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Prepare the furniture for long-term storage like a pro

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    Whether it’s because of the relocation, or because you are changing the look of your home, sometimes, you need to use the storage options. And it is definitely not enough just to rent one unit, or buy it and place everything there. You need to know exactly how to prepare the furniture for long-term storage. Firstly, you will need to figure out how many furniture elements you have to store, and what kind of storage unit is the best for that. You will also need to take everything apart and clean it thoroughly. After that, you will have to learn how to pack your items properly so they can last long term in one room. You can get more useful tips from All Season Movers NJ, or even help. But in the end, it’s you doing the job, so learn how to do it, it’s easy!

    In addition to preparing your furniture for long-term storage, firstly figure out what kind of storage you need

    Before you run and buy or rent the first storage option you find, investigate. There are quite a lot of storage options and you need to find which one is perfect for your needs. In fact, you can check it out with the residential moving companies NJ that you will use, or you already used for the move. To understand better what kind of storage you need, figure out what types there even are. You can buy or rent them according to the type and size.

    Storage units and a teddy bear in a halway.
    If you want to prepare the furniture for long-term storage you need to choose storage first.

    If you are thinking about size, you should consider:

    • 5×5This is the smallest storage unit you can find.
    • 5×10Size that is comparable to a smaller walk-in closet.
    • 5×10Big enough to store a one-bedroom apartment.
    • 10×10Here you can store one bedroom and more things.
    • 10×15One small house can fit in here.
    • 10×20Size similar to a garage.
    • 10×30The largest size for a four-bedroom house.

    And when you are thinking about the types of storage, you have an indoor one and an outdoor one. Outdoor is more for some vehicles and bigger machines, and things like that. In the indoor one, you can find different types. A climate-controlled one is the best, and your Essex County movers will confirm this one. You have a non-climate controlled one too. There are also portable container options if you prefer having the storage somewhere around your home, for instance. You can choose from various options, but first, figure out how much furniture and items you have to store and if they need the special climate.

    After you found your storage, you need to clean your furniture

    Cleaning is the first step when you want to prepare your furniture for long-term storage. If you want your items to survive longer and still be in a good shape when you take them out, you must clean everything first. It’s not hard at all, and you can do it in no time. Of course, you can’t just clean every kind of material with what first comes to your hand. You can check with the moving services NJ has and that you will use if you have the proper cleaning supplies. However, make sure that you clean the couches, cushions, and other items that have fabric with some fabric cleaner. And you need to leave it somewhere so it’s completely dry before you store it.

    For items and sections that are made out of metal, you can use a polishing cloth and metal cleaner. It is important to remove the oxidation that is left on it and to build up the tarnish. For sure, most of your furniture is wooden. When you want to clean something made out of wood, you need to use mild soap and water. Also, what is even better to use is a special wood cleaner. It will clean it properly and it will smell nice. It will help with protecting the finish on the wood as well. Use it especially for antiques. They are more fragile and they are valuable.

    A red sofa chair in the middle of the street.
    You need to disassemble your furniture before you store it.

    Don’t forget that to prepare the furniture for long-term storage you need to disassemble it first

    Since you are going to store your furniture for the long term, it would be better if you take everything apart. Disassembling is better for many various reasons, but the main one is the space. You will be able to fit in a lot more items in the storage. Movers NJ to NYC can explain to you how to disassemble everything. Most furniture elements that you can take apart are desks, closets, bookshelves, chairs, tables, and so on. And actually, it’s not even that hard. Once you do this, you will see that it will be easier to pack everything in boxes and store it. Just don’t mix those elements that you took apart, and label each box. Especially if you packed something that contains glass, or is glass in total. You need to mark it as fragile so you know to be extra careful with it.

    Don’t put your items on the floor, instead, raise them

    If you are using a storage unit that is not climate-controlled, you should not put your furniture and other items directly on the floor. What you can do instead, is to put some pallets, or even cinder blocks first. And then start storing your furniture. Also, if you want, you can use some storage shelves, they are stable and good. When you are storing your items, you should first start from the heaviest ones. As you add more layers, add the lighter ones. Fragile and breakable items are put separately, so you make sure they won’t fall down at any cost.

    Carboard boxes on the pallete.
    You can use cardboard boxes or plastic ones. It’s your choice.

    If you have space, add more things

    Not everyone ends up with more free space in storage after storing the furniture. But in case that you do, you should add some storage supplies in there. It’s useful and it will come in handy every time. This way you won’t have to remember where did you put it around your home, or if you lost it. Or imagine reaching out to your storage to fix something, and you forget it at home. Instead, make a bit of space for that in your storage, it’s better. Just make sure to prepare the furniture for long-term storage accordingly!


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