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The 10 reasons people are leaving New Jersey

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    Every state in the USA has advantages and disadvantages. People are constantly looking for new places where they will spend their life happy and satisfied. People have various reasons for moving. Sometimes career, sometimes better environment, for seniors it is a quieter place. New Jersey has always been attractive to many people, and New Jersey offers a lot, but some people are leaving NJ. There are a lot of reasons for leaving New Jersey as a state and moving elsewhere. We will discuss 10 good reasons people are leaving New Jersey and maybe that will help you decide if you are going to come here or maybe leave the state. Whatever the decision is, when you decide to move the best solution and decision is to hire movers. Movers NJ is there to help you to relocate in or out of the city and state.

    1. Cost of living in New Jersey

    For a lot of people, the prices in NJ are just too much. It is one of the most expensive states on the East Coast and also in America. There are a lot of ways to earn money to support your life here, but some people don’t want to work all day, they don’t want to be constantly in a hurry, stressed and depressed. There are places where you can have peace, but they are still expensive. Let’s talk a little about prices.

    Prices of the houses and apartments

    Where ever you look the prices are above the USA average. That is a big problem for many people. And the prices are constantly rising. The inflation in the world is eating our money and everything is becoming more expensive. The average price of a home in the state of New Jersey is $471,472. Typically, the closer you are to New York or the shore, the higher the prices will be when you want to buy or rent. Housing prices in New Jersey don’t seem to be dropping much in 2022 and they will not drop in 2023 either. The market will probably drop in 2024. But, the prices will still be high for most people. This is one of the reasons people are leaving New Jersey. When it comes to prices, movers NJ to NYC have not raised their prices and you can move to NYC with little money.

    Living in NJ

    Besides houses and housing, the prices of groceries, transportation, and utilities are higher. We’ll use an index of 100 for the average USA prices. Everything above that is more than the country average, and below is less than the country average.

    • Groceries – 105.8 It is not much higher. but when you have to buy every day at higher prices, you need more money
    • Health – Index of 96.9. That is less, but slightly. It will not make a huge difference.
    • Utilities – 109.2. Watch out for how much gas and electricity you are going to spend.
    • Transportation – 127.7. NJ is well-connected. Roads and railways are everywhere. But, it looks like that comes with a price.
    • Miscellaneous – 112.5. This category tells us that things like car repairs, clothes, restaurants, and entertainment are also more expensive.

    There is one good thing about NJ when it comes to prices. Movers! Moving services NJ that movers around here provide are cheaper and you won’t have an issue hiring one.

    A person holding a money
    You will need more money in NJ than in most states in America

    2. Retirement

    When it comes to reasons people are leaving New Jersey, seniors have the same issue. They want to live in a not-so-urban and expensive place. Peace is something that most people want at this age. Inflation is also eating retirement funds so seniors are running away. Some want to spend more time with their family now that they are retired. They move closer to their kids and grandchildren. Almost 24% of older people want to move from NJ. If you need a senior relocation to another state, interstate movers NJ is there to help you with everything. Moving, especially interstate and long distance can be really hard sometimes, especially if you are at an age where moving around becomes a problem.

    Nursing homes

    Some older people later when they get old and suffer from different illnesses that require nursing homes. Life is unpredictable and unfortunately unfair. Things like Dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, and Parkinson’s happen to some people. When that happens, people and their families need to consider finding a nursing home. They can be quite expensive, and people send their parents outside NJ for them to get the best care possible at a reasonable price. In New Jersey, nursing homes are also full because there are a lot of residents living in the state and a lot of seniors also.

    3. Taxes

    Taxes are something that people and companies are obligated to pay. That is one of the ways how the state collects the money. And not paying taxes is a  crime against the state and you can get in big trouble if you try to hide it. In NJ state all the taxes are high. Property taxes, income taxes, and all other taxes are above the USA average. People don’t like paying for these things, but it is necessary if we all want the country to run as it should. On the East Coast New York is number one when it comes to paying taxes. It takes a lot of money from your pocket.

    Taxes are one of the reasons people are leaving New Jersey
    In NJ the taxes are a little higher!

    4. Jobs

    New Jersey is not a business-friendly state. That is why big corporations are getting away from there. When the companies flee, people migrate. That has been happening since the industrial revolution. People want better jobs and they want a career in big corporations. There are a lot of regulations, taxes, and birocracy and people here want more money for their work because life here is expensive. Corporations migrate to different areas where they can gain more profit. This is also one of the good reasons people are leaving New Jersey. If you are moving locally because of the job and not to another state, local movers NJ are there to relocate you fast! Sometimes moving doesn’t require leaving the state or moving too far.

