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The best places in Essex County for startups

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    Starting a business is a huge and demanding venture. Whether you’re doing it alone, or with someone else, starting a business is no easy task. At All Season Movers NJ, we’ve helped quite a few people move their businesses. And because of that, we know how much work and dedication goes into moving, as well as starting and developing a business. Because starting a business is so difficult, time-consuming, and expensive, it’s important for business owners to do it correctly. That includes choosing the best city to do it in. And luckily for you, if your choice is Essex County in New Jersey, there are plenty of amazing cities that would be great places for startups. However, don’t make decisions too hastily. It’s very important for you to research all of the places in Essex County for startups before you make a decision. That way you might end up finding the perfect city for your future business.

    Why Essex County is a good choice for a startup

    Before you start looking for Essex County movers, let us tell you a bit about why starting a business in Essex County is a good idea. First of all, Essex County is a densely populated area. That means that there will be a lot of potential for expanding your immediate clientele and attracting new audiences. Next, Essex County has been drawing in more and more young entrepreneurs. That means that you’ll likely be among like-minded and business-oriented people. Plus, Essex county is home to the biggest New Jersey airport. That would likely make shipping products and receiving materials very easy.

    A group of young entrepreneurs on a break.
    Essex County offers many amazing and affordable places for startups!

    On top of all that, Essex County is very affordable. And that’s usually very important to new business owners. Since the costs of starting a business are so high, most owners look for affordable cities. And fortunately, Essex Country is full of those! Of course, that is not to say that Essex County is bad or anything. It’s just not as expensive as some of the surrounding New Jersey Counties. And you should see that as an opportunity to start your business cheaply without sacrificing much else.

    There are quite a few places in Essex County for startups that might be right for your business

    Essex County might not be someone’s first choice for starting a business, but it’s definitely a smart choice. Considering what we’ve already mentioned, it’s no wonder that Essex County is becoming more and more popular. Despite it not being one of the most popular places for business as of right now. Plus, there are many amazing companies in Essex County that offer quality moving services NJ residents wholeheartedly recommend, which would make moving your business very easy. But before you choose your movers, first you should choose a city.

    Newark NJ is the number one city in Essex County for startups

    Newark is the most populated New Jersey city. And being so densely populated, it offers all sorts of opportunities for entrepreneurs. To start with, it’s an air and rail center of New Jersey. That makes it the perfect city for running a business since shipping will be a cakewalk. Plus, numerous international and domestic companies have their headquarters in Newark. All that makes Newark pretty much the business hub of Essex County. There are many steps to start your business, and choosing the right city for your business is definitely one of them. And make no mistake, Newark is definitely the right choice! The only downside is that it could potentially be more expensive than the rest.

    A group of colleagues in a business meeting.
    Many serious companies have their headquarters in one of the best places in Essex County for startups, Newark!

    Bloomfield – Just like Newark, but not Newark

    Bloomfield is a suburb of Newark. It’s significantly smaller than Newark. But don’t let this little powerhouse fool you. Bloomfield has one of the most active business communities. Its community is largely comprised of business-oriented people. Plus, operating a business in Bloomfield is as good as operating it in Newark. Since they’re so close, it’s as if your business is located within the heart of Newark. With, of course, all the benefits of not living in the midst of a densely populated city brings – lower prices and comfier living.

    South Orange Village Township is one of the best Essex County cities for

    South Orange Village Township is the historical gem of Essex County. This little town has a rich history that goes as far back as 1666. And that gives it a very historic vibe that adds to its importance. Plus, this little town is mere 17 miles away from NYC. And on top of that, the township is well connected to other parts of NJ with most major highways just minutes away. So if your dream is to move your business to NYC one day with great movers NJ to NYC, South Orange Village Township might be a decent in-between until you manage to do so.

    Montclair – The only correct option for young and hip entrepreneurs

    Montclair is yet another township that’s on the list of the very best places in Essex County for startups. This town is openly proud of its very diverse young community which has been attracting more and more young, business-oriented individuals. This lovely town is very modern and progressive. That makes it perfect for like-minded companies that are future-oriented. Downtown Montclair is the place to be if you enjoy the lively and urban lifestyle. That makes Montclair one of the best places for networking as well. That means that you’ll have no trouble meeting many new associates and maybe even business partners in Montclair.

    Two young women having dinnner in Montclair which is one of the best places in Essex County for startups.
    Montclair offers a lifestyle that’s appealing to young entrepreneurs!

    There are many more amazing places for startups in Essex County

    We’ve listed only a few places in Essex County for startups. However, there are many more. We’ve chosen these cities and towns as most notable because each of them is very special and unique in a certain way. But what they all have in common is that they’re amazing for startups and young entrepreneurs. So if you’re hoping to start your business in  Essex County, make sure to do further research and look into these lovely cities some more!


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