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The best summer getaways in New Jersey

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    The summer is here, and so is the scorching heat. New Jersey during the summer can be quite mild. However, if you are not a fan of occurring heatwaves, you might want to look for the best summer getaways in New Jersey to spend these hot summer days. Whether you are a fan of fun day trips or longer stays, we have you covered. New Jersey has plenty of options, and our team at best movers NJ compiled a list of this summer’s favorites. 

    One day summer getaways in New Jersey

    For those who don’t have time or just want to have one day of fun outside of New Jersey, we have some ideas that will surely be fun. You don’t have to shell out large sums of money, weeks to plan these trips, or hire local movers NJ to have fun outside the city. Whether you are going with your friends, family, or even solo, one-day trips are perfect when you want to explore new places outside of New Jersey.

    A person enjoying one of th ebest summer getaways in New Jersey
    What better way to make a solo trip than finding the best summer getaways in New Jersey that will take you a day to visit?

    Island Beach State Park

    This New Jersey State Park is perfect for a short summer getaway. Located in the Berkeley Township, this Barnegat Peninsula beach park is a perfect spot for families who can’t decide if they want nature or a beach getaway. With ten miles of sandy, white beaches, and a nature preserve, it is the perfect adventurous spot. It is great for when you don’t want to simply spend a day on the beach. It has great kid-friendly trails through the dense maritime forests that are home to more than 400 species of plants and wildlife.

    View of the Atlantic ocean from a sandy beach
    A beach that has forest and nature reserves is a perfect spot for the summer

    To get there, you will need to pay a small fee from $6 to $12 dollars. The fee depends on which area you wish to visit. Once you’re there, you will be surprised by how clean the beaches are. However, since it is the ocean, swimming is not prohibited, but it can be unsafe at times. Especially during windy weather when the waves are huge. However, it is important to mention that the beach itself is well guarded by lifeguards. And they can give you more information on where it is safe to swim. Of course, depending on which area you visit, you may arrive at a crowd of people who all had the same idea of a summer getaway in New Jersey as you.

    Mills Reservation

    A famous County Park, Mills Reservation, is located in Cedar Grove and Montclair, New Jersey. It is so big, it’s vast land spans over two cities, which is why it is one of the top recommendations made by movers Cedar Grove NJ after relocations. It has more than 150 acres of protected woodlands and several walking and jogging trails. This reserve is a must-see for all nature lovers who love a good view of the New York City skyline. This is because one of the main trails leads to a cliff that overlooks the city. This is where you can take in the view whilst being away from the bustling crowd of the city itself.

    If you are in search of a perfect trail to refresh yourself while staying active, you can choose from several. Each one is marked with a specific color to make it easier for the visitors to navigate around the park:

    • The Eastview Trail – as the name says, is located in the East of the park. It is around a mile long, marked with blue blazes
    • The Mills Loop Trail – the main walking trail that makes a loop around the park, marked by white blazes
    • The Lenape Trail is the longest route you can take through the park. It is over 34 miles of long paths which run through Essex County’s parks and reservations. You can find this path by following the yellow blazes.
    Empty road surrounded by dense trees
    Spending a day walking in the park will have you feeling refreshed in no time

    Essex County Turtle Back Zoo

    Staying on the topic of nature-filled day trips in New Jersey, a must-see is Essex County Turtle Back Zoo. Perfect for families with small kids, this New Jersey summer getaway will have you active and learning more about animal species that can be found in this zoo. It was founded in 1963 and was originally intended to give a home to New York City Metropolitan area indigenous species. However, this zoo is home to over 1400 animals from all the continents in the world. Movers Livingston NJ especially recommends visiting the zoo as the best way to unwind after a long and stressful relocation. During the summer, it is open on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 10 am to 7 pm.

    If you live in West Orange, then you don’t need our movers West Orange NJ, telling you about how the Zoo is a must-see. However, if you live somewhere else, the trip to visit it will be most definitely worth it. There are many attractions and activities at the zoo itself. If your child enjoys learning about animals, they will without a doubt enjoy the camps that are organized each year there. And for more adventurous parents, who don’t want to sit in the Savanna cafe, there are boat tours and even a Treetop Adventure course.

    Montclair Art Museum

    We can’t forget our art lovers in Montclair, New Jersey. For all of you who can enjoy the whole summer day looking at amazing art, visiting museums is one of the best summer getaways in New Jersey. Now this is, of course, a day trip, but the exhibitions are so perfect we can’t promise you won’t be tempted to contact moving companies Montclair NJ, and move there permanently. It offers a great variety of visual art from Native American and American artists. The museum itself has over 12 000 items on display, so we are sure you will find a piece you will enjoy wholeheartedly.

