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The top Hudson County Cities for 20-Somethings

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    Young people usually tend to be quite excited about the moves and feel great enthusiasm due to the upcoming changes. In most cases, they are quite willing to embrace new adventures. Being young can you tell us what cities could interest you most? If you plan to move to New Jersey, pay attention to some of the top Hudson County cities for 20-somethings that will fulfill all your expectations. Also, someone else will even surpass your expectations, which is your All Season Movers NJ. Having the right allies by your side is an essential step in your relocation, if not the most important one. As for the cities in Hudson County, we are here to help you choose by presenting some of the best.

    What can you expect from Hudson County in general?

    First of all, when hiring some of the best moving companies Hudson County NJ you should know Hudson County is the 4th most populated county in New Jersey with a population of around 724,854 people. According to certain data, 20% of people are children under the age of 18. Also, there are 12% of seniors 65 years old and older. Coming here you are to expect a median household income of $71,189 which is slightly below the average income in NJ.

    Do you plan to rent or buy? Being in your twenties you will probably start with renting since you never know where your path will lead you. After all, you have a lot to go through until you find a place to settle for a longer period. Well, about 68% of residents are renters while 32% are homeowners. Have no worries in a financial sense since the median rent is $1,391. On the other hand, the median home value is $378,000.

    Finally, the information that will be of great importance is that Hudson County consists of 12 towns and municipalities. Some of them will be presented in the following part of the text. Hopefully, some places will seem most adequate for you.

    What are the top Hudson County cities for 20-somethings?

    Each city in Hudson County deserves your attention. With all their amenities, natural beauties, and opportunities all these cities offer a tremendous experience for newcomers, no matter how old they are. Of course, young people prefer good job opportunities or high education when looking for a new city. Not to mention entertainment and opportunities to start new friendships. Thus, we have decided to present several cities that truly stand out as some of the top Hudson County cities for 20-somethings

    Times Square NYC
    NYC is always there to welcome you and offer whatever you need.

    One thing that is mutual for every city we are about to present is the proximity to New York City. It’s one of the best advantages of moving to these places. After all, you may be working in NYC and live a much cheaper life in some of the cities in Hudson County. Also, entertainment opportunities are remarkable in New York. We can say this for education, shopping, and culture too. Thus, you are left to opt for the most adequate city in Hudson County and hire furniture movers NJ in order to safely relocate your belongings.


    Whether you are single or have a family, Kearmy is truly an excellent place for new beginnings. Hence, don’t hesitate to contact movers in Kearny NJ as soon as possible. Some of the basic information you are to know is that it consists of around 42,000 residents and is divided into three parts – Meadows, South, and Uplands Kearny. Whatever part you opt for, you will be satisfied.

    One of the main reasons why Kearny is considered one of the best Hudson County cities for 20-somethings is that it is quite affordable. After all, you need a lot of money, especially when starting life in a new destination. Not only will you enjoy lower costs of living in comparison to some other places but also you will be able to buy a cheap house. If you are ambitious why not buy a home? This is a plus for young people, single or not. Who knows? Maybe you are ready to establish a family.

    What to expect from life in Kearny?

    Don’t think that you’ll be bored in a smaller city. Quite the contrary, though being small it offers outstanding entertainment opportunities. There are a lot of restaurants and bars among other things as well. More importantly, people are so friendly here that you will soon find yourself surrounded by new friends, and fun is guaranteed. Also, being close to New York and Newark makes it so easy to enjoy huge cities and their opportunities and still go back to your cozy life in Kearny.

    Young people making a toast in a bar
    No matter how old you are, Kearny residents will welcome you open-handed, since it is one of the top Hudson County cities for 20-somethings

    On the other hand, the same goes for those who want to continue with their education. Have no worries since Kearny stands out as a place with great colleges. Moreover, the climate is extraordinary for nature lovers. You will be able to enjoy the great outdoors, different sports, large parks, and hiking trails.

    Jersey City

    Do you like spending time in Manhattan or maybe you are employed there? In that case, Jersey City is an excellent solution since it is located just across the water from Manhattan and has a population of around 292,449 people. And guess what, it’s cheaper than Manhattan. Still, we can’t say Jersey City is cheap. Quite the contrary, after calling movers Jersey City NJ prepare to put aside a significant amount of money for living here, at least for a start. The overall costs of living are 44.4% higher than the national average, while the housing costs are 96.2% higher. The median income is $70,752.

    Are you ready to have fun?

    We can freely say that Jersey City is one of the top Hudson County cities for 20-somethings, especially if you are a fan of vibrant nightlife. The downtown area has a variety of bars, cocktail lounges, and nightclubs. Therefore, you can spend a relaxing evening with your friends, drink some cocktails, or dance at one of the nightclubs. In other words, there is something for everyone depending on your personality. To make it easy on you we can suggest some of the best places.


