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Short distance moving guide for NJ

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    Every relocation can have complications and problems, even one that is not a long-distance type. Since people often make the mistake of underestimating short-distance relocations, we have decided to make a short distance moving guide to help you avoid common problems and, somewhat, unexpected situations. Our first recommendation is for you to hire Bergen County movers and not take this relocation head-on by yourself. That is the first thing people do, try to relocate on their own, and they later regret it. Let us see what else can we save you from.

    The short distance moving guide, is it really necessary?

    It kind of is. As we have previously stated, just because you are not moving to another continent does not mean the relocation is going to be easy. You will still have to do tons of paperwork, clean, prepare, and pack every last item, and hire professionals to move those items to another home. Even if it is down the street or just across the river, that is how it is done and for a reason. So, first of all, again, do not do this on your own, you will have more problems than you can imagine. Instead, make a call and hire people to help you with moving from NY to NJ. Once you do that, you can continue with everything else.

    A short distance moving guide you will write for yourself.
    Yes, a short distance moving guide is necessary and it is similar to a list of tasks you will make for yourself.

    The short distance moving guide begins with organizing

    After calling NJ movers and packers and setting a date, you can start organizing your short distance move. Since the road will not be too long, you will not have to pack too much stuff to be with you. This does not mean that you will not have an essentials bag, it just means that you will not have the need for too much food or general preparation for the road itself. On the other hand, what is unavoidable, is making a timeline of your duties and tasks you have to complete before the moving date. You can start there. Make a list of everything that must be done. From dialing numbers to inform others about the relocation to decluttering, cleaning, packing, and similar,

    Papers, documents, and phone numbers

    Since you are not moving overseas, you will not need half as much paperwork. Still, you will need to dial some numbers and bring some documents with you wherever you are going. So, keep that in mind and start making piles of papers that you are obligated to have. Do not forget to contact the USPS about the address change. You will need a few days to finish everything regarding this, and that is no time at all. Therefore, start as soon as possible so that you can get this particular task off of your calendar.

    Papers and documents.
    There will be fewer papers to handle than for a long-distance move but they are still very important.

    The cleaning and packing

    Unfortunately, the cleaning and packing process is the same wherever you are moving. This is, as always, the most difficult and time-consuming part of any relocation, even a short distance one. Therefore, start as soon as you can, take some time off of work if possible, and if not, you will simply have to pack during the weekends or after work hours. That is a bummer, but that is the way it goes. If you find this too difficult and frustrating, you can always hire packing services, NJ, and let professionals do that bit for you. It is a simple solution and you will have much more time to oversee the entire process, rather than lose concentration and energy on packing.

    The official moving day

    When you have done everything that you have written on your calendar, the job is not quite done yet. The real stress actually begins on the official moving day. We propose that you check your lists and calendar one more time the day before the actual move. That way, even if you have forgotten about something or something might have slipped your mind, you will be able to get it done. On the day of the move, it is important to be completely ready and be in constant contact with the movers. Have everything prepared along with that essentials bag that we have mentioned before.

    The date of the official move on a calendar.
    Double-check everything before the official day of the move.

    Something we would like to add to our short distance moving guide

    While a short distance relocation is definitely less stressful for the brain, it is practically the same amount of work as a long-distance one. The only real difference is made by the lessened number of papers. You will still have a lot of work ahead of you and it is good to have proper professional help. It is very important that you do not take the process lightly just because it is a short distance move. You could easily forget something very important and have just as much trouble as you would if you were moving to another continent. Therefore, take this seriously.

    To conclude

    Now that we have explained and reminded you of everything you should do, we can conclude our short distance moving guide. Follow these instructions and suggestions, and everything will be just fine. The organization is crucial just like with everything else in life so prepare properly and we wish you good luck!

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