    Romantic summer getaways in New Jersey towns

    Summer can get quite romantic. Sure, everyone is sweating, and it’s not fun. However, everyone loves staying at a hotel during the summer. Especially with pool privileges. There are many small towns that have a lot to offer. While some of them are average to live in, they are perfect to get away from the crowds in the city. One of the best examples is Kearny, New Jersey. Yes, it’s not a spectacular town to live in. You won’t be tempted to call the moving company Kearny NJ to permanently move there. However, Kearny has some great romantic hotels for a longer get away from the city.

    A couple celebrating with a rose
    For all couples, a weekend getaway during the summer is a must

    New Jersey State has lots of quaint little towns with amazing beds and breakfasts that will have you relaxed in no time. One of those is Maplewood, NJ. Movers Maplewood NJ, have its share of young couples moving there, but they do recommend visiting this township. It is located in Essex County, and it was called in a New York Times article the township that looks like as if Brooklyn was a suburb. And what’s not to love about that?

    Visit Verona, NJ

    As its Italian counterpart, Verona in New Jersey is a lovely little township where you can spend a weekend getting away from the city heat. Two of the most famous landmarks which you cannot miss are Verona Park and Kips Castle. The best way to spend a romantic weekend is to have a picnic in the park and spend a day visiting the famous castle. It will have you feeling like royalty. Of course, this one is also one of our movers Verona NJ, favorite, and we can’t recommend it enough. There are no fees for either the park or the castle, which is a bonus. While the castle is a must-see during Christmas, summer gives it a special feeling that will make your tour al the more memorable.

    Simple summer getaways at Long Beach Island

    Why make things complicated during the summer. A beach getaway is a must during the summer season. For this, we recommend visiting Long Beach Island. It is a barrier island that has so many sights you will need more than a day to visit them all. Of course, Long Beach Island is perfect for people whose ideal vacation looks like relaxing on the beach during the day, and some light, fun activities at night. And most importantly, it will help you escape the city during the summer. And what better way to relax than on a beach and possibly with a good book in your hands? 

    White sandy beach with turquoise water, one of the summer getaways in New Jersey
    No summer vacation is truly great without a trip to the beach

    Trenton, New Jersey

    As we promised, this list contains summer getaways in New Jersey for anyone. While Trenton may not seem like the obvious choice, it has a lot to offer. A former capital of the United States of America, today the capital of the state of New Jersey. Trenton has a rich history, and it’s definitely worth the visit. The Trenton Battle Monument is considered as one of the crucial monuments of the Revolutionary War. It is the place where George Washington achieved the first major victory during the war. For all history buffs, this place is a must-see.

    There are historical landmarks all around the city. Not only that, but Trenton has some of the best museums in the state. And none more famous than the Old Barracks Museum. It may not be easiest to spot, but it’s definitely worth seeing. It is a museum that puts you in the middle of revolutionary America, helping you imagine what life must have been back then. If you are a fan of quality museum exhibits, then New Jersey State Museum is the one for you. While it may not have a large number of artifacts, it has one of the best collections on display. Not to mention that parking and admissions are free.

    Is it time for a move

    If you are constantly in need of summer getaways from the city you live in, it might be time to consider moving. Summers can get quite hectic. Still, if needing to get out of the city is a regular thing for you, you should consider moving to a place that fits your lifestyle better. Nowadays, the job market is more open than ever. You can easily find a job in a different city. On top of that, New Jersey, in general, has lots of cities and small towns to fit any person’s needs and wishes.

    Since New Jersey is a state with the most moves, year after year, you won’t be the only one who’s moving. If you are considering joining many people who are relocating to a different city in New Jersey, you can start by getting moving quotes in NJ. Of course, you may want to decide where to go before all that. And that will surely be the easy part as New Jersey has everything. Small, quiet suburbia, or bustling cities and beachside towns. The hardest thing will be to take your pick. And we can take care of the rest, to keep your move in safe hands.

    Final thoughts on choosing the right summer getaway

    We mentioned a lot of ideas on how you can spend your summer days in New Jersey. The Garden State may not be one of the largest states, but it sure packs a lot. It will be easy for anyone to choose between many options for summer getaways in New Jersey. Whether you’re a beach person, a museum fan, or anything else in between, you will surely have options to choose from. Hopefully, this article helped you plan your vacation. And if not, we hope it at least puts you on the path to finding your ideal getaway.



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