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The best cities for job seekers in NJ

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    Each year we can see more and more people moving to New Jersey in search of their perfect home. New Jersey can be the perfect place for many different people looking for different opportunities. It holds so many large cities and small towns that provide its residents with work, good housing options, and a growing economy. The location of this state has also been great for people looking to work in New York City without having to live there. But, more people are transferring even their jobs to New Jersey. If you are among them and you are looking for the best cities for job seekers in NJ you have come to the right place. We will tell you a few options. And once you decide, you can also have All Season Movers NJ company with you to make your move the best experience.

    What makes a city great for job seekers?

    Since the pandemic, the world has entered a new stage of its life. And you can see it also in job searches. There has now more than ever a need for medical personnel, so people in health care are in need. Not just that, but each year we have more and more need for different online jobs, and this can impact the living situation as well. Because, if you don’t need to be in the office to work, this means that you don’t need to live in the same city you work in. But, let us focus on the more average jobs, that most people can fit into. What are important factors a city needs to have in order to be great for job seekers?

    First of all, is, of course, looking at how many open workplaces there are on average in the city you are interested in. Depending on the industry you work in, cities will differ. So, it is important to know which city has the most need for your industry. After that comes the cost of living. If the cost of living is too high, you might not be able to afford to move to a city even if it has many work opportunities. That is why people often move to smaller towns or suburbs and commute to large cities. But often, smaller places have a lot of work opening because of the same reason. More people work in the big cities, leaving some spots open. You should take all of this into account before calling residential moving companies NJ offers to you.

    A man and a woman looking at their laptops in search for
    Many different opportunities are waiting for you in New Jersey

    Why are people moving to New Jersey?

    Moves to New Jersey have become a daily thing. It is simple. This state with a great location can offer such variety to a large number of people. And still, so many places hold great housing prices, lower cost of living, and good work opportunities. And you have probably heard about that because you are looking for a place to move to here as well. No matter if you are searching for a small town filled with green spaces and with mountains or beaches around, you can find it. Or, you might decide to move to some of the larger cities in NJ and try your luck in a bustling environment filled with activity. Once you see how diverse life is in New Jersey, it becomes quite clear why people are moving.

    Up until recently, New Jersey had a large percentage of unemployment, but it has been turning it around. In 2022. the state has added jobs at such a fast rate, following the recovery after the pandemic. It now has an increase of 5.2% in job places. New Jersey is a great state that many families consider as well, as it gives a lot of safe towns and cities. The communities are different, diverse, and sometimes tight-knit. And we are sure you can find what you need once you decide to move to NJ. And for your move to be an easy process, you can hire professional movers from this state. They will offer many moving services, such as storage services NJ, different location services, and all the others that you might need.

    The view of the city and the river
    There are a lot of pros to moving and working in New Jersey

    Stay close to New York City and move to Bayonne

    Starting with the city of Bayonne. It is located quite close to New York City, on the Hudson river. Besides, it offers scenic views of the river and skyline, and it is a great location for people wanting to work in New York City. You can commute very easily, by car, train or busses, however, you prefer. You can get the mix of urban and suburban feel living here, and it is quite a nice place to live in. Many families are raising their kids here because of the safety, and good opportunities. Also, there is a large number of young professionals calling Bayonne home. So, it could be beneficial to hire movers in Bayonne NJ so you can meet some new people. It is perfect for networking.

    Currently, there are more than 300 000 opened job places that you can apply to. This is an amazing opportunity, as you have a large number of them to search through. Of course, looking for a specific industry will narrow down the choice, but it is good knowing that the number is high. The first five places on the most needed jobs in Bayonne go to:

    1. Sales Associate
    2. Customer Service Representative
    3. Delivery Driver
    4. Assistant Manager
    5. Registered Nurse
    The family celebrating outside
    Bayonne is home to many families and young professionals

    The township of Cedar Grove falls under the best cities for job seekers in NJ

    This township of around 13 000 people can be the perfect small place you are looking for. It has a tight-knit community always ready to help, and for some jobs, you might need this. It is located in Essex County and most residents own their homes here. The median home price is around $599 000 if you are interested in buying a home. If you do decide to move here, you can get help from movers Cedar Grove NJ companies offer. You will save both your time and your money using professionals. If you work here, you should know that the median income is $146,432. The top five companies that are hiring are:

    1. Alaris Health
    2. Genesis HealthCare
    3. Grove Labs
    4. Essex County Hospital Center
    5. CVS Health

    Ridgewood is a wealthy town with a lot of opportunities

    Around 20 miles from Manhattan, you can find the town of Ridgewood. A beautiful smaller place with around 25 000 residents. This gorgeous little place has so many things to offer. First of all Downtown part is walkable, and everything is close by, so you can enjoy your days without having to drive all the time. There are a lot of restaurants, coffee shops, shops, and other activities and events. Ridgewood has highly-rated public schools, lots of parks, and amenities that its residents can use.

