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The best 10 bars in NJ you should check out

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    New Jersey is a state that offers everything for everybody. You can find cities where the nightlife is great and also smaller places where people like peace without traffic jams and noise. If you are a person who likes to hang out, then you are lucky. There are a lot of bars in NJ you should check out. A lot of great places that offer great fun and entertainment. We will mention the best places from different cities in NJ. Before we jump to that, there is something else that we want to mention. If you are not from NJ and you want to relocate to this state, the best option is always to hire movers for the job. You should plan out visiting amazing places in NJ and let the professionals do all the work. All Season Movers NJ is there when you need them!

    Bars and their role in peoples lives

    Wherever you look, no matter what city or town, you can see a bar. We all have our lives that are nowadays very stressful, full of unpredicted things. We all have our ups and downs. That is why people are looking for different ways to relax, forget about their problems and find positive energy. People are social creatures and bars offer different things that can make this happen. Good food, events, drinks, and pleasant surrounding. People come here to hang out with friends, family, or coworkers. Hanging out in a good bar will relax you. Not all bars are the same and we will mention what are the best bars in NJ you should check out.

    A shelf in a bar with drinks
    Bars are a nice way to get the positive energy

    Maplewood bars

    Maplewood is not so big but there are a lot of good bars where you can hang out with friends, coworkers, or family. The number of people that live here is 25,684. Many of the notable buildings and landmarks in this city were designed by famous architects and landscape designers. The city is beautiful, and so are the bars and restaurants.

    Post Sports Bar and Grill

    The most famous bar is Thirstys Sports bar and Grill. This is an amazing place that offers so much fun. This place works every day from 11 am to 11 pm. Because this place changed owners, it is now called The Post Sports Bar & Grill in Maplewood.  This place sits in the space left vacant by Schottzie’s Pizza. Since opening, The Post has drawn a steady stream of sports fanatics – baseball, boxing, volleyball, darts, football, soccer, hockey, fox hunting, you name it. More than that, The Post fits as a casual, laid-back venue with a clean and sharp look. You can enjoy it here while movers in Maplewood NJ finish unpacking your stuff. They will relocate you here fast and when you get here start from this amazing bar.

    Side Project Cellar

    This place has a little different working time. On Monday the place is closed. From Tuesday to Thursday to Thursday 3 pm to 10 pm. On weekends from 1 pm to 11 pm. It is a Belgian‐inspired beer bar with whiskey and wine. It is located at 7373 Marietta Ave., Maplewood, MO 63143. The special thing about this place is that it has its merchandise. From Accessories to Digital Gift Cards. They have high-quality items that are not so expensive. Clothes with their logos are famous in this neighborhood and people like to wear them. This is one of the bars in NJ you should check out when you arrive at Maplewood.

    Bars in North Arlington

    North Arlington is a borough in Bergen County. This is a good and safe part of New Jersey! A lot of people want to relocate here. There are a lot of good bars, restaurants, and clubs. In this place lives about 15,000 people. They are friendly and like to hang out. Let’s see what is the best bar in this neighborhood.

    Republic North Arlington

    Every day they organize a happy hour and there are some dishes at a lower price. They make excellent specialties and people love this place! And some of the prices are:

    • Republik Breakfast                           $11.95
    • Breakfast Burrito                              $10.95
    • Chicken and Waffles                         $11.95
    • Avocado Toast                                   $10.95
    • Steak and Eggs                                  $12.95
    • Waffle Sandwich                               $10.95

    There is also an option to organize your party in this place. They are good hosts and everything will be planned perfectly. It is not important if it is a birthday or something else.

    Another thing worth mentioning is how easy and low cost you can relocate to this beautiful neighborhood that offers so much. Movers in North Arlington are reputable movers that offer great services. They offer different services, you just need to know what you want.

    Livingston NJ

    Livingston is in Essex County in New Jersey. The statistics show that in the last 10 years, more than 1,964 people came and started living here. The population now is 31,330. Livingston is a fine place to live in. Public schools are highly rated. Income sits at $176,991 per year. That is a lot of money. But, so are the prices! Living here is not cheap. We mentioned that schools are highly rated, and so are the bars in this city.

    The Feathered Fox

    550 W Mt Pleasant Ave #1608, Livingston, NJ 07039 is the address. This place offers an amazing taste. If you look closely at reviews online that are provided by google, you can read that people are truly amazed by this place. Besides good food, the cocktail masters are pretty good at what they are doing and they will make you a good cocktail that will blow your mind. On their menu, you can find Sushi which is a great thing! The Foxy roll is their specialty. That is something that you need to try. While you drink your beer in this bar, movers Livingston NJ can follow your instructions and finish your move here.

    West Orange

    West Orange is a suburban township in Essex County. It is well known place for having been home to the world-known American inventor Thomas Edison, who also maintained a laboratory and workshop in town. It is in the inner ring suburb of Newark. A good thing is that you can live in West Orange and use the perks of working in Newark because the best jobs are in Newark. Always hire movers West Orange NJ when you want to move here. It is better to let movers move you while you enjoy what this township offers. What is also famous about people in West Orange is that they love to hang out, drink and eat. That is why some of the bars in NJ you should check out are in this place.

