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The 10 Largest Cities In The NJ And Why People Are Moving There

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    Relocations are a great opportunity, both life and business-wise. However exciting, opening a business in a new place requires a lot of research and preparations. If your mind is set on the Garden State but unsure which city to move to, look no further.  All Season Movers NJ is here to help with some interesting and helpful facts on the 10 largest cities in the NJ and why people are moving there.

    1. Newark

    Newark is one of the largest cities in the NJ and why people are moving there is pretty obvious. It is because it’s close to NYC but you won’t have to pay extravagant rent prices. Two of Newark’s main advantages over New Jersey City are a slightly lower crime rate and traveling from and to the city. One of the busiest airports in the area, Newark Liberty International Airport, along with the Newark Penn Station, makes this city well connected.

    An airport at sunset
    Having an international airport is important and may improve your business prospects.

    Having a park in every part of the city is alluring for all the outdoor types, which makes Newark a great place to live. However, having a good and stable economy is incredibly important for business opportunities. Having one of the largest shipping centers nearby is incredibly important for anyone looking to start a business in Newark. Thanks to various investment groups, this city is becoming more attractive to tech startups. This is the main reason that people in the tech business are increasingly hiring commercial movers NJ and moving their offices to Newark.

    2. Jersey City is one of the largest cities in the NJ and why people are moving there is not surprising

    Located west of the lower Hudson River, Jersey City is the second of all largest cities in NJ after Newark. Same as Newark, people mainly move to this city because of its strategic location and accessibility to key markets. Being a much more affordable city in terms of real estate makes it that more attractive than, for example, New York City. Another reason why starting a business in Jersey may be great for you is the workforce. Since Jersey City has been near to the #1 university in the US for a decade – Princeton, you can be sure you hire only the most qualified employees. If you decide that an educated workforce is what your business don’t hesitate to contact movers Jersey City and relocate your business ASAP.

    3. Hoboken

    Hoboken another city on the Hudson River might not be the most obvious choice for relocation. But this city has much to offer. A part of the New York metropolitan area, it is also strategically positioned. Not only that, but Hoboken Terminal is one of the most important transportation hubs in the tri-state area. Since transportation is easy, you don’t have to worry about hiring Hoboken movers and relocating. It will be a breeze.

    students reading in the library of one the largest citties in the NJ that people are moving to
    Stevens Institute of Technology has an excellent curriculum that prepares the students for the job market in the best way possible.

    Education is crucial for a competent workforce, so Hoboken doesn’t lag behind other cities. Stevens Institute of Technology offers its students a high-quality education, which makes them ready to be fully integrated into the workforce. Having a stable economy and a strong industrial background is something that sets it apart from other cities in the Garden State. Even if this city is not the largest in terms of population, it has excellent business opportunities. Living in Hoboken is also a great idea if you are not a fan of living in big cities but still prefer to be close to them.

    4. Secaucus

    Secaucus in Hudson County, New Jersey, has been named the second-best city to raise a family in Hudson County. With a young population of professionals and many young families living there, it’s a great city to relocate or even expand your business in. Not having as many residents as other cities, movers Secaucus NJ know that starting a business here is still a smart choice. Secaucus has excellent public schools and is incredibly diverse. Most residents in this city own the home they live in, which makes it a great place to invest in.

    A young professional woman wondering what are the largest cities in the NJ and why people are moving there
    If you’re wondering what are the largest cities in the NJ and why people are moving there, you might find an answer in Secaucus, a city that’s popular among young professionals.

    5. North Bergen

    North Bergen, a township in the northern part of Hudson County, has a population of over 60k people. In the past, it was one of the largest cities in NJ and why people are moving there nowadays is not a hard question to answer. It is because North Bergen is one of the best cities to start a business in. Its local authorities have been putting more effort into revitalizing the local economy. This goes especially in finance, the healthcare industry, and transportation, which are the most competitive sector today in North Bergen. Although the city’s territory has shrunk because of many secessions in the past, it still remains a very important part of the Garden State.

    More industries than the ones we mentioned are thriving in North Bergen. Hospitality has seen an uptick, especially in the post-Covid era. Having much lower commercial rents than NYC makes it an attractive city to move a restaurant to. Many people are moving there to do exactly that. So if you are thinking of relocating your restaurant or cafe, you can save on rent. North Bergen movers can help you in doing that.