    The community is quite close, and most families have been living here for decades. It does fall under wealthier places, with the median home price of $900 674 which can be a lot. But, it does offer good work and life opportunities. Ridgewood is in third place with its lowest unemployment rate and there are more than 300 000 job openings you can choose from. Some of the top jobs in this town are:

    1. Sales Manager,
    2. Energy Consultant,
    3. Teacher Aide,
    4. Substitute Teacher,
    5. Exercise Physiologist
    A view of Downtown
    Walkable Downtown filled with restaurants is a great way to relax in your free time

    When searching for the best cities for job seekers in NJ consider the township of Maplewood

    Maplewood is a township in Essex County. Like most towns and cities, it has a great location to nearby big cities. This means that it offers a suburban small-town feel while giving you the opportunity of visiting bustling cities all the time. If you were to call movers Maplewood NJ offers, you could move here effortlessly easy. And we are sure you can quickly find friends in this amazing community. Around 25 000 people are living here, making it easier to meet and get close to people.

    The average income in this town is $149 568 and the median home price is $662 000. This can be the perfect place for everyone looking for a calmer environment. Maplewood has the average unemployment rate for the US, which is 6%. The prediction is that in the future, Maplewood will see an increase of 20.9% in future job growth. Among the most common jobs that you can find in this town are:

    1. Accountant
    2. Administrative Assistant
    3. Administrator
    4. Aide
    5. Assistant
    6. Assistant Manager

    Don’t skip Jersey City, one of the largest NJ cities for job seekers

    Living in Jersey City means living in a city that is second in the number of residents. Around 301,690 people are living here. There are more and more moving there each year, using professional movers Jersey City NJ offers to them. You might be interested in moving here as well, so let us see some of the pros of moving here. It is a beautiful city that faces the Hudson River and offers amazingly scenic views of the Manhattan skyline, the Statue of Liberty, and Ellis Island. As a large city, it offers many opportunities, amenities, and events to its residents. But, being a big city, it also comes with a higher cost of living, rent, and taxes. Finding balance means that you can live comfortably here.

    This city has an unemployment percentage of around 8.3% which is higher than the average US percentage of 6. But, the future job growth is calculated as 24% which is a good number. Depending on the type of work you are looking for, Jersey can be a good place for you. It will also bring out a lot of new connections and new opportunities. Some of the top jobs in Jersey City right now are:

    1. Elementary Teacher,
    2. Business Analyst,
    3. Graphic Designer,
    4. Assistant Controller,
    5. Accounting Intern
    The view of night sky over Jersey City
    Jersey City as the second most populous city is among the best cities for job seekers in NJ

    Hoboken is a perfect city for many different people

    Hoboken is another city on the Hudson river, where you can enjoy the amazing Pier A Park and Manhattan skyline. Whether you decide to move to this town or not, you should most definitely visit it. A delightful picturesque little town that offers a lot to see and do. Walking along River Street can make for some amazing memories. Around 58,690 people are living here and the population keeps rising, with a 1.69% of annual growth. This means more people, more work, and more opportunities. This is exactly why Hoboken is on our list of the best cities for job seekers in NJ. Hoboken has a competitive housing market, with the median home prices going around $805 000. There are a lot of families living here as well, because of the low crime rates. This makes for a walkable, safe, gorgeous little town that you can consider.

    Hoboken is also recommended because the unemployment rate of 4.2% is lower than the national average. Future job growth is estimated to be 30% which makes this city a great opportunity. When you think about all the pros of moving here, you might be thinking of moving services NJ moving companies can offer to you as well. Some of the most demanded jobs here are:

    1. Nanny
    2. Registered Nurse
    3. Category Manager
    4. Student Assistant
    5. Housekeeper
    A woman playing with two girls in the sand
    In Hoboken, nannys are in demand!

    What jobs are the most in demand in New Jersey?

    Now that you have a few of the best cities for job seekers in NJ in your mind, why don’t we go over the most in-demand jobs in the New Jersey state so that you can have an idea about them? This can also serve you if you can work in multiple industries or are looking to switch to a new position. The first place of most wanted jobs is a Java Developer. This is one of the positions that has been in high demand for a couple of years now. The average salary for this position in the year is $110 779. The second and third places go to developers and software engineers. They are followed by:

    • Senior Software Engineer
    • Sales Associate
    • Registered Nurse
    • Assistant Vice President
    • Business Analyst
    • Nanny
    • Physician

    If you are interested in any of these jobs or positions, it’s time to move to NJ. Don’t hesitate, take your chances, and good luck!

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