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Reasons to raise your family in Union City

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    Choosing the perfect place to raise one’s family is one of the greatest tasks a parent will ever face. So many things can influence the formative process of a young person into a quality adult member of society. There are a lot of theories on the sizes and types of settlements one should live on in order to provide the best possible childhood to a child. There are many great things about Union City that make it worthy of calling  All Season Movers NJ and booking the nearest moving date. One of them is that it can be a really good place for raising a family. Since this is a serious topic and potential decision, you should not just take our word for it. That is why we have prepared a list of reasons why should you raise your family in Union City.

    There are quite a few green surfaces

    One of the most important and elementary things in life is fresh air and contact with nature. Living in an average city in the world, you definitely will not have a feeling that you are in nature. That is how it is, and that is it. However, one of the roles of city management is to maintain and improve the quality of life for their citizens. Union City is a good example of people working on this task. There are quite a few green areas across Union city where you can relax. This is good news as this is particularly important for children. Not every part of the city has the same amount of greenery, but wherever you go, even in some of the busiest streets, the comforting warmth of a blooming tree is a likely sight.

    One of the reasons to raise a family in Union City is that it is a nice place to live in
    One of the best things about Union City is that it has a warm feeling to it even during the winter

    The educational system is quite good

    While it must be said the violent incidents are among the most numerous here out of all the Hudson county, there are good upsides to Union City’s educational system. Union City school system is famous for dedicatedly working with poor and immigrant kids. This is an often underrated statistic that actually speaks volumes of the dedication of the people in charge of schools here. When it comes to the public school system in general, it covers all the ages from 3-4 with kindergartens to high schools.

    Furthermore, at one point during the past decade, the high school graduation rate in Union City has been around 10 percentages higher than the nation’s average. more than 70% of those have also graduated college which is an outstandingly good statistic. Many of them have also gone on to win Ivy League scholarships. All of this being said, a quality educational system is definitely one of the reasons why to raise your family in Union City is a good idea. That is also why so many movers Union City NJ have had their hands full in recent years with so many people moving here.

    The position is definitely one of the reasons why you want to raise your family in Union City

    One of the lowkey most important things about a home is its location. Of course, it is obviously important where the home is placed in the context of a town or a city it is in. However, the position of that town or city can be extremely important later on. Especially so when children grow up and go about their lives. That is why trying to be in the center of things as much as you can is really important. Union City is definitely not the center of the world, but its geographical position does have a lot of perks.

    city skyline
    Being a part of the New York metropolitan area provides Union City residents with countless options

    First of all, Union City is a part of the New York metropolitan area. It literally has one of the best views of the NYC skyline, as well as the New Jersey Meadowlands. The New Jersey Route 495 cuts through the city connecting it with its surroundings quite well. It borders Jersey City, North Bergen, Weehawken, Hoboken (formerly known as West Hoboken), and West New York. Its connections with NYC, in general, are pretty good and that basically means that you are connected with the entire world. Whether you or your family member end up looking for a good college, job opportunities, or cultural activities, you can be sure that there will be an abundance of choices.


    As mentioned above, Union City is quite well-connected, in more than one way. New Jersey Route 495 is definitely the most important highway passing through the City. It connects Union City with Lincoln Tunnel, Interstate 95, New Jersey Route 3, and US Route 1/9. When it comes to airports, Newark Liberty International Airport is 13 miles away in Newark, JFK and La Guardia airports are in Queens 12 miles away. Public transportation buses that stop in Union City are numerous and well-connected overall.

    public transportation
    Union City is not the center of the world, but it is directly connected to it

    Pro tip: Book your movers as early as possible

    Hiring a moving company is one of the most important tasks when organizing a move. Moving companies are often regarded just as some people that take your belongings, load them onto their trunks, drive to your new home and unload them there. That by itself is already a difficult task that requires a lot of strength and experience. However, moving companies offer other moving services NJ too.

    Furthermore, the important thing to note here is that the peak season of movers is during the summer. That is when the majority of people move and during that time prices are much higher and movers are usually all booked. That is why it is really hard to get a good moving deal and a fitting moving date during summer. So, when you are moving to New Jersey, whether you will be looking for movers NJ to NYC, or movers from California, you need to do that as soon as you can. As you can see, you will have a great time while you raise your family in Union City. Good luck.

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