    The Oak Barrel Pub – one of the bars in NJ you should check out

    The Oak Barrel Pub is a casual bar & family-friendly restaurant. This bar is open from 12 pm to 2 am from Tuesday to Sunday. On Monday from 3 pm to 2 am. Happy hours are 3:30 – 6:30 pm on weekdays. This place is well known to organize good parties! It is located at 440 Main Street, West Orange, NJ 07052. Here you can find what you need to relax, get some positive energy and hang out. There is the possibility to organize your party. They are good hosts. Some of the tables are made out of barrels which gives this place a positive energy and a nice look.

    Some bars in NJ you should check out offer a service of organizing a party for you
    Organize your party with the best!


    Hoboken is a city on the opposite side of the Hudson river. On the east in New York City. On the west is Hoboken. These two cities are in some ways similar but still much different. What is similar is that nightlife in both places is very developed and it is full of bars and they are some of the tops in the country. Hoboken is a busy city where people like to enjoy and relax when they are not working. Because this city is overpopulated, moving must be done quickly and fast. Let the professionals like Hoboken moving companies do the work and you enjoy some of the bars. And let’s see what they are.

    Schmitty’s Hoboken

    This is the best highly-rated bar by people. And what is special about this bar is that here you feel like you belong there. People are so friendly, bartenders are so pleasant and they gladly chat with people. Here you won’t have any trouble. Two different things are good here. Cocktails and crafted beers. This is something that people adore in this place. There is also a chance to become a Brew Club member and get their favorite Craft Brews delivered on demand. Once you purchase your spot in the Club, you’ll be able to get two, four-packs every 7-10 days plus extra cases of craft beers when they have them available. When you join in, you can get a free hoody with their logo.

    Bergen County

    This is a family-friendly neighborhood with convenient access to all modes of transportation, regular neighborhood activities, and community wellness services. Bergen County is the hotspot for diverse bars, restaurants, and highly competitive education. It is overall a very welcoming county that is very safe. Bergen County has a vibrant nightlife much bigger than its size. Besides nightlife, Bergen county is well known for trustworthy movers. Bergen County movers are reputable movers that will move you quickly and safely.

    The Orange Lantern

    This is one of the premier bars with live entertainment in this County. Whether you prefer live music, karaoke, or other run events, the Orange Lantern never disappoints people. Not all of our events are musical, but they are all life! So if enjoy poker, trivia, or sports, something live is always going on at this magnificent place. Everything is tasty and spicy and there is a huge number of different beers and cocktails that you can order. Some people who live in this part of the USA come here regularly to relax, enjoy and forget about their problems. This is one of the best bars in NJ you should check out.

    In some bars in NJ you should check out a poker is organized as fun activity
    This place organizes poker nights

    The Brass Rail is one the best bars in NJ you should check out

    When people come here they are truly amazed by the look of the bar. It offers a different feeling. They offer a dynamic menu and an extensive wine program as well as a premium-only bar featuring the world’s best spirits and cordials. If you are a wine lover this is the place for you! They use only the freshest seasonal ingredients to prepare an elegant style of food. For warm months, there is an outdoor cafe. The elegant second-floor dining room provides a more intimate feeling.

    An inside of a restaurant
    Second floor offers intimate feeling

    The Pool After Dark

    Great bar and the club at the same time with a pool? Have you heard of such a place? The legendary Pool After Dark is located inside Harrah’s Resort Atlantic City. It offers a truly one-of-a-kind nightlife experience. 3,500 sq. foot, 86,000-gallon pool in the middle, the pool party in this awe-inspiring dome is sure to be unforgettable. A lot of events are being organized here. From house to techno parties and for the guests that are not ready to swim in the pool and risk their make-up being ruined, a bar is there so they can dance, drink and hang out.

    Aa night club
    Great parties are being organized here!

    Lucky 7 Tavern

    People fill into Lucky’s 7 to have a drink and listen to the best jukebox in town. It is an old-school place. The bar offers excellent food including authentic Southern BBQ for hungry patrons. Weekly events are Singer/Songwriter Showcase on Tuesdays at 8 pm, Punk/Funk DJ Wednesdays, Ladies Night Thursdays, and Industry Sundays which continue to pack in the crowds. This place is located in Jersey City. It is a favorite among young people. But, you can still see some older people that are still in love with jukeboxes. Jersey City is a phenomenal city and it offers a lot of great things. If you are coming to Jersey City from a distance greater than 50 miles, hire a long distance moving companies NJ and let them do all the work while you enjoy a cold beer in this great tavern.

    A jukebox in one of the bars in NJ you should check out
    Some people still love jukebox!

    NJ is a great place to live

    NJ offers so much. From a great education system, to good nightlife, high quality life and many other things. Remember to relax and enjoy in life. When you want to get the positive energy we mentioned the top 10 bars in NJ you should check out.


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