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Storing summer gear 101

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    Autumn is here and winter is coming soon, so it is time to clean up our closets. Pack and store the items we won’t be needing during the cold days. If you do not have enough space in your home for all those items and you are not blessed with a huge closet, then you can find a storage unit and store your belongings. You can contact some of the moving companies Montclair NJ and check what type of storage units they have. You can let them pack and store your items. But if you want to do it yourself, here you can find some tips for storing summer gear.

    Sort your items and declutter your closet

    When the season changes and you need to take out your winter clothes, it is the best moment to sort your belongings. Before you wash them or store them, go throw your summer gear and make sure you get rid of the items that you haven’t been using for a certain time. If you haven’t been wearing or using a certain item for more than a year, it is a clear sign that you don’t need these items anymore. Get rid of them and make space in your closet. If you have some items that are in a good condition, you can give them away to some friends or family, or donate to some charity organization. The rest of the items you can store. You can search for moving and storage NJ companies. Check what they can offer and choose the company that suits your needs.

    storing summer clothes
    Go through your closet and get rid of the items you do not wear anymore.

    When you finish sorting your items, you can make a list of all the items you will pack and store. Write down if there are some scarves, sweaters, boots, bicycles, rollerblades, paddleboards, etc. This will help you not to forget that you have stored something. Divide the items into groups so you can pack them easier. Now you are set for the next step.

    Here are some steps you can take when you are preparing to store your items:

    • wash the clothes properly and clean some summer equipment you have
    • get the packing supplies
    • find a reliable company that will help you with storing summer gear
    • find a storage unit

    Wash and clean before storing summer gear

    Once you have decided what you will keep and store, you should wash, clean, and prepare for storing all these items. Check the labels on your clothes so you can properly wash them. You can do it yourself or if not, you can take your clothes to the dry cleaning. Do whatever is easier for you.

    washing it before storing summer gear
    When you have sorted your clothes you need to wash them before storing them.

    If you will wash the clothes yourself, as already said check the labels first. This is necessary to prevent odors that can attract pests. If you will store some leather shoes or sandals they need to be cleaned and rubbed with conditioning oil so that they do not dry and crack. When you finish washing the clothes you can do a little trick to keep them fresh as long as possible. Use some essential oil, like lavender for example. Apply a few drops of some essential oil on a paper towel and put it into a box or a plastic bin that you will use to store the clothes. Clothes store better when they are folded, and packed rather than hung because folding minimizes stretching.

    If you are planning to store some summer equipment like rollerblades, skates, paddleboards, you need to clean them too. You can wash them with water and some cleaning supplies. Let them completely dry before packing and storing them.

    Pack you items

    For packing the items before you store them, you will be needing some packing supplies like cardboard boxes, plastic bins or plastic bags, packing tape, and if you have original cases for your summer equipment you should use them. Pack similar items together. It is also very important to put the labels on the boxes and plastic bins so you can easily find certain items. If you know that you will be needing some items earlier than the others, make sure you pack them last in the storage unit.

    packing before storing summer gear
    It is much better to fold your clothes before storing them than to hang them to avoid stretching.

    Find reliable movers and storage unit for storing summer gear

    If you have decided to declutter your home, store some items, and make some space in your home, you should get in touch with some reliable movers. They will provide you with packing services, relocate your belongings, and store them. Skilled and trained movers will do it much easier and faster than you so you just let the professionals do their work. 

    Whatever you decide, after preparing your summer clothes and equipment you will be needing a storage unit. It is really important to find a suitable storage facility. Firstly, you need to measure your items so you can choose the right storage unit. Then you should check the security measures of the storage facility. Check the locks, if there is a surveillance 24/7, or if there is a nightguard that watches over the unit at any moment. Make sure you choose the climate-controlled unit.

    And the last thing you should pay attention to is the maintenance of the storage facility. It is necessary to control and properly maintain the storage unit. So, if some gaps need to be filled or some reparation needs to be done, the storage facility owner needs to handle that. The last thing you want is to find mouses or cockroaches in your storage unit. Contact several moving companies and ask for moving quotes NJ companies has to offer. Then you can compare their offers and choose the company that suits your needs and budget.

    Hope these tips for storing summer gear will be helpful and that you will manage to do it yourself. If not, you can always hire some reliable movers to do all the work instead of you. 

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