hand, it can cause an unnecessary panic that will only do you harm. By the time you have reached your last week before the move, you would have gotten everything done. If not everything, then most of the big and important things.

    When you are moving long-distance, you cannot leave anything for ”last-minute”. Mostly because the big things include paperwork and that is something that you prepare in advance. Nevertheless, we will not be going into that much detail but we will tell you about the things that we, professionally, think should be your primary concerns during the last week. Pay attention to the following.

    A drawn question mark
    Your question is what you should be doing one week before your long-distance move? Well, the following.

    Start off by questioning everything you have already done

    Of course, double-checking is one of the most important things you can do for yourself. How many times have you made your life more difficult because you were too lazy to check whether you have done something or not? Exactly. Therefore, do not be lazy and think long and hard. If you have organized your move properly, surely you have used lists, reminders, a calendar, and similar. Well, hopefully, you have not thrown them in the trash just yet, we will need them.

    Go through each and every list you have written

    Again, this consumes time but also saves it if a mistake was made that you were not aware of. Whether you made lists that contain the items you should pack in your personal bag or, perhaps, a list with written-down guidelines on how to pack your garden tools, whatever, go through all of them. Only once you have made sure that you have done everything up until now, can you continue with other things.

    Check your paperwork and all the documents your need

    When you work with moving companies Hudson County NJ, some of the paperwork will be their job but you should still take a look at it. You are covering a longer distance so you really do not want to end up without the obligatory paperwork, those situations can be very unpleasant and that is why we always take care of the paperwork in advance and before everything else. Of course, you should have your papers with you, originals or copies, depending on the document itself. Just remember to have all the required ones close by but still safe.

    STacked documents and papers you should have one week before your long-distance move
    Are you sure that you have all of the mandatory paperwork?

    Leftover packing should be handled one week before your long-distance move

    You have probably packed the first half of everything that you possess in the previous two or more weeks. It all depends on your schedules and on how many items you have. Yet, you could not pack everything because you are still living in your, soon-to-be-former, home. You need to function around the house and you have probably left bits and pieces of your bathroom items, kitchen items, and, of course, bedroom items as well. It will all seem like nothing and you have probably used all of your moving boxes already. Well, once you start packing the last bits, you will see that you need more bags than you taught.

    Therefore, leave one or two boxes for the last items, the ones you will also need first once you officially move. Talk to your movers Bayonne NJ and make sure they unload the ”packed last but unpacked first” boxes separately so you do not have to hunt them around the new home.

     Say goodbye to everyone

    This will be the ideal week for you to say goodbye to everyone. You can see your friends separately or you can throw a goodbye party for everyone and simply have fun. You can organize a lovely evening, set the dinner table, enjoy some luxurious wine or you can order takeout because you will have nothing to cook with. After all, you packed your kitchen, at least most of it. Just remember to call everyone and make some time for your friends and family. You are moving further away and you will not have enough time for them because you will see each other less frequently.

    A dinner party with friends cheering
    Organizing a goodbye party with your friends and family will be the perfect end to your week.

    That sums up everything that is important one week before your long-distance move

    As you can see, this does not include a long list nor does it take too much of your time because you should relax much more than you did during the previous weeks. Call your movers, make sure that everything is going according to plan. check everything, and say goodbye to the place you used to call home but do not forget to be happy about the new place that is yet to come. Set some priorities for yourself one week before your long-distance move, they will help you handle this like a boss. We wish you good luck.

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