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Post-moving to do list for an easy transition

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    There are too many obligations to think about when moving. In order to complete every task and follow every plan through, you must have lists that will serve as reminders and instructions. Yet, there is one list that people often forget about but is probably one of the most important ones you should make. It is the post-moving to do list. Sure, you may think that it can wait until the relocation is over but we assure you that creating it on time will help you have a much easier transition. There are things that you will have help with from your chosen Hoboken movers. Still, this list is entirely up to you. Let us continue.

    Why would you need a post-moving to do list?

    This is a question that you have surely asked yourself. Why would you need such a list? Everything will be finished and you will be in no hurry. That is not entirely true. That is exactly where you are wrong. There are, actually, many things that you will have to take care of after the move has been completed. The purpose of this list is simple. Instead of remembering that you should or should have done something when it is too late, you will have a list that will remind you about the said task or tasks on time. Now, why should you create it before the relocation? The move itself will be very exhausting, even if you hire the help of residential moving companies in NJ. After it is done, you will calm down and surely you will want to rest a bit. You will feel how tired you are and it will be essential that your brain rest as well.

    A girl writing a post-moving to do list.
    This list will be more useful than you think.

    Therefore, if you create your list at the peak of the happening, you will leave less for your brain to do once everything is over. Besides, you will, then, have more time to add things to your list as time goes by. It is best to prepare everything in advance.

    What should this post-moving list contain?

    Of course, depending on your personal preferences, this list will differ from one person to the other but there are some things that are universal for everyone. We will be going over those things and reminding you to write them down on time. This will be a life-saver, trust us.

    Go over everything again

    Even though this is something that you have surely done more than once before, we recommend you do it again. First of all, take out your lists that were reminders of things you should have done before and during the move. Simply go over them once more. You could have easily fooled yourself and forgotten to do something you were sure you took care of. For example, have you called everyone to inform them about your move?

    A man thinking.
    Think, have you gone over everything and double-checked it?

    Have you informed all the utility companies and unsubscribed from your mailings and magazines? Have you canceled every connection that linked you to the old address? That should be your first and main concern. Why? Because there are fines to pay if you did not. Also, make sure that every single box is unpacked, there is always a chance that you forgot to unpack a box or two, especially if you hired packing services and had everything packed for you.

    Make sure your utilities are up and running

    If you moved into a home that was previously used by someone else, and not a new one, you should make sure all your utilities are good to go. If they are not, get them up and running. You will probably have to call your gas provider, the power company, water supplier, and similar. All of them could be shut off and if you did not take care of this before you moved, now is the last minute to resolve it. Also, make sure that you have transferred the utilities to your name if you are the one who will be paying the bills.

    Call friends and family to inform them that everything went well

    This is something people forget to do and it is kind of sad. Once you are done with most of your obligations and you get the chance to sit down for a while, it would be nice if you could call your family and friends and inform all of them that you have moved successfully. If you moved further away from them, surely both you and them are sad a little. Be kind and call each and every one of them and tell them about your moving experience, show them your new home over a video call.  Speaking of video calls, it would also be wise to check whether all of your electronics are working properly, and if they survived the move completely. If you packed your electronics properly, everything should be just fine.

    A girl dialing her phone.
    Of course, you will have many things to do but do not forget to call your loved ones. They will be more than happy.

    That should be your post-moving to do list

    We have gone over the most important things that you should definitely do. On the other hand, your post-moving to do list should contain things that are special or particular for your relocation situation. Make sure you have everything listed down on time because, once again we will emphasize, you want to have enough time to think about everything that awaits you. As long as you take care of the essentials, everything else will be completely fine. We wish you good luck! 

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