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Prepare your motorcycle for transport to NJ like a pro

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    There are a lot of things to worry about when moving your home. The way you transport your items, furniture, and vehicles are just some of them. Even when you are moving from NY to NJ or another shorter distance, you still need to care about the way you prepare and pack your items for transport. A lot can happen during this trip and a small mistake can lead to everything going awry. So, you will want to learn as much as you can about moving prep before hitting the road. This is where All Seasons Movers in NJ come in! Today, we will help you learn how to prepare your motorcycle for transport to NJ like a pro! With these hints and tips, you will be able to move your bike with no stress at all.

    Talk to your moving company about your motorcycle

    The first thing you will want to do is talk to your moving company Kearny NJ about their requirements for shipping a motorcycle. There are some movers who specialize in moving vehicles, while there are others who refuse to do it. You will need to know where your moving company falls.

    A meeting with the company employees before you prepare your motorcycle for transport.
    Talk to your moving company about any requirements and policies they might have regarding your motorcycle.

    However, it’s not just whether or not they ship the bike that matters, but how they do it and what you need to do beforehand. Most likely, you will need to prepare your motorcycle for transport yourself when moving – and sometimes, you will rest more easily knowing you did it. Meanwhile, some companies will require you to get vehicle insurance or similar safety precautions in order for your motorcycle to be completely safe.

    Finally, the policy of All Season Movers NJ based, will also significantly affect the way in which you will prepare for the move. While sometimes you will prepare your bike by yourself, other times the company will want to do it. This way, they can ensure that everything goes smoothly and safely. After all, these are the people with years of experience in the moving industry! So make sure you have a chat with them before you move on to the next steps.

    Cleaning is necessary when you prepare your motorcycle for transport

    Whatever the case might be with your moving company, cleaning your motorcycle will be the first important step to transporting it. It is also the step you will want to perform with the utmost care and consideration – and there is a number of reasons for it. First, by cleaning your bike, you will get a thorough idea of its condition. You can better notice any scratches, marks or dents in your bike once you give it a good polish. Take special note of any paint chips at a glance as well. You will want to identify them before the transport so that you will know what shape your bike was before getting into the moving truck.

    A bike closeup.
    Clean your motorcycle to prepare it for transport.

    Secondly, moving is a messy process. Even the summer weather has downsides, it can get muddy, and you will be carrying and packing a lot of things. So, dust, dirt, and similar imperfections can easily collect all over your things and boxes. And, as you know, vehicles can get quite dirty too. Not only there is dust, but the exhaust and the fumes can cause trouble too – not to mention the oil. These all can easily spread around the moving truck and destroy your items! By cleaning your motorcycle beforehand, you will stop it from happening.

    What about the bike’s tank?

    One of the most common questions that you might have when you need to prepare your motorcycle for transport is what to do with its tank. Most of the time, a full tank can often be dangerous. As a matter of fact, a lead can be a serious threat to everything you are transporting, as well! This is why a lot of companies will have the requirement for you to empty the bike’s tank during the transport.

    On the other hand, there are companies which will need you to leave at least a quarter of the gas. This is because they will need to run the bike while unloading it on and off the truck. The quarter is often enough – if you leave too much, then the cost of transport can increase as well as the danger.

    The final things to think about

    After you do this, you are already done with the biggest part of the process! Not, there are some small things to touch upon in order to safely transport your motorcycle. During the transport, some things can bounce around, or the boxes might move in the truck. If this happens, and you have some loose parts, then these can fall off the bike! This is why you will need to remove them and secure them separately to your bike. Otherwise, you might damage them or even lose them in the transport!

    Inflating the bike tire is one of the ways to prepare your motorcycle for transport.
    Make sure you inflate the tires properly as well.

    Then, you will want to inflate your tires properly too. This way, they will serve as cushions for your motorcycle. If you do not do these, then the bike can bounce – as we mentioned – and damage things in the truck! So, whatever the distance you are crossing, inflate the tires and secure your bike’s stability during the transport!

    Now you can prepare your motorcycle for transport with ease

    Finally, remember to remove all personal items from your bike as well. Just like with the loose parts, they can fall off the bike and you can lose them during the transport. Keeping them safe will be the final way to prepare your motorcycle for transport. Keep all of these instructions and suggestions in mind and you will have no problem with this task at all. 

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