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Pros and cons of using brand new moving boxes

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    The packing material you are using for your move is quite important. It can help you set up the pace of your move, and figuring out how much you can splurge on it can help you set up a budget. This is why all reliable moving companies Montclair NJ based encourage you to think carefully about using brand new moving boxes rather than the used ones. However, this decision does not come lightly. New boxes will cost more, and they might end up having a set of disadvantages too. In this article, we take a look at what you will get when using moving boxes that are new, compared to using the ones that aren’t. Keep reading to find out more and hopefully make your decision by the end of this article!

    You don’t need to worry about the quality when using brand new moving boxes

    When it comes to the advantages of new boxes, the first thing that comes into mind is their quality and material. As you probably know, moving boxes are usually made out of cardboard. And, as you know, cardboard is not quite resilient or strong. The more you use it, the more it will bend or break – and the chances for that happening increase after every use.

    A thumbs up.
    Get the best quality with new moving boxes!

    This becomes a problem when you choose used moving boxes. You can never really tell just how much the person before you used the boxes! They might tell it was a single-use, but who would really be able to prove it? Then there is also the matter of how the boxes were used. Sometimes, especially if you are getting your boxes from grocery or liquor stores, they get tossed around and push against one another. This can easily damage the stability of the cardboard, thus damaging the box itself.

    Because of this, when you are looking into moving and storage NJ, you should always try and get new moving boxes. This way, you will know they will be stable and ready for the move! All you will need to do is sort them out and pack your things, then seal and label them! From there, you can rest at ease knowing your items are safe and sound – and no ugly surprise will wait for you when you open the boxes!

    You will need to add more funds to your budget

    One of the major downsides of using brand new moving boxes is that you have to buy them. You will either get them together with your moving quotes NJ or you will need to buy them from an external source. This, however, can be tricky. High-quality boxes can be really tough to find in hardware stores – due to their quality.

    A calculator that you will use when deciding on your budget.
    Think about the budget!

    You will also need to think about the different sizes of the moving boxes. Usually, you will want a good variety of boxes – a couple of small ones, a couple of medium ones, a few large and extra-large ones. This is because you need to pack heavy items in small boxes, and light ones in larger. Things like books, for example, are impossible to carry in a large or extra-large box. Similarly, you will not be able to pack pillows or blankets in smaller boxes – this is what large boxes are for.

    However, the more things you have, the more boxes you will need to buy. Because of this, the cost of using brand new moving boxes can climb high pretty easily. And due to it, people look into cheap or used moving boxes. Luckily, there are many places you can find used boxes online. From second-hand shops to websites that offer trade opportunities, you are sure to find the used boxes you want – if you want those, that is.

    However, and this goes back to our first point, keep in mind that used boxes aren’t always safe. You cannot know who used them before – and what for. You do not know how stable the cardboard is. This means that it might not survive the trip. So, do not go for brand new boxes only if your budget does not allow it!

    Using new boxes is also more hygienic

    Another drawback of using used boxes is that you do not know what condition you get them in. Sometimes, you will need to use the ones that you get form liquor stores or supermarkets. However, as you might imagine, these can often be dirty. This is important especially in the COVID era! You never know what kind of germs might be there. You can also bring a bug infestation with dirty boxes to your home, and then you will need to be dealing with this problem instead of enjoying your new home.

    washing hants
    Keep the germs away by using brand new moving boxes!

    If you do not want to worry about that, then start using brand new moving boxes! These will always come clean and ready to be used! Best of all, we can help you plan for the numbers you will need! You can even use our packing services to help you with the whole process!

    A lot of people do request our services. Packing is often tiring and draining – both physically and emotionally. You will need to pack up your whole home as well as say goodbye to a lot of things. You might need as much as two months to properly do it! But with us on your side, packing becomes easy and fun! All you need to do is point us towards the stuff you need packed – and we will deliver!

    We are efficient, professional, and reliable – and moving with us is a pleasure! So do not waste a second – contact us today! If you are ready to start using brand new moving boxes – we are there for you!

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