    5. Education

    Education is important. And around America, there are a lot of colleges that are one of the best in the world. Some students need to leave the state to study what they want. For example, Brown University is in Rhode Island, Harvard is in Massachusetts, Stanford is in California, and Yale is in Connecticut. For prestige universities, you need to leave the state. Except for Colombia University which is in New York City. Almost every person who is at the end of high school is thinking about leaving the state for further education. When you decide to relocate because of the college you can use a long distance moving companies NJ for relocation of your stuff.

    Woman picking a book from the shelf
    For education, people usually need to leave the state

    6. The Weather

    Some people are not familiar with the weather in this state, especially in the northern region. Winters here can be long and sometimes cold. In higher regions, far from the ocean, temperatures drop to 14  °F (-10 °C) in winter. And that temperatures can last for a few weeks. For some people, this is too much and they can’t stand the cold. Sometimes, even in regions that are close to the sea, temperatures can drop below zero. New York had these snow storms in the past where the whole city collapses for a few days. If you hate cold weather, this state is not for you.

    Family in the snow, which is one of the reasons people are leaving New Jersey
    Cold weather is for some people a disaster

    7. Crime

    The crime rate in NJ is dropping but it is still high. Especially around big cities like New York and Philadelphia. People don’t like to be robbed on a street, or their homes looted. Unfortunately, some percentage of crimes are about murder. People think about these things before they want to relocate. There are parts of NJ state that are safe, but far away from the big cities. If you want your stuff safe from predators, it is a good solution to think about the storage services NJ provides because they have options to rent a storage unit that is guarded by security guards and cameras.

    8. Health

    Around the state of New Jersey, there are a lot of overpopulated cities and towns. Overpopulated cities mean that there is a lot of pollution. And people are becoming more aware of the problems that Americans have. So, they watch more about their environment and health. A lot of cars in NJ and big traffic are not good for our lungs, the soil where we seed plants, water that we drink. And when it comes to kids, we want to protect them at all costs. That is why people migrate to other cities and other states. Protecting health is much better and cheaper than paying to heal and get healthy again. The process takes longer and sometimes we can’t recover from some dangerous illnesses.

    9. Traffic and crowds

    New York City is certainly the most crowded place in America. And all that crowd and noise can cause anxiety and unhappy life. The most depressed people live in big cities. Other cities don’t have problems like NYC, but the traffic jams and crowds still cause problems for the people living here. And when we talk about reasons people are leaving New Jersey, this is one of the major ones. People don’t like when they open a window and hear a  noise so big that it immediately causes stress and insomnia. This is something that can’t be resolved, so people move. Before you make a move and decide to relocate with movers, there is one thing that is very important to know. Avoid rogue movers! And the best way is to read reviews and get moving quotes NJ from at least 3 movers.

    Traffic jams is one of the reasons people are leaving New Jersey
    Traffic jams can cause anxiety

    10. Raising a family is one of the reasons people are leaving New Jersey

    Many people want different childhood than the one that they had. Living in a big polluted city where there is a big noise can make a lot of problems for kids. It is not a healthy environment for raising children. That is why a lot of young parents leave New Jersey and look for better conditions where their child is going to be happy, breathe fresh air, and play in open areas where there is no traffic or so many people.

    People see how fast life and a bad environment affect children later and they become something that they don’t want. Choosing a healthy environment for raising children will later make them better people! We live in a cruel world, where people are becoming selfish and hungry for power and money. It is not bad to be ambitious and hungry for success, but, there is a limit to how far are you going to go to achieve your goals. So, thinking about leaving the state because of your children is not stupid or bad at all. It all depends on how you see your child in the future. Bergen County is a little different, and if you want to move here, moving companies Bergen County NJ is there for your relocation.

    A family playing outside
    Raising a family in a healthy environment is important

    Everything in New Jersey is not so black

    New Jersey has one of the most powerful economies despite all that we said. Big corporations are leaving, but, there are still plenty of jobs here. You can earn money here to pay for everything that you need. It is expensive to live here, but consider then moving from the coast. And you will spare some money. Sometimes you don’t need to move too far to change your life and be happy.

    Consider everything before relocating

    Before you decide relocating to another state or even leaving the country of the USA, think carefully. Visit the places that you are considering and put everything on a piece of paper. Pros and Cons! We mentioned what are the most common reasons people are leaving New Jersey. That will help a lot in making a decision.


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