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The appeal of moving to North Arlington NJ

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    Although many would agree that relocation is stressful, there is maybe nothing more hopeful than changing your place of residence. And some people even consider it a real adventure and can’t wait to get involved, even if they’ve done it multiple times. However, for those moving for the first time, moving may cause a bit of stress. However, we want to show you the true appeal of moving to North Arlington NJ! And with the help of our Bergen County movers – the relocation will be a breeze. Let’s go!

    Are you moving to North Arlington NJ for the first time?

    Moving for the first time is no different than moving for the 20th time. So it doesn’t really matter if you are moving to North Arlington NJ for the first time you do need to make a good plan for moving. Then you need to hire reliable movers in North Arlington NJ to help you relocate. This will reduce your stress level by at least half. Here we will try to describe what you should pay attention to if you decide to take that step.

    family - moving to North Arlington NJ
    We want to show you the true appeal of moving to North Arlington NJ!

    Separate items you use from those you will throw away

    Firstly, you should list what you use from things you will throw away or give to someone. This primarily refers to furniture, bedding, clothing, winter items, library, electronics, computers, refrigerators, stoves, washing machines, tumble dryers, dishwashers, microwaves… Not to mention things like chandeliers, lamps, and all other sensitive and fragile things. Of course, good furniture movers will help you with relocating any bulky items or difficult pieces like safes. In that way, you can move any item you may want to take with you.

    Once you have determined what you are using and what you are not, the next step is to look for moving packaging materials. This will help you to pack your belongings more easily, and at the same time, you will protect them during transport. Any professional moving company in NJ can help you with this. After getting the packaging material, you should organize the transport to your new address.

    What do you need for packaging materials?

    If you are moving to North Arlington NJ for the first time, then you should know what you need from the moving material. Here is our list of things you may need:

    • cardboard boxes (large and small)
    • crackling protective foil
    • adhesive tape
    • Styrofoam, if you plan to carry white goods with you
    • big black bags
    • a large number of old newspapers or any other paper for packing
    • scissors and markers
    You should list what you use from things you will throw away or give to someone.

    Of course, you can always use some of your large travel suitcases as well. They could be used to transfer things that are very sensitive and fragile. Again, you will have to wrap all these things with paper before relocation. The paper will help to prevent sensitive or fragile things from being damaged and broken during the move. You can use vacuum bags for packing clothes. They are also great because they can be large in volume and can hold a lot of things, and at the same time, they will save space on the moving truck. For mattresses or any other sensitive pieces of furniture, you do need to use a protective foil, Styrofoam. In that way, you will reduce any damage that may happen during relocation.

    Packaging tips

    Use larger cardboard boxes for lighter things, such as bedding, toys, and clothes. Use smaller boxes for heavier things such as dishes, books, and small household appliances. You should start by placing something soft on the bottom, for example, an old fabric, which will additionally help prevent damage and breakage during transport, and then putting heavier things on the top.

    When it comes to fragile things like plates, cups, glasses, and porcelain things you should pack them separately from other things. Wrap each glass or cup into paper and arrange them upright. If an empty space appears, fill it with old paper or some cloth. Do not forget to mark each box with a marker because it will help you once you start to unpack. Make sure to secure each box with duct tape.

    Be careful with your documentation

    Before any move, it would be good to gather all the important documents in one place. You can arrange them in folders and write the names of the documents on each one so that you know where everything is when you unpack it. Put these folders into a special box and mark them to make them easier to find when you arrive at your destination.

    Furniture packaging

    As we said, furniture packing should be left to professionals. If possible, disassemble your furniture and wrap each element in foil, stretch tape, blankets, or boxes and put some adhesive tape around it to fix everything well. Pay attention to the order of the furniture when you disassemble it so that you know how to reassemble it later.

    Use smaller boxes for heavier things such as dishes, books, and small household appliances

    You can put adhesive tape on individual elements and mark them with a marker and thus help yourself during their assembly. Put the screws in special bags and pack them with the furniture to which they belong. Pay special attention when carrying pieces of furniture to the truck so as not to damage them along the way.

    Electronics and other devices

    Put any of your computers, monitors, TV devices (or anything else) into their original boxes if possible. If you didn’t save the original packaging, make sure to protect the sensitive parts with wrapping foil. Good luck with moving to North Arlington NJ!

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