    • Phebe Reborn Nightclub
    • Six26
    • White Eagle Hall


    • Dullboy
    • The Archer
    • Low Fidelity


    • Lucky 7 Tavern
    • Barcade
    • Lucky 7
    Jersey City as one of the top Hudson County cities for 20-somethings
    Jersey City offers both an urban feel and pleasure in nature and greenery.

    What else makes Jersey City an amazing place?

    On the other hand, in case you need some peace to be certain you may achieve this in Jersey City. Though quite urban, local movers NJ will surely tell you it is also home to some of the best public parks, recreational fields, green spaces, lakes, and beaches. Some of the greatest parks you can enjoy are Newport Green Park, Lincoln Park, Liberty State Park, and Hamilton Park.

    One other thing that you may like is the possibility to revel in numerous historic and other fun attractions around the city. For instance, we may mention some of the excellent attractions such as the Statue of Liberty, Liberty Science Center, and  Empty Sky 9/11 Memorial.

    Last but not least, in case you are searching for high-quality education, moving to Jersey City is the right option for you. There are excellent universities and colleges here. Some of them are Hudson Community College, New Jersey City University, The Institute for Health Education, Eastern International College in Jersey City, and many others.


    One thing is certain, moving to Bayonne with the assistance of your movers in Bayonne NJ will provide great benefits for you. Not only the proximity to NYC especially Manhattan, but also many other things make Bayonne one of the greatest cities for 20-somethings in Hudson County.

    First, you should know the population of Bayonne is around 71,686. The median income is $63,947. Still, we must say that not everyone can afford to live in Bayonne. Yes, it is cheaper than Manhattan. But the overall cost of living is 30% higher than the U.S. average. The median home value is 53.5% higher.

    Bayonne NJ
    Both concrete and greenery, wherever you settle Bayonne will provide everything you need.

    One of the main things that will attract you is the possibility to enjoy numerous beaches since it is surrounded by water. Moreover, vast green areas are all around this lovely city. With more than 25 amazing parks in the city, relaxation is guaranteed. If you are a sports enthusiast the opportunities to do different sports here are great. Dennis P. Collins Park will give you a chance to enjoy skating. At least give it a try. You can enjoy soccer, baseball, swimming, hiking, and jogging. Also, birdwatching and watching plays in an open amphitheater can be truly outstanding.


    In case you still have second thoughts, ask your movers Secaucus NJ for advice. They will surely tell you that you are making the right decision by moving to this beautiful city. The population is about 22,200. However, what is most striking is that the median household income is $125,142. Hence, don’t worry because the overall costs are 38.5% higher than the average and the median home value is 85.2% higher. With a high income, you’ll be able to satisfy all your needs.

    After settling down in Secaucus, you’ll soon notice there are many places to explore and relax at. Hence, begin with numerous restaurants, retail stores, and cinemas. We must mention some of the small businesses that have been in business for almost a century such as Filomena’s deli, Lucky Nails, and Marra’s Drug Store. Moreover, we consider you’ll find it quite interesting to enjoy the ice rink, the Town Museum and Buchmuller Park, which hosts outdoor concerts, and the Secaucus Little League as well.

    A young man sitting in a park reading a book in one of the top Hudson County cities for 20-somethings
    Are you а nightlife person or prefer casual walks and green spaces? Not surprisingly, Secaucus is one of the top Hudson County cities for 20-somethings.

    Are you keen on seeing turtles, shorebirds, and other wildlife? Well, in that case, Secaucus provides excellent opportunities for this since Mill Creek Marsh is waiting for you. Also, we mustn’t forget the wonderful parks where you can spend your free time. Some well-known are Schmidts Woods Park, Trolley Park, and Laurel Hill County Park. The last one offers a canoe launch, kayak rentals, cycling and walking paths, and ball fields, including a cricket pitch. In other words, if you are an active person looking for adventures Secaucus is perfect for you.

    Union City

    Being one of the best cities for young people in Hudson County, Union City offers awesome opportunities for jobs and entertainment among other things as well. There are a variety of restaurants, parks, and shops. Also, be certain of excellent chances to get a job right here in Union City. Still, be aware that by coming here you mustn’t be satisfied with a low income since life here is expensive. Thus, besides putting money aside for your relocation with the help of your movers Union City NJ make sure to have a certain amount of money for at least the first month or two after the move. After all, the overall costs are 28.7% higher in comparison to the national average. The housing cost is almost 50% higher.

    Furthermore, we must mention excellent public transportation. Not so many people own a car here but getting from one place to another is easy with perfectly organized public transportation.

    A woman using a phone and smiling
    You will enjoy NJ as soon as you get there

    Enjoy lovely cities in Hudson County

    Altogether, some of the top Hudson County cities for 20-somethings are waiting for you to start exploring them and settling into the most adequate neighborhood. Whatever place you choose, be certain you will make the right choice. After all, each city has tremendous opportunities and natural beauty. All you need to do is to give it a chance and embrace new adventures and people. Your age is on your side. Just be ready to start your new life with no fears.


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