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Places to visit after you move to NJ

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    When moving, it’s very important to get to know your new city or state after the move. But it’s also important to do so quickly since getting to know your new environment will help you resume your daily routine quicker. That said, getting to know your new state, city, or neighborhood can be so much more than just plain walking around and learning where grocery stores and gas stations are. It is an opportunity to explore and learn. So while finding the nearest pharmacy is very important, you might as well use that time to also explore New Jersey a little since there are plenty of wonderful places to visit after you move to NJ. Here, at All Season Movers NJ, we always advise our clients to view moving as an opportunity and not a chore. So once you’re settled in, put your shoes on and get to exploring!

    Why should I make an effort to visit notable NJ places after the move?

    It might surprise you to hear, but New Jersey is full to the brim with landmarks and notable locations. And on top of that, there are also plenty of fun and enjoyable places and things to see and do. You might not feel like exploring after the move. Mostly because even when moving with some of the best movers Cedar Grove NJ has to offer, you’ll likely be very exhausted. However, exploring doesn’t have to be draining. On the contrary, it can be a way to relax and recharge. So before you decide against visiting all the wonderful places in NJ after the move, think about what positives that could bring into your life.

    Landscape od New Jersey.
    Exploring New Jersey could be very relaxing after the move!

    There are many places to visit after you move to NJ!

    You should keep in mind that there’s a lot to see in New Jersey. Because of that, it’s not very likely that you’ll manage to see and do everything. And that’s great because that way you’ll have an opportunity to explore your new state for a long time. But there are definitely some places you should visit right after you move to NJ. Here’s what they are.

    One of the top places to visit after a move to NJ is definitely Liberty State Park

    Liberty State Park is one of the biggest and most impressive parks in the country. Its nature is absolutely breathtaking, but what’s even more alluring is that the park overlooks many New York City attractions, such as the Statue of Liberty. But the sheer amazingness of the park doesn’t really stop there. The park itself is home to various monuments and statues, as well. The most notable ones being a monument dedicated to the Holocaust victims called Liberation, and a memorial paying homage to 9/11 victims called Empty Sky.

    Aside from historically significant artifacts, the park also offers many fun activities. There’s no better place to be than Liberty State Park if you’re looking for a fun day in nature. Fishing, kayaking, cycling, and picnicking are just some of the things you can do in the park. All that makes Liberty State Park one of the must-see places to visit after moving to NJ.

    You should visit Princeton University even if you don’t plan to study

    Princeton is definitely one of the most notable institutions associated with New Jersey. After all, Alber Einstein carried out his final work at the Princeton Institute of Advanced Study. Princeton University is home to many historically valuable locations, landmarks, and artifacts. And the best way to explore Princeton’s 1,600-acre grounds is to join a student-run tour program even if you’re not planning on joining the uni. This hour-long tour will teach you all there is to know about Princeton and its history.

    A group of young people exploring Princeton University.
    Princeton University should definitely be on your list of must-visit places!

    It doesn’t really matter if you’ve moved with great movers NJ to NYC and then visiting NJ, simply visiting NJ from out of state, or you’ve just moved to NJ, when you visit Princeton, you should explore it through and through. So while you’re at it, you should also visit Princeton Battlefield State Park and Clarke House Museum. There’s a lot to see there as well.

    Atlantic City boardwalk is one of the most notable places to visit after you relocate to NJ

    If you’ve hired great movers who offer a wide range of moving services NJ residents recommend, you’ll probably have plenty of time to take a walk along Atlantic City’s famous boardwalk. Walking is great for decompressing, so what better to do after an intense move than take a relaxing stroll? This four-mile-long promenade is godsent for anyone who is hoping to unwind. So if you’re looking for a relaxing activity that would bring you back to life after all the moving stress, head down to Atlantic City and enjoy an evening walk!

    Visit the Adventure Aquarium for a day of fun

    Learning about history while getting to know your new state is great. However, sometimes a person just wants to have a bit of fun. When that happens, you’re probably not in the mood for serious topics and monuments. Luckily, New Jersey also has a lot of fun activities to offer. One such activity is visiting the Adventure Aquarium. There you’ll be able to see over 8,500 marine animals. This includes but is not limited to sea turtles, sharks, stingrays, jellyfish, and penguins. Give yourself a day off and enjoy a bit of marine fun!

    A woman sitting by a tank in an Aquarium.
    The Adventure Aquarium is definitely one of the places to visit after you move to NJ and is great fun for the whole family!

    There are a lot more places to visit after you move to NJ than you could imagine

    We’ve given you a very basic and short list of places to visit after you move to NJ. But just know that there’s a lot more to see in NJ than we’ve mentioned. Part of exploring your new state is researching and even getting lost. So start by googling some fun locations New Jersey has to offer and then follow your heart. You never know where it might take you!


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