    6. Union City

    If your business is in the textile industry, then Union City, NJ, should already be on your map. This city has been the center of embroidery and lace, and it’s making a hard comeback. Historically, the lace that was made in Union City was sold all over the world. This is one of the main reasons people are moving there to start their own business in this industry. The new program called The Urban Enterprise Zone allows merchants to charge a lowered sales tax and receive several tax benefits. Union City is the second most densely populated and largest city in Hudson County, and many people are moving there each year. Moving companies Hudson County NJ handle a lot of commercial moves, and surely you’ll be in great hands if you plan on relocating your textile business here.

    Rolls of different kinds of fabric stacked on top of each other
    Union City is the center of New Jersey when it comes to the textile industry.

    Having such an industry developed in this city, it is not surprising that arts are also very much appreciated. Recent efforts have been made to revitalize this city and make it an art hub to welcome emerging artists from all art branches. In fact, art is one of the main reasons why Union city is one of the largest cities in the NJ and why people are moving there. With the help of Union City movers and such tax laws, your business will surely be thriving once relocated to Union City.

    7. Maplewood

    Maplewood township is located in Essex County and is genuinely one of the best places to live in New Jersey. It’s not an enormous place since it only has 25.000 residents, but that’s exactly what makes it perfect for raising kids and enjoying your days away from the city noise. However, if you occasionally want to experience life in the big city, Manhattan is only 16 miles away! Maplewood is in the 89th percentile in safety, so you won’t have to worry about your well-being in this town. When it comes to costs of living, it’s slightly more expensive than the New Jersey average. Most of it comes from housing, which is among the most expensive ones in the Garden State. The median home price is around $643,000. Despite that, moving to Maplewood is highly recommended, and if you need any help with the relocation, movers Maplewood NJ can take care of it for you.

    8. Bayonne

    Even thou it is not one of the largest cities in NJ, people are still moving there more and more. Ever since 2017. when the Port Authority officials finished the Bayonne bridge project, the economy has been booming. The project involved raising the height of the Bayonne bridge, allowing for bigger ships to come through. This resulted in more cargo being transported, and the creation of more jobs. Not only that, but ExpressRail has been seeing a record-breaking increase in the shipment of containers and various goods. Vehicle import has seen the most significant uptick.

    A bridge in one of the largest cities in NJ that people are moving to
    The City of Bayonne is investing more into strategic projects that benefit the business community, such as raising the height of the Bayonne bridge.

    In addition, thanks to acquiring federal funding, Bayonne has been able to offer to finance to small businesses. Of course, there are some requirements to apply for this grant. The business should have no more than 25 employees and should be up to date with its taxes. So if you are a small business, why not use this opportunity to start a business? To hurry up with that application for federal grants, contact movers in Bayonne NJ as soon as possible.

    9. Fort Lee

    Although Fort Lee is in New Jersey, many people consider it a suburb of New York City. It is located in Bergen County, and due to its closeness to NYC, it offers an urban feel. The median salary is just a little less than $80,000. The majority of Fort Lee’s residents own their homes. Homeownership is a big deal in Fort Lee and is one of the prime reasons why it is one of the largest cities in the NJ and why people are moving there. If you decide to blend in and buy one, expect to pay $631,000 for a home. Fort Lee has a higher cost of living compared to the nation’s average in every category. However, except for housing, the difference is not that big. Fort Lee is a safe and diverse place that has an excellent public school system. It seems like a great place to live, so hiring Fort Lee Movers seems like the best solution if you want to move there quickly. Fort Lee movers seem like the best solution.

    A lot of people in a sunny business center
    If you are looking for a suburban city that is diverse and an all-round great city to work and live in, then Fort Lee is for you

    10. Alpine

    This may not be the largest, but it is still one of the best cities in NJ to relocate your business to. People who are moving here are the famous and wealthy. This small, sometimes even called a private town, is home to many celebrities. This is why the median home price of $4.14m does not surprise. If you are in the real-estate business, this might be the best location to move or expand your business to.

    People that are moving there are moving for privacy and exclusivity. It is one of the least known and most expensive suburbs for those who wish for a more quiet life. A business catering to this target audience will surely be the best move, along with hiring Alpine NJ movers to handle your commercial move.

    Starting a business in one of the ten largest cities in NJ

    If you are looking to relocate, expand or start a new business in the state of New Jersey, there are many things you need to research about before making the decision. Business prospects and opportunities are not static; they can change. Just because your business has been doing well in the past does not mean it will continue to do so. Not only that, but you should never forget to try and improve or advance your business in a new place. It should be best to remember that fortune favors the brave, and it takes guts to move your business elsewhere.

    If you have made your decision of moving your business, hopefully, this article on the ten largest cities in the NJ and why people are moving there has helped you make things a bit clearer. With a bit of luck and some research, we have no doubt that you will make the decision that is best for you and your business.


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