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Pros and cons of sharing a storage unit

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    No matter what are your reasons, having storage is always a good idea. Some people use it while they relocate, or because of it, some due to the repairments of their home, or the lack of space. There are different types of storage units, as well as sizes. And not many people know this, but you can actually share it. Sharing a storage unit has both advantages and disadvantages. It’s on you to decide what do you prefer about it and what do you actually need. When you are looking for storage, you need to consider all of the options that are available. All Season Movers NJ can offer you quite a lot. All you have to do is choose. If you want to do it as cheaper as possible, all you need to do is share. Find a person in which you have confidence and make an agreement.

    If you are thinking about sharing a storage unit with someone, find out what are your options first

    Before you come to an idea that you want to share storage, better inform yourself what kind of options do you even have. There are a lot of options to choose from, and it’s important that you choose the best one. Movers NJ to NYC can provide you with quite a lot of information about it. All you need to do is ask them. Also, you can inform yourself in more detail on the internet. It’s up to you. You can choose your storage according to the size and the type.

    Storage units in a storage warehouse.
    Decide if sharing a storage unit is right for you.

    When it comes to the types of storage you have:

    • Indoor storage solutions
    • Climate-control storage – this storage is the best one since your items will be extra protected from any possible damage due to moisture and other climate reasons.
    • Portable container – if you want your container to be wherever you want it to be, even in your backyard, this is a perfect choice for you.
    • Outdoor storage solutions – normally, this is for vehicles and huge elements and equipment
    • Mobile storage

    And when it comes to choosing a size of storage you can choose from:

    • 5×5 – this is the smallest one and it would be impossible to share with someone.
    • 5×7 – also not recommended for two people, but rather use it on your own.
    • 5×10 – you can fit in one bedroom contents and furniture in this one, so it’s okay for sharing if needed.
    • 10×10 – definitely better if it’s shared. You can store furniture, appliances, boxes, motorcycles, bookcases, and so on.
    • 10×15 – even bigger than the previous ones. Two bedrooms can be stored inside, with boxes and appliances.
    • 10×20 – expect to store even four bedrooms, a car, and appliances.
    • 10×30 – this is for the entire home and it’s pointless not to share it with someone.

    Who to choose to share your storage with?

    You should be aware of the fact that residential moving companies NJ has can help you out with finding a storage solution but not with who to share it with. That is only up to you. And you probably already know it, but you need to choose the person carefully. You are going to store items that you care about and need. If they were not valuable to you, you could have just sold them or donate them. What would be your best shot here, is to ask someone from your family and relatives if they were thinking about renting storage too. Some closer members of your family in who you have trust. If there is someone needing the same thing, you can easily agree on sharing it.

    If there are no family friends, you can call your closest friends. There must be someone wanting the same thing, so worry not. You should not share your storage with a stranger. You don’t know if that person is trustworthy and if they are going to steal your money, or not pay their part of the rent. That is the reason why choosing someone who you already know is a better option. Decide what moving services NJ can provide you with you want to use exactly and what are your options. It’s just important that you agree on the same thing and make a plan for paying and space in advance. This way you will avoid conflicts too.

    Storage units with pink sliding doors.
    Make a plan for everything in advance.

    Pros of sharing a storage unit

    When it comes to advantages, or in other words pros of shared storage, there are not that many. In fact, the main reason why people do this is to save money. Renting storage on your own can be quite expensive, and not everyone can afford it. Especially if they have a lot of other costs. Having the possibility to share storage with someone is perfect. Both parts can have their belongings stored somewhere safely. And at the same time, Essex County movers who you asked for storage solutions won’t lose that much. So it’s a win-win situation. You can also consider as an advantage the fact that since you are sharing, you won’t need to go and check if everything is alright all the time. Now it’s two of you and you can agree on turns. This also means more free time, and we all need that.

    Cons when you share it

    As for the cons, there are a few. It’s nothing that should stop you from sharing it, just to be more careful. For instance, when you share your storage with someone, you do not have complete control over it. You will have to decide on one person who is taking full responsibility, and if that is not you, it might cause some disputes. When you pay for something, you want to be in charge of it. But, in this case, both of you think the same. This is just another reason why you should rent it with a friend.

    Another reason for some issues is the rent and space. To avoid any conflict, you should decide at the very beginning about these things. For instance, splitting rent in half exactly, and arranging the storage space together. This way you will both have an equal amount of space, and no one can be angry or stressed out by it. 

    A storage warehouse with white doors.
    If you want to share storage, choose a person with caution!

    Make a final decision

    Even though there are not many cons except the costs, you should not give up on this. Everything can be solved, so worry not. If you determine the space and rent issues in advance and make a schedule for checking the storage, everything will work perfectly. And remember that you will be paying half less than normally. It couldn’t be better. To better arrange the space, you can buy or install some storage shelves. This way you will know exactly how much space did you use.


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