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Reasons people are moving from Cedar Grove to Caldwell

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    There are many reasons for people moving from one neighborhood to another. But over time there are some places that become suddenly popular and more people tend to relocate to a certain location. That is why we are going to look at some reasons people are moving from Cedar Grove to Caldwell lately. Of course, if you are considering relocation here, you should know that there are plenty of reliable moving companies NJ that you can hire. With that being said, let us dive into it.

    People are moving from Cedar Grove to Caldwell for upscaling

    The borough of Caldwell has been recently skyrocketing with the prices on the housing market. This is due to the place’s perfect mixture of urban and suburban, with everything you need really close, low crime rates, and a good education system. If you are planning to move here, there are a lot of professional movers in Caldwell NJ available.

    A dog in the middle of sunbathed street with houses on both sides.
    Caldwell offers everything you will need close, while also providing a small-town feeling.

    Caldwell has a lot of commodities and opportunities for a lively and peaceful lifestyle at the same time. It is becoming one of the more popular suburbs in the country. One of the reasons people are moving from Cedar Grove to Caldwell is due to its pretty high ranking on a list as a perfect place for young professionals:

    • The closeness to the city,
    • Good commute,
    • And low crime rates affect people moving from Cedar Grove to Caldwell.

    All of these factors contribute to the title.

    Preferring renting to buying a home

    It may sound silly, but for people wanting to move from Cedar Grove to Caldwell, this might as well be a good enough reason. Around 80% of the population in Cedar Grove are homeowners, while this stat is considerably lower in Caldwell. In Caldwell, only 49% of its citizens are homeowners.  This may be due to higher median home value and lower median rent. This furthermore explains why is getting more and more popular for young adults.

    If you are considering moving from Cedar Grove to Caldwell, then now may be your chance. With the rents lower in Caldwell than in Cedar Grove, you do not have to tie yourself to the new place. You can try your new neighborhood and see how you like it. Just make sure to look for movers in Cedar Grove NJ in time and plan your move properly. 

    Better nightlife is one of the reasons people are moving from Cedar Grove to Caldwell

    As Caldwell is becoming more and more popular with the younger population, the nightlife has to be one of the reasons why people are moving from Cedar Grove to Caldwell. Even though Cedar Grove is more urbanized, it mostly contains family businesses and restaurants. The most popular one would be Kyoto.

    Two women dancing in front of a men that sings in a bar.
    Nightlife is an important aspect for young people who are moving from Cedar Grove to Caldwell.

    On the other hand, in Caldwel there are few pubs and tavernas where you can have a fun night out. Therefore, if you are into dancing and having a fun night out, start looking for Essex county movers and pack your bags. Some of these bars are open well past midnight, and there is an ambiance to everyone’s taste.

    Elementary education facilities and high-schools

    This might as well be one of the main reasons why people, well families with children more specifically, are moving from Cedar Grove to Caldwell. Even though both places are offering excellent education facilities, Caldwell is ranking up here.

    The selection of schools both in the private and public sectors in Caldwell is very good. This is why it’s not only popular among the younger people looking, but for families also. And especially for families that are planning on having children and want to be in the city. This contributed to ranking Caldwell higher in the best suburbs to live in New Jersey. This combined with reasonable rents, and low crime rates made the borough of Caldwell more and more popular.

    People are moving from Cedar Grove to Caldwell  because it is a short-distance relocation

    Finally, one of the reasons people are moving from Cedar Grove to Caldwell is because it is close. For anyone looking for a change, or a new neighborhood, but doesn’t want a big moving hustle, this makes perfect sense. Everything is much easier and quicker when you are moving close by. Cedar Grove is only a 10-minute drive away from Caldwell, so all the surrounding places are mostly familiar.

    A woman loading a trunk of a red car with a cardboard box, with a man carrying another cardboard box next to her.
    Moving close by is far more convenient than moving long distances.

    Moving close by has a lot of advantages. You can often go to your new home, and overlook the renovation if doing any. Planning and preparing are much easier, especially if you are planning to pull a do-it-yourself relocation. Not to mention the moving costs. Of course, you can always compare moving quotes NJ and find out the cost. But you can do most of the moves by yourself if you have a vehicle.

    For example, you can hire a professional mover to relocate some of the more robust furniture or other delicate belongings that require special handling. But personal items, such as clothing or books can easily fit in your car. It is so close that you can make several trips in one day.

    Why people are moving from Cedar Grove to Caldwell – Conclusion

    Lastly, in conclusion to all the reasons people are moving from Cedar Grove to Caldwell, we can say that in the end, it all comes down to personal preference. No matter the trends or statistics, the most important thing is your preferences and requirement. Hopefully, we provided some input that will somewhat help your decision. You can also search for more information about Caldwell before making your decision. Any change in life comes with its difficult parts, and that goes for any relocation -no matter if it’s long-distance or a few blocks away.


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