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Student-friendly places in Hudson County

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    Student life is the best period in life. You are living an adult life but without adult-like obligations. However, before you experience the charms of student life, you have a couple of things to do. First, you need to find a good college and where you are going to study. You can either stay in your family home and go to the nearest college or move to another city or state. The better option usually is to move away from your family home and live by yourself without your parents. Hudson County is a very popular place among students. Moving to Hudson County with the best movers NJ offers you many advantages besides educational ones. Therefore, here are a few student-friendly places in Hudson County that could be a perfect place for you during your studies.

    What are the student-friendly places in Hudson County?

    Hudson County is a student favorite place for many years. So, it doesn’t come as a surprise why so many young people are moving here with moving companies Hudson County NJ. Additionally, Hudson County is the fastest-growing county in New Jersey as the county recorded an increase in the population of about 15% in the last 10 years. For this reason, Hudson County is geographically the smallest but most densely populated county with a population of around 750 000. Its located right across the Hudson River, Hudson County has many connections with Manhattan and with most of Northern and Central New Jersey. So, only with its location, Hudson County offers many benefits. Now, you should decide where you are going to live in this county. There are many good options for every generation. However, the best places for students are the following:

    • Hoboken
    • North Bergen
    • Union City
    • Jersey City
    • Secaucus
    Grassy embankment with view of a river and city
    Hudson County is one of the best places for students

    Why is Hoboken a good place for students?

    Hoboken is one of the best places for living in New Jersey. So, the same story goes for students as well. Additionally, Hoboken is a great place to stay after you finish college. It’s a middle-sized city with a population of around 60 000. It was named one of the most walkable cities in the county which means a lot to future students. There are two main reasons why students would move to Hoboken with Hoboken movers. The first reason is to attend the Stevens Institute of Technology located at Castle Point. This Institute is made up of one college and three schools that are highly praised for their education, high job placement rate, etc. The Stevens Institute of Technology also has a 55-acre residential campus. However, many students who attend colleges in NYC also choose Hoboken for living for its proximity and relative affordability compared to Manhattan.

    Why should you choose North Bergen?

    One of the student-friendly places in Hudson County is North Bergen. The city has similar advantages to Hoboken. This city with a population of around 60 000 is located about 13 miles from Manhattan. Another benefit of moving to North Bergen with movers North Bergen NJ is safety. The crime rates are about 40% less than the national ones, so you will be able to enjoy your student life without worry. The average rent in North Bergen is around $2000. It’s the cheapest rent, but many New Yorkers choose to live here leading to a rent increase. However, real student life is sharing an apartment with at least one or two roommates. So, if you divide this price with one or two more people, it’s not that expensive. Additionally, it is more affordable than rent prices in NYC.

    North Bergen is one of the student-friendly places in Hudson County
    North Bergen has a lot to offer to students

    Why is Union City one of the student-friendly places in Hudson County?

    Union City might be the most diverse city on this list. Due to first German and then Spanish-speaking influx of people, about 80% of residents speak only Spanish at their homes and only about 13% speak English. Additionally, more than 50% of residents are foreign-born, so diversity is a major aspect of Union City. The city has a population of almost 70 000 and they are mostly working-class people. The cost of housing is affordable compared to NYC, but not cheap exactly. The rent for a two-bedroom apartment is around $2000. The overall vibe of the city is friendly with great nightlife and entertainment. Moreover, Union City is only 7,2 miles located from Manhattan leading to many people moving here with movers Union City NJ. For this reason, the city is popular among commuters who either work or study in NYC.

    Should you live in Jersey City as a student?

    Another city on the list of student-friendly places in Hudson County is Jersey City. This list wouldn’t be complete if the seat of the county is not mentioned. Jersey City is the biggest city in Hudson County with a population of almost 300 000. Depending on where you are going to live, Jersey City can be either great or pretty bad. The better part of Jersey City is Downtown Jersey City where you have everything you will need such as good buildings, bars, shops, and grove street PATH train for commuting to Manhattan. Before you move here with the moving company Jersey City NJ, you should know about the cost of living. By some calculations from previous students, you will need about $1500 a month if you share an apartment with at least two other people. This is not a lot of money to spend every month.

    Woman in yellow thinks about student-friendly places in Hudson County
    Almost every city in Hudson County is great for students

    Why should you consider Secaucus?

    If you are looking for a smaller city, Secaucus is a great option for you. The city has a population of around 16 000 which is not too much or too small. The city is often named one of the best places for living in New Jersey. Additionally, your relocation will go smoothly if you hire movers Secaucus NJ. While the city might be small, it has many possibilities. The school system is pretty good as students here first attend Secaucus Public Schools from pre-kindergarten to the twelfth grade. Furthermore, High Tech High School has moved to Secaucus four years ago to the newly built 350,000 square feet school building. Another option is the Nicholas G. Hayek Watchmaking School with a two-year program for watch services. The cost of living is pretty high as housing expenses are about 115% higher than national ones.

    What is the best option for you?

    As Hudson County is a pretty popular place for students, there are bound to be many student-friendly places here. Now, it’s not easy to decide which city is the best. Every place has its pros and cons. Also, this decision can’t be made based on only one factor. First, you need to decide where you are going to study. Hudson County has many great schools which only complicates your decision. The next step is to set up your budget. Unfortunately, your decision will mostly depend on your budget. The cost of living in Hudson County is lower than in neighboring NYC. Therefore, many people choose to live in Hudson County while working in NYC. However, the county also has a strong local economy and many small businesses are moved here with commercial movers NJ in recent years. For this reason, Hudson County is good for living, working, and studying.

    Group of people sitting with a dog
    There are many student-friendly places in Hudson County

    What cities are close to NYC?

    NYC is among the most popular cities in the world. So, it’s not surprising that NYC is like a magnet for young adults and professionals. However, the cost of living in NYC is pretty high and not something many students can afford. For this reason, New Jersey and Hudson County are great more affordable options for commuting to NYC. The best places to live in NJ close to NYC are Hoboken, Jersey City, Bayonne, etc. Most of these cities are also student-friendly places in Hudson County. So, it’s a good option to find a great apartment and commute to your college or school in NYC. The average commute time is around 30 min depending on where you live and the type of transportation. If you are not a fan of commuting, New Jersey also has great schools and colleges.

    Why is Hudson County good for students?

    Student life is not only about attending classes and studying. Many students also work part-time or volunteer in some organizations. You can easily find a part-time job as a retail sales associate, server, front desk associate, barista, and many others. Another important aspect is safety. As many students live for the first time away from their parents, crime rates should be low. Luckily, Hudson County has low crime rates generally. Of course, it all depends on location. However, major crimes rarely happen and most reported crimes are burglary and theft. The next great aspect of living in Hudson County is the friendly and welcoming atmosphere. You will easily meet and get new friends to hang out with. Every city in Hudson County has great entertainment options and the bigger cities also have interesting nightlife. After all, student life is more about meeting new people and having fun.

    two young women sitting and talking about student-friendly places in Hudson County
    Hudson County will offer you possibilities to learn and grow in good and healthy surroundings

    What should you know about student life?

    While student life is the best phase in life, it could be pretty stressful at the beginning. You are in charge for the first time in your life and you can do whatever you want. For this reason, you should make a goal of what you want from your college or university. If the diploma is your main goal, then make a plan for when and how you are going to study. Also, you will meet new people everywhere such as lectures, libraries, hallways, cafeterias, dorms, etc. There will be young people from different cultures and countries. So, while studying is important, you should also have fun, go to parties, trips, etc. Don’t forget to stay in touch with your friends back home and share new experiences with them. Also, it will be hard when finals come, but don’t stress too much as nothing is more important than your health.

    How to prepare for your relocation?

    After you pick one of the student-friendly places in Hudson County, you now have a relocation to prepare. Most students are moving long-distance and it’s not easy to move by yourself. Also, you might think that you need to move all your items with you. However, dorm rooms are pretty small and you can’t move your whole room there. Additionally, you will probably have a roommate, so only half of the room will be yours. A similar situation is if you are going to rent an apartment. Rent prices are high for many reasons. So, it’s unlikely you will be alone in a huge apartment. You will also have at least one if not two or more roommates. So, the storage options will be limited. For this reason, you should only pack items that you use all the time.

    When should you start preparing for your relocation?

    Most students move during peak season. Peak season is when professional movers have the most work to do and it’s usually during summer. For this reason, if you are planning to move with professional movers, you should book them at least a month or two in advance. Finding professional movers a week before your moving date is almost impossible and it could be very expensive. So, don’t wait until the last moment to hire your moving company. Preparing for a relocation takes time and dedication.

    young lady sitting on floor
    Don’t wait last minute to start packing your belongings

    Why should you choose Hudson County?

    As you can see, there are many good student-friendly places in Hudson County. No matter which city you choose in the end, you won’t make a mistake. Every city on this list has many advantages for students from housing options to entertainment. Now, all you need to do is to prepare for your student life. Pick which items you will take with you right away and which one to move later. It’s almost time for the best phase of your life starts.

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