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The Importance of Creating a Home Inventory List

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    Moving is a hectic time when many unexpected things can happen. With all the decluttering and packing, it will be easy to get lost or lose something. Even if you don’t do it then, things can get lost or damaged during transport. To ensure the maximum safety of your items, we recommend hiring moving and storage NJ. If you are worried about your belongings, the safest way to have peace of mind is to create an inventory. If you think that you don’t need it, we are here to convince you about the importance of creating a home inventory list.

    Why should you think about creating a home inventory list?

    If you have a lot of items that need to be moved with the help of furniture movers NJ, what are the chances that you will forget what you packed? Even if you remember your items, you will need proof in the case something happens to them or gets lost. You will know that they were there, but how will you explain it to a third party? Apart from that, there are also other reasons for creating a home inventory list.

    • It helps you purchase the right type of insurance
    • File a claim with ease
    • You will have peace of mind
    Picture of a person typing on a laptop
    The inventory will be proof if something gets lost or damaged

    The right type of insurance

    If you have a list of all the possessions that you will move, it is much easier to get the right type of insurance. There are a few types of insurance to choose from, and they all give different types of coverage. The most basic one with the least coverage is the basic carrier liability, while the best option would be to purchase the full replacement liability. Almost every reputable move offers the first insurance, but when hiring interstate movers NJ, it is always better to purchase additional insurance. This way, they will ensure you in case if something happens.

    File a claim

    If you notice that your moving helpers lost or damaged something, you will have a list to compare the current state of your items to. That’s why it’s always recommended to also take pictures when making an inventory list before moving with movers North Bergen NJ. Most people can’t remember what they did a few days ago, let alone the containing of their attic. In case you want to file a claim, how will you do it if you don’t know what you had in the first place?

    Peace of mind

    Your wellbeing should be your priority during stressful times like these. Even though hiring moving services NJ will greatly diminish stress, you can go a step further. Having all your belongings documented will have you stop thinking about what you will do if something bad happens. Once you finish your list, make sure to pack it in a safe, easily accessible spot for you to see it anytime you need it.

    Woman is relaxed because she thought about creating a home inventory list
    Your wellbeing should be a priority

    Conclusion on creating a home inventory list

    Creating a home inventory list might take some time to do, but we highly advise you to do so. If you start the preparations on time, you will have plenty of it to do this. You can slowly make it while you pack or do it once everything is in boxes, the choice is yours. We wish you good luck!


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