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The ultimate list of moving supplies for a NJ move

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    You have signed all the paperwork, and you are ready to move. But the work is not done yet. Because all your belongings need to be properly packed. Otherwise, something can get damaged during the transportation. Therefore to avoid stress and loss of property, you need to prepare well in advance. So before you start preparing your household for relocation, you need all the packing supplies. It might sound simple. But that is a trap a lot of people do not know about. Usually, they make the mistake of thinking they only need simple boxes. However, there is much more to it. To help you, movers in Fort Lee NJ, have prepared a list of moving supplies for a NJ move. It is everything you will need for an efficient and stress-free move.

    The essential part of moving supplies for a NJ move are the boxes

    A move is impossible without boxes. They are light and easy to handle and come in a variety of sizes. The most used ones are cardboard boxes. You can buy new ones or borrow second-hand ones. Ask your friends and neighbors if they have any from their previous move. This is a good idea if you are moving on a budget and want to save money on moving supplies for a NJ move. Likewise, you can rent durable plastic boxes from moving companies NJ. They are better for packing heavy items, like books, for example. Always make sure that you have enough boxes and that they are not all the same size. Because sometimes, it is better to tightly pack stuff into a smaller box. Make sure you do not overweight them. If they are too heavy, you can get injured trying to lift them.

    duct tape box and clothes on a table
    It is easier to move with boxes because you can carry them with ease

    Make sure you have plastic wrap among the relocation supplies for a NJ move

    A plastic wrapper is the most needed item for a move. It is used for a variety of reasons. But the most common one is to protect your furniture. When you are relocating, it is impossible to escape the dirt and dust. So if you have items that are made of materials that get dirty fast, you need to wrap them. Otherwise, once you make a long distance move, you will have to wash everything. And that is one more expanse that you do not need and can avoid. They come in different sizes depending on what you need them for. To use them properly, you need to wrap every piece of furniture individually. Also, tightly wrap the sheet so that it does not open during transport.

    A move to NJ is impossible washout duct tape included in your packing supplies

    Duct tape is what every person needs once they decide to move. Because for one thing, without it is impossible to seal the boxes. And if this is not done, they can open during transport, and all your belongings will spill out. Therefore to professionally pack your household make sure you have enough rolls of tape. However, this is not the only use for them. To tightly wrap plastic wrap around your furniture and appliances, tape it together. It will ensure there are no holes through which dust can enter. Also, some of the bigger pieces of furniture you will have to disassemble. To keep all the smaller parts together, like table legs, tape them together so they can not move around inside the moving truck. To make the job of securing easier, get the tape gun dispenser.

    man taping a box
    When you start to gather all the moving supplies for a NJ move, do not forget the duct tape

    Do not attempt a NJ move without bubble wrap

    Some of your belonging are fragile and sensitive. And they need to be protected during transport. Especially if you are moving a lot of electronic equipment like computer and TV. They are essentially used to cushion fragile items so that they do not move around. Also, if something bumps into them, they will not break because of air pockets. Therefore wrap all your kitchen glassware with bubble wrap before you put them into boxes. Today you can find them in many different forms, from pockets to bags. So, make a list before you buy them of all the items that will need them. It is better to have leftovers than in the middle of packing, realizing that you do not have enough.

    Cleaning supplies are a must-have

    Moving is messy, and when you finish, you will have to do a lot of cleaning. So you need to make sure that you have everything. However, one of the most important items people often forget about is gloves. Always wear them, especially if you are handling cleaning products. Different surfaces need different products. So make sure you have everything. Also, do not mix them. For example, do not apply bathroom bleach on wooden floors. It will ruin them as it eats through organic materials. Secondly, you will need a broom, dustpan, sponge, wiping cloth, and bucket.

    gloved hand cleaning a handle
    Moving supplies for a NJ relocation are not complete without all the cleaning supplies

    Moving supplies for a NJ move will keep all your belongings safe

    Relocation is not something you can do without any preparation. It takes time to get ready and gather all the moving supplies for a NJ move. Without them, you risk damaging your belongings. Therefore firstly make sure you have enough boxes of different sizes. There are plenty of stores in New Jersey where you can find affordable ones. Also, you can rent plastic ones from a moving company. Secondly, duct tape comes in handy for all sorts of reasons during a move. But plastic and bubble wrap will ensure you do not have to worry about dust and fragile items. The same way cleaning supplies will help you tidy up your former home so that it is presentable. With this list, you will have a damage and stress-